militaryMeanwhile, two small Chinese fishing boats were sighted inside the shoal and three others were outside。 Fisheries Law Enforcement Command vessel 310, a Chinese fishing gunboat, was located eight nautical miles southeast of the shoal, and the Chinese maritime surveillance ship CMS 71 was within 12 nautical miles also southeast of the shoal, said Alcantara。

菲律宾主流媒体《每日问讯者报》消息 今天,菲律宾军队北吕宋司令安东尼·阿尔坎塔拉中将在记者招待会上称:昨天晚上,黄岩岛的中国渔船增至五艘。中国渔政310船在黄岩岛东南8海里,中国海监71船在黄岩岛东南12海里。


er-left-scarboroughChina's most advanced fishery patrol ship, Yuzheng 310, remained in Scarborough Shoal as of 2 p。m。 Tuesday, April 24, said Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesperson Raul Hernandez in a text message, citing reports from the Philippine Coast Guard。

Chinese maritime surveillance ship no。 71, Hernandez said, also stayed in Scarborough Shoal despite China's earlier claim only one Chinese vessel remained in the area。