China to begin deep-water drilling near Scarborough

12:15 am | Wednesday, May 9th, 2012




BEIJING—China’s first deep water oil drill is ready to start production in the South China Sea amid an ongoing standoff with the Philippines in another section of the contested waters.


The official Xinhua News Agency says China National Offshore Oil Corp.’s rig will start operations today (Wednesday) in an area 320 kilometers southeast of Hong Kong. It will drill at a depth of 1,500 meters, Xinhua said in a report on Tuesday.


The area where the platform will be stationed does not appear to be under dispute, but southeast of it, ships from China and the Philippines continue a standoff over Scarborough Shoal.


That dispute has been going on since April 10 when the Philippine Navy accused Chinese boats of fishing illegally. Both countries claim the shoal.

China’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said it had summoned a top Philippine diplomat in Beijing to complain over the standoff for the third time in recent weeks.


Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying told Charge d’Affaires Alex Chua the Philippines was escalating tensions and making it more difficult to reach a negotiated settlement to the standoff, the ministry quoted her as saying in a statement read on state television’s national noon broadcast.


“It is hoped that the Philippine side will not misjudge the situation, and not escalate tensions without considering consequences,” Fu said.


China submitted a map to the UN in 2009 claiming virtually the entire South China Sea, but has not clarified the exact extent of its claims to the 200 islands, coral outcrops and banks spread over the potentially resource rich waters. Other claimants are Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. AP




I'm an OFW, if there are 10 million OFW now (assuming my figure is correct) who will donate at a minimum US$100 a month for the next 12 months, it will be US$12B. I for one is willing to give my share. Another US$12B from Philippine Gov't. That will be US$24B. Small enough to help out our Navy to upgrade their armaments. We ,most OFWs, are subjected to constant bullying overseas already, yet we contain our temper. But not when motherland is at stake. We should resist by all means this kind of bullying. Fellow commenters, please provide actionable and valid suggestions. Mind that all comments here are closely being watch both by sympathizers and foes.

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20% goes to Generals, 30% goes to government officials, 10% to cover procurement red tapes, 10% goes to tax whats left 30% to buy the goods. Enough to buy second hand 50 years old equipment. Enough to defend from the advance Maritime Gunboats of China. Errr how about the 250+ Waships, 50+ Submarines and 1000+ Fighter Jets and Bombers that China has? opps they could re-position the 1000 Ballistic Missiles aimed at Taiwan to Philippines?

The only way to buy us time is media hype, web protest and vigilance. Use international media condemnation.

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Is that 10% to cover goes to MEDIA?

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Protest is nothing see what happen to Tibet, their northern provinces, plus yung mga Muslim states nila - they don't care. No stereo typing here but Chinese are meek but arrogant people,,, they are so brainwash & patriotic a dangerous combination. For sure a lot chinese hawk general wants to nuke Philippines by now. God help Philippines - parang sabay sabay tayong kakain ng humble pie at turn around and bend over. SAD

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Gloria gave the chinese permission to china to do seismic mapping, not only in spartly's area, but also in panatag shoal and recto bank.

nice legacy, huh!

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B!@#$$n iyang pandak na iyan,,, walang ginawang matino sa bayan. Magkano kaya ang cut niya sa bawat transaction na involved si Akong. Wala sa ayos !!

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Alam ko na aquino admin na ngayon, pero si gloria naman talaga nagbigay ng pahintulot sa mga intsik na iyan kaya lalong lumakas ang loob na gawin ang ginagawa na nila ngayon.

At anong walang ginagawa na sinasabi mo? may mga hakbang na ginagawa, ayon sa kakayanan at legal na paraan ang mga hakbang na giangawa ng gobyerno. Eh yugn kay gloria noon, hindi pa nga pumuporma china, naglulumuhod na agad para paglingkuran agad ang mga singkit.

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We have a national issue here. Millions of Fillipinos abroad should unite and protest at Chinese embassies again and again. We should make it know to the world that these communist chinese cannot be trusted. These are barbaric people. Anything they want they willl get it by force.

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what can we expect from a one issue presidency? Blame Gloria again?

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Kay pandak, 2-country cooperation, kaya walang tensiyon. Kay panot, gyera ang gusto.

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Boy Mcdo

dun nagsimula kay gloria, dahil corruption at pagbbbigay sa china ng permission to do seismic mapping sa territory natin, yun may nakitang langis, ngaun nanakawin na sa atin ito ng mga chekwa.. fvck the chinese!!!

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Yeah, 2-country cooperation (china & phils), but the biggest chunk of the pie goes to china only.

'Di ba ang tawag roon ay pagpapabaya at pamimigay ng dapat sana ay sa Pilipinas lang na pakinabang?

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kawawa ang pinas dahil sa mga kurakot na politiko at opisyal ....di na kaya hatulan ang mag nanakaw sa ating kayamanang bigay ng kalikasan....dasal na lang tayu na sana tamaan ng bagyu o tsunami ang mga kawatan sa kalikasan di naman sa kanila...kapal mukha tsekwa!!!

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UNCLE SAM kung ayaw mo makialam pwede pahiram na lang ng the AVENGERS. kailangan namin sila dito.


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For those who think China will invade Philippines malabo iyon,,, they will occupy our oil & gas fields. At wala tayong magagawa kasi they are superior in everything militarily, influence etc. Permanent member sila ng security council, kaya huwag asahan ang America na tutulungan tayo kasi they will use us a pawn kapag may kailanagan sila sa China - Iyong ang tinatawag ng give & take , I'll scratch your back & your scratch mine. We are in the receiving end - mahirap ang kalagayan natin. Nakakaawa wala tayong malapitan. Iyang mga politico natin hindi rin ma-aasahan kasi kasama na sila sa payroll kapag mag-start ng mag-pump na ng oil ang Chinese offshore drill ganyan kasama ang ating posisyon.

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Our government official are under chinese payroll, havent you noticed. Philippines is about to be raped and they are doing nothing. Traitors a lot of them.

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