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With the first appearance of tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles arose the need for infantry anti-tank weapons. Late in World War I, Germans introduced heavy anti-tank rifle - 13.35mm Mauser Tank Gewehr Model 1918 based on 7.92mm Mauser Model 98 rifle. The new rifle was able to penetrate 26mm of armour at 100m and approximately 10mm at 200m. Mauser produced some 15800 but they didn't prove to be successful being heavy (approx. 18kg) and having very strong recoil. In addition to model 1918 rifle, Germans tested 13.35mm MG18 heavy machine gun. It was not until 1930s, when development of infantry anti-tank weaponry started again.

当第一种坦克和装甲战斗车辆的出现,步兵迫切需要一种反装甲武器第一次世界大战晚期,德国开始使用基于毛瑟7.92mmModel 98步枪发展而来的笨重的毛瑟13.35mmM1918型反坦克枪,这种新武器能在100米距离射穿26mm装甲,在200米射穿10mm装甲。毛瑟反坦克枪大约制.造了15800支,但是因为太过沉重(约18KG)以及非常强大的后坐力而被证明并不太成功。model 1918反坦克枪后,德国开始测试13.35mm 的重型MG18反坦克枪,并未成功一直持续到1930年,又重新开始发展步兵反坦克武器。

The two main anti-tank rifles used by the German Army were 7.92mm Panzerbüchse (PzB) model 38 by Rheinmetall-Borsig and model 39 by Gustloff Werke. Only 1600 PzB 38 were produced from 1939 to 1940, as the weapon was too complex, expensive and reports started to filter through of the rifle blowing up. The lighter PzB 39 was mass produced (some 39232) and was widely used on all fronts. Both anti-tank rifles were single shot and used the same ammunition (steel core, and from 1940 tungsten core).

德军主要使用两种本国生产的7.92mm反坦克枪,38型反坦克枪由(Rheinmetall-Borsig)莱茵金属公司制.造(7.92mm Panzerbüchse PzB)和39型反坦克枪由(Gustloff Werke)古斯特罗夫制.造.在1939-1940年仅有1600支PzB 39反坦克枪被制.造出来(二战步兵武器为1408支-译注),这种武器复杂、昂贵而且射击时噪音非常的大。轻型的PzB 39被大量制.造(大约制.造了39232支),在前线也被非常普遍的使用。这两种武器使用专用的钢心弹头子弹,从1940年开始钨心弹头子弹。

It was planned that each infantry division will have 81 rifles but it varied from unit to unit. PzB 38 remained in service in the early war years, while PzB 39 remained in limited use until 1943/44. the majority of PzB 39 anti-tank rifles were converted to grenade launchers - Granatbüchse Model 39 (GrB 39). GrB 39 was a PzB 39 converted to take the standard rifle attachment grenade launcher (Schiessbecher) able to fire standard hollow-charge anti-tank or anti-personnel grenade.

计划是每个步兵师装备81支反坦克枪,但实际上每一个单位都不相同。PzB 38型反坦克枪主要应用于战争早期,PzB 39型反坦克枪则一直使用到43、44年。

多数的PzB 39 反坦克枪被改造用于做为榴弹发射器,称为(Granatbüchse Model 39 )GrB 39榴弹发射器 ,GrB 39 榴弹发射器就是用标准的枪口附加榴弹发射器(Schiessbecher) 改造而成,发射反坦克或人员杀伤榴弹。

In September of 1939, German Army had only 62 PzB 38 and 568 PzB 39 anti-tank rifles in service. In July of 1941, there were some 25298 PzB 39 anti-tank rifles in service with the German Army. Other German made anti-rifle was PzB 40k, which was a 7.92mm weapon utilizing MG34 machine gun components. It was developed by Krieghoff. Another anti-tank rifle was Czechoslovak ZB from Brno - MPzB 41 developed upon order from Waffen SS. In addition to their own rifles, Germans used some 630 captured Polish 7.92mm kb.Ur.wz.35 (also known as Maroszek wz.35) designated by the Germans as Panzerb?0?1?0?4chse 770(p) or PzB 35(p), which were better than their German counterparts. Along with Polish anti-tank rifles, Germans used captured Soviet 14.5mm PTRD-41 (Degtyarev) designated as Panzerabwehrb?0?1?0?4chse 783(r) and 14.5mm PTRS-41 (Simonov) designated as Panzerabwehrb?0?1?0?4chse 784(r). Captured examples of Soviet anti-tank rifles were still in use by the Germans as late as 1943. Also number of British .55in Boys Mark I anti-tank rifles was captured at Dunkirk in 1940 by the Germans and designated as 13,9mm Panzerabwehrb?0?1?0?4chse 782(e). Another anti-tank rifle used by the Germans was Swiss Solothurn 7.92mm MSS 41, but it was used in small numbers.

在1939年9月,在德军中仅有62枝PzB 38和568枝PzB 39反坦克枪服役。到1941年7月(对苏作战开始了,苏联的坦克可多啊-译注)已经有25298枝PzB 39反坦克枪在德军中服役,另一种德国制.造的反坦克枪是PzB 40k,一种利用MG34机枪配件发展的7.92mm口径武器,由Krieghoff研发。其它的反坦克枪包括捷克的ZB,为武装党卫军开发的来自于布尔诺的MPzB 41 ,以增加德军的反坦克枪数量(德军对武器的需求是永远没有得到满足过--译注)。德军也使用缴获波兰的7.92mm kb.Ur.wz.35 反坦克枪(也称作Maroszek wz.35),要好于德军自已的反坦克枪。德军使用苏军的14.5mm PTRD-41 被德军称为Panzerabwehrb?0?1?0?4chse 783(r) 和苏联 的14.5mm西蒙PTRS-41反坦克枪,德军称为Panzerabwehrb?0?1?0?4chse 784(r). 德军使用缴获的苏联反坦克枪到1943年晚期。也有一些英军的 .55英寸(13.9MM) Boys Mark 反坦克枪被德军于1940年在敦克尔克被缴获后利用,被德军称为13,9mm Panzerabwehrb?0?1?0?4chse 782(e). 德军使用的另一种反坦克枪是瑞士的索罗通的7.92mm MSS 41反坦克枪(Solothurn 7.92mm MSS 41),但使用数量很少.

PzB 39反坦克枪。


这张照片清楚的显示北非德军使用的PzB 39反坦克枪。








PzB 38 和 PzB 39彈藥。 7.92 x 94m
















Name : Panzerb點hse 39

Type : Anti-Tank Rifle

Country : Germany

Deployment Date : March 1940

Manufacturer : Gustloff

Number Produced : 39232

Length : 162 cm

Barrel Length : 108 cm

Weight : 12.6 kg

Action : Bolt Action Single Shot

Capacity : 30 rounds

Cartridge Name : Patrone 318 Sm.K.H.

Cartridge Size : 7.92mm x 94mm

Cartridge Weight : 84 grams

Bullet Weight : 14.6 grams

Muzzle Velocity : 1265 m per second

Rate of Fire : 1 round every 6 seconds





The German PzB 38/39 (Panzerbuchse)

Length PzB38: 1.615m

Length PzB39: 1.620m

Weight PzB38: 16.2 Kg

Weight PzB39: 12.6 Kg

Calibre: 7.92 x 94 mm (AP)

Muzzle Velocity Pzb38: 1210 M/s

Muzzle Velocity PzB39: 1265 M/s

Armour penetration at 60 degrees, 100m: 30mm

Armour penetration at 60 degrees, 300m: 25mm







M3A3 Stuart : Although you can penetrate this tank in a number of places, your best bet is going for the driver through the side hull, and the engine in the side and rear hull. The turret has just enough armor to make penetrations very unlikely except from the rear.

M3A3 Stuart 坦克:你可以在一些部位射穿这种坦克,你最好希望驾驶员能以侧面通过(正面几乎没戏-译注),它的发动机在后侧部。它的炮塔后部足够厚实,别指望能射穿


Char B1 bis : For this tank you should be aiming for the radiator on the left hand side or for the driver's vision slit if it's open. If the driver's slit is closed there's a 60mm block of steel in your way.

法国Char B1 bis坦克:这种坦克你应该瞄准它左边的散热器,如果它开着就能显示出为发动机散热的长缝隙。如果安关着,那么你面前就有60mm厚的钢铁阻挡了。(又没戏了,这种坦克可是重型坦克,反坦克枪对它没什么好办法的--译注)-


SOMUA S-35 : This is a tough tank to crack and your only real chance at penetration is the driver's slit - opened or closed, or the engine from the rear

SOMUA S-35 坦克:这种坦克缝隙足够坚固,你仅仅有可能穿透驾驶员观察口,不论它是开是关,或者坦克后部的发动机(这要看运气了--译注)


Hotchkiss H-39 : Like the other French tanks there's not much you can do against this tank except hope for a crew kill. Shoot for the driver's vision slits and there's a chance you might penetrate the armor of the crew hatch in the rear of the turret, but it's not likely.

Hotchkiss H-39坦克 : 同样的一种法国坦克,所有的缝隙几乎没有希望能够射穿,射击驾驶员观察口和炮塔后部其它一些舱口也可能射穿,但几乎没有可能。(反坦克枪打坦克,真要看运气了--译注)


Renault R-35 : Like the other French tanks there's not much you can do against this tank except hope for a crew kill. Shoot for the driver's vision slits and there's a chance you might penetrate the armor of the crew hatch in the rear of the turret, but it's not likely.

Renault R-35坦克。这个解说同上面的几乎一样。不译了。


Panhard 178 : Penetrating this vehicle shouldn't be a problem, but hitting something critical is what you should be really aiming for. Crew kills through the turret side or driver's slit are a good idea, or an engine kill through the hull side or lower hull rear is possible, but not recommended.

Panhard 178 装甲车:对付这种装甲车应该没什么问题(打坦克不行,打这个应该拿手,装甲可薄多了--译注),但有时取决于你是否真正瞄准了。穿透炮塔或驾驶员观察口杀死所有乘员是一个好主意,另外摧毁在后下部的发动机也是可能的,但不推荐


Crusader A-12 Mk.II : This tank would be tough to take from the front, but from the sides and the rear it's extremely vulnerable. Shooting at the turret might get you a crew kill, and shooting at the lower hull sides and rear could kill the engine or even ignite the fuel.

Crusader A-12 Mk.II 坦克:这种坦克正面是非常厚实的,但在侧部和后部则易于攻击,射击炮塔力量足以杀死乘员,射击后下部的发动机能够击毁发动机或引燃发动机燃料(这种坦克看来不咱的--译注)


Cruiser A-13 Mk.II : The light armor of this tank makes it penetrable from almost any angle at close range, but to do damage you must hit a crew member, engine, or ammunition. The crew can be shot through the turret sides and driver's slit, and the engine can be knocked out by shooting at the hull behind the track wheels towards the back of the vehicle. (Yes, I know that's not an A13 Mk.II shown below, but it's extremely similar and highlights the point.)

Cruiser A-13 Mk.II 坦克:这种坦克在靠近射程内任何一个角落都能击穿,但你必须射击乘员、发动机或彈藥,射击乘员可以通过炮塔侧面和驾驶员观察口,射击发动机可以在坦克轨迹的后面朝车辆后部(这可要先放坦克过去,可需要勇气啊--译注)。但我知道没有一辆Cruiser A-13 Mk.II 坦克被从后面射击,因为在瞄准时这些坦克看起来都相似(确实在激烈的战斗中能够非常清醒可不容易做到--译注)。


Vickers Mk.VI Type B : The light armor of this tank makes it penetrable from almost any angle at close range, but to do damage you must hit a crew member, engine, or ammunition. The driver's slit and turret give you your best chance of knocking out crew members, and the rear is a good target for an engine kill.

Vickers Mk.VI Type B坦克:(说装甲车还差不多-译注,从后面它的解说是TANK)在靠近射程它几乎能在任何角落被击穿,但你必须射击乘员、发动机或彈藥。驾驶员观察口和乘员暴露在外是给你的最好机会,从后面摧毁发动机也是一个好目标。








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