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这一段是新补的 最新的(4月20日晚22:40,和文中时间有差异,应该是时区不同)倭寇和A3勾结发言,其他都是4月19日的发言。但非常奇怪的是。。。列位看官看后便知:

Japanese (Japan)

46 mins ago (07:18 PM)

Your Agni-V is too heavy to be maneuverable. Its the navigation system was bought from Russia that is low end and its reliability is low. Furthermore, lots of its electronic components are made by China. The launch of Agni V was postponed because of the weather. This shows that the whole technoly is laggard. Agni-V needs additional 30 years to reach current technology level of USA, Russia and China's missle.


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CheG (New Delhi) replies to Japanese

5 mins ago (07:59 PM)

A true Japanese wouldn't say what you have said b**tch...Pork**tan will always be India's b**tch !! Accept this and shut the hell up !!

一个真正的日本人不会像你这b!tch这么说… **斯坦猪永远是印度的b!tch!接受现实吧!闭嘴吧!

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Gowdru (bengaluru) replies to Japanese

5 mins ago (07:59 PM)

Dude the launch was postponed due to bad weather because only in clear weather the world can see proper pictures and video of missile launching.! launching can be done anytime. Moreover india has technology to put any kinds of satellite in space. Making a good icbm is no big deal. Coming to agni, weight does not determine the extent of maneuerability. You will know this if you had studied physics. ITs the combinations of weight, speed and aerodynamics. BTW 8000 kms means even japan is in range. Cheers.


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Chumba (Chumba haveli chinpokli) replies to Japanese

31 mins ago (07:33 PM)

Frustrated PAKI..



Sunny (Bengalore)

4 mins ago (08:42 PM)

Let's bomb China. Teach them a lesson for 1962. Beijing - ka booooom.


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Agni 100 (Wheeler Island)

6 mins ago (08:40 PM)

Kyun be CHinkiyon ... ab phat ke haath mein aane lagi ki Hindi-CHini bhai bhai ka naara laga rahe ho ... abhi 5000 km ka bamboo banaya hai, kal 10,000 km aur parson 15,000 km ka bhi ban jayega.... aur sa le tum chiniyon ne jyada dum hilaayi toh woh 15000 km wala bamboo tumhare pichwaade mein dhar denge hum ..... Your grave days are not far away ... u ll rot economically, politically and even militarily ... wait for it !!

鸟语鸟语鸟语,无数鸟语。。。。。。你进坟墓的日子不远了,你抛弃了经济 政治 甚至是军事(因素),等着死吧!! (这个还有点理性,不喜欢这种A3)

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Hari Haran (Kollam (Quilon), India)

11 mins ago (08:35 PM)

But ANTONY is very afraid of China which will end only the precious planes arrives from Europe.


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richard (ca)

12 mins ago (08:34 PM)

china the hollow power speaks out again. talk is cheap if chinese were so confident its strength . taiwan would ve been theirs long time ago .taiwan might lose the war. china will become third world nation when the war is over chinese airforce is nothing compared to taiwan 's and good quality of american weapons compared to made in china garbage .even the chinese forces dont want use.


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durai murugan (chennai)

16 mins ago (08:30 PM)

US medai did not cover the Agni-5 launch No mention in US CNN news for example


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Sam (USA/Kol)

17 mins ago (08:29 PM)

In the regime of scams and scamstars how much is looted under this defense project by the gang of MMS, mafia queen and team. It must be at least another 2 lac crores. We (Indians) are waiting for the breaking news. As long as impotent persons and rubbers stamps are there under the feet of mafia queen and worthless politicians, it does not matter whether missile runs 5000 km, or 10000 km.

政府中的各种腐败分子和官僚机关从这个防御项目中黑了多少钱啊,必须至少在2万亿卢比(2 lac crores..坑爹的Indglish,谁能告诉我是这么翻的么?= =).印度人民期待着爆炸性(关于腐败的)新闻吧。这些掌权的垃圾才不会在乎这导弹是打5000KM还是10000KM呢。(这是个超级愤青)

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Abhay (Lucknow) replies to Sam

11 mins ago (08:35 PM)

What a negative thought. Only an American can be so much depressing


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ChinaFTW (Shanghai)

18 mins ago (08:28 PM)

The Chinese government is a part time owner of the Global Times, but anyone who knows about the media in China would say that GT is hardly a mouth piece of the Chinese government. The opinion pieces in the English section of the Global Times (this article include) are typically written by white folks from the West. If anything, I would say that this GT piece is some Western guy's opinion on how the Chinese should feel towards India. The reality is that China and India are 3rd world countries. An arms race between the two nations really only benefit the defense industry, at the expense of citizens who are taxed to death. As China and India go bankrupt buying military equipments from Russia and the US, white folks are relieved that Asians will never stand against them.


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Daddan Singh Yadav (Lucknow)

18 mins ago (08:28 PM)

Thanks to SP Govt in UP who is providing the support to centre. It is because of Honable Mulayam Ji that this achiement is raised. Mulayamji always thinks of our country progress, just like Subhash Chandra Bose. That is why people call him Netaji too. Very good work done by SP.


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Op (US) replies to Daddan Singh Yadav

4 mins ago (08:42 PM)

looser...get a life


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Mayank Gupta (New Delhi)

21 mins ago (08:25 PM)

We should admire our Scientists for all this. And What China says is correct. We are really very poor. We really don't have much weapons. Reason: Anybody can say our Leaders. And this is the fact. But they don't know, if our Black Money would be back, then we are very powerful. Our leaders, some of them are illiterate and some take undue advantage of their Power and Position. Each designation should have proper controls which Anna Hazare, and whole countrymen are asking. Why ruling party don't want our country to grow?


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22 mins ago (08:24 PM)



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peace (kolkata )

24 mins ago (08:22 PM)

Friends, don't get excited ....china have 12000 km range missile..

朋友,别兴奋过头了…中国有射程1.2万千米的导弹(总算还有明白点的A3,否者真的要怀疑他们的AGNI是不是塑料做的= =)

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indian (hyd) replies to peace

6 mins ago (08:40 PM)

bro...don't worry agni 6 on the way beyond this


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Samy (Chennai) replies to peace

9 mins ago (08:37 PM)

It will easily cross Kolkota and fall into Bay of Bengal.


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dr akhilesh mishra (new delhi)

24 mins ago (08:22 PM)

????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ????? ??? ??? ?? ? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ????? ??? ?? ?

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Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai (Brothers-in-arms)

25 mins ago (08:21 PM)

from zero to 5000 kms.. in 20 minutes! That is faster than Domino's Pizza! The Chinese better watch out or the people in Beijing will be Hakka-Bakka if the Red Army does some antics on the border. Just joking...Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai - Brothers-in-arms. (not arms race hopefully).


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anil (DxB)

26 mins ago (08:20 PM)

Still 50% of the indians don't use toilets and 98% wash their a** from their hands. They must concentrate on that issue more seriously. Stop thinking about bombing other countries. PEACE

仍然有50%的印度人没有厕所用,有98%的人用手擦sh!t(真的么?= =),他们需要关注这些问题。停止YY轰炸别的国家吧。和平

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suresh (india) replies to anil

3 mins ago (08:43 PM)

" wash their a** from their hands." huh .. ! lolZzz . do u manufacturer toilet papers ? i think india is not interested in bombing any one . just getting prepared to retaliate if some one attacks it or try to bully india with there nuclear warhead . i think it is more like trying to balance the power !

“用手擦sh!t” 哦!哈哈。你是手纸商的托吗?我想印度没兴趣轰炸谁,只是做好准备报复用核弹谁攻击或者欺负我们的人。我想它更多只是一种平衡的力量。

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India1 (WB) replies to anil

6 mins ago (08:40 PM)

All that you say is correct. But without minimum deterrence there will not be any INDIA. If tomorrow Pakis send another batch of Kasab, there will be war. But now the Paki's "All weather" friend Chinis will think twice before launching an attack on us. That's called deterrence. PEACE.


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Vijay Haggel (Pune) replies to anil

8 mins ago (08:38 PM)

With a country surrounded by China and Pakistan, one has to have great defence, alteast, to keep the hungary person safe from their bullet.


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Hari (mumbai)

26 mins ago (08:20 PM)

Why does TOI not have any news reporting on the Abhishek Manu Singhvi sex CD scandal? I can only imagine what the media would have been reporting had it been a Narendra Modi instead of Singhvi?


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Arvind (Mumbai)

27 mins ago (08:19 PM)

2011 Military Expenditure China $ 146 Billion Vs India $ 46 Billion. It is estimated that China's defense budget would increase from $146 Billion to $238.20 Billion between 2013 and 2015. This would make it larger than the defense budgets of all other major Asian nations combined( Including India)


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vishu mattoo (india)

27 mins ago (08:19 PM)

Whether we like it or not, it is true that India is quite far behind from china in terms of total arms strength (not to mention china is a UNSC member) but something like the agni V will also make china think a thousand times before using military tactics to solve border disputes with India. So while agni 5 doesn't give us an exact "upper hand" against china, it definitely takes that upper hand away from china . One more thing, as most of you can see some anti Indian groups are continuously condemning this test saying that India should take care of its poverty first. Well to them I will say that we are taking very good care of it and its declining at noticable rate. There was a poem I once read which stated something like" kshama shobhti us bujhang ko jiske paas garal ho wo sarp hi kya Jo vishhin vineet saral ho" (don't remember exact words) it means that only those who are strong and formidable have the right to forgive and hence work towards the peace not the weaklings ( this is a deduction not the literal meaning) . With the kind of neighbors that we have, our topmost criteria is survival. If we don't become strong enough we will loose our nation in wars against you all know who. And then those nations won't curb poverty. So we know what we are doing. Poor or rich at least we aren't some other country's bi*Ch (u know what m talking about ;) ) Jai Hind Jai bharat .... Peace rules \m/


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sankar (pune)

29 mins ago (08:17 PM)

We will remain friend to them as long as we have modern weapens. Wow! what friendship neighbor we are having....... Btw- China has 10000 mile range missile, so we should develop our agni missile. Though I don't like weapons, if it is needed for peace, then we should go for it.

只要我们有现代化的武器,我们依然是朋友。喔~我们有多么好的邻居啊…另外 中国有射程10000km的导弹,所以我们还要继续努力。虽然我不喜欢武器,但是如果和平需要,我们必须拥有它。

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