China warns India against exploring oil in South China Sea ahead of Krishnas visit to Hanoi


BEIJING: China has warned Indian companies from entering into any deal with Vietnamese firms for exploring oil and gas in disputed parts of

the South China Sea. The statement might give a new turn to its relationship with India, which has been asking China not to build infrastructure projects in the disputed Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.


“We hope foreign countries will not get involved in the dispute,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu said ahead of Indian foreign minister SM Krishnas upcoming visit to Hanoi this week.

“我们希望别的国家不要卷入这一争端,”中国外交部发言人姜瑜的这一发言就在印度外交部长SM Krishna即将于本周访问河内之前。

“For countries outside the region, we hope they will respect and support countries in the region to solve this dispute through bilateral channels,” she said while responding to a question concerning ONGC Videshs plans to explore in two offshore oil blocks that Vietnam claims to be its own.


China enjoyed “indisputable sovereignty” over the South China Sea and its islands, Jiang said.


New Delhi is expected to turn around and ask Beijing why it was allowing Chinese companies to build hydro-electricity and other infrastructure projects in the disputed PoK, which India claims to be its own, observers said. Politicians in Pakistan and PoK openly discuss Chinese investments in the disputed portion of Kashmir although China has not yet confirmed it.


India recently said it supported the “freedom of navigation in international waters, including in the South China Sea”. The statement came after a Chinese vassel asked INS Airavat to leave “Chinese waters” while it was on a goodwill visit to Vietnam.


“Our consistent position is that we are opposed to any country engaging in oil and gas exploration and development activities in waters under Chinas jurisdiction,” Jiang said.


Vietnam claims it holds rights to the area being explored for oil and gas under the United Nations Convention on the Law of

the Sea.


Jiang today said the UN convention of 1982 “did not give any country the right to expand their own exclusive economic

zone and continental shelf to other countries territories.” The convention, she said, did not negate “a countrys right formed

in history that has been consistently claimed.”

姜瑜今天说,1982年的联合国公约的“没有给任何国家扩张自己的专属经济区和大陆架至其他国家的版图的权利。”她说 这一公约没有否定“一个国家在历史的长河中形成的一直以来的权利”


Do Indian leaders have guts to tell china get out of Pakistan or dont help pakistan. We are stuck with congress since 60 yrs

time to get them out .


Congress cannot protect Indian intrest. We need a storn statesman…like MODI


India need a strong foreign policy and should stick with their decision to explore oil in so called disputed area. They need to use Chinese tectic against China


ask them to stop building in POK then we stop. India is so week and a lam duck. I hope BJP willl be stronger


I do not expect our babus to do shit…we need a leader like Modi.


A well calibrated step by Indian Govt. to counter China influence in POK. Now Indian Govt. should stand firm on its decision

and should not buckle under China pressure.


We need strong government to teach china a lesson Amul Baby and his mother is not capable to lead india to the path of

glory and prestige Neheru the traitor who did not send bullet to indian solders during 1962 war and left them fighting with

stick and rod How we can expect more than this from this neheru dynasty

我们需要强有力的政府给中国一个教训。Amul Baby和他母亲没有能力领导印度获得荣耀和信誉。卖国贼Neheru(尼赫鲁)在1962年印度战争中没有将子弹送到士兵手上,使他们只能用棍棒战斗。那我们又怎么能期望这个尼赫鲁王朝更多?

India should go ahead to finalise deal with Vietnam companies to explore oil and gas in South China Sea as China continues developing infrastructure projects in POK. It will give a clear message to China.



Only Modi have guts to say anything to China.


I want Diggy to comment on this issue :-)


India should start oil explore in vietnam, if china interrupted in the same, we will attack on china. Japan, phillipines and malasya will help us to attack on china.


Considering Chinas might, it is better for India to sit quiet and not respond to any of their statements unless it is specifically addressed to us. As of today, we are no match to China, which is a true superpower and we are a struggling nation of corrupt leaders like Sonia & her ilk.



China, then you dont come near Indian Ocean. Also stay away from Indian borders and PoK.


All our political parties , and specially congress who has ruled most of the time since independence , are weak , coward & corrupt. Need strong and honest will to tackle any/all problems. Unfortunately our corrupt politicians , corrupt Govt & corrupt Babus will succumb to CASH and will bow to mighty China as they know this Govt is for sale !!


time to give an answer to the chinese bastards…but what to do… we know tht our government is equivalent to a hormosexual


The reason we are incapable of confronting China is because we do not have any domestic or foreign policy. New Delhi is a bully, plain & simple - we bullied Pak, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. It is only because Pak has nuclear weapons are we are quiet, we go weeping to US. Let us confront Pak for all its crimes against us, only then will China respect us. China knows that we do not have the guts to deal with Pak, let alone China. Respect is commanded, not demanded and that is lesson no 1 for our bapus in Delhi, who are basically dodos who bury their heads in the sand when there is danger.

为什么我们不能对抗中国是因为我们没有任何国内或国外的政策。新德里就是一街痞、白痴、蠢货- - - - - -我们欺负巴基斯坦、孟加拉、尼泊尔、斯里兰卡等。只是因为巴基斯坦拥有核武器了,我们就安静下来,去向美国哭诉。让我们面对巴基斯坦所有攻击我们犯罪,只有那时中国才会尊重我们。中国知道我们没种去对付巴基斯坦,更不用说中国了。尊重是命令得来的而不是请求得来的,这是我们德里的那些大人们应该上的第一课,而不是像鸵鸟一样遇到危险就把头埋在沙堆里。(怎么样,觉得和我们这里像不像~~)

There is no doubt China is financially stronger than india And same time it is the foreign trade what is weakest point of China Supplying goods to european countries and america made china economically strong …Indirectly it is american policy what helped China to become strong in economy We need to create parallel economy to pull down this chinese ego China understood this they will throw spanner in indias effort to become strong in economy We have to be bold and aggressive if we want to defuse this chinese baloon


If ever there was a time when Indo-US-Japan relations were important, now is the time. Couple that with an aggressive action oriented leader like Modi at the helm. Russia has proven to be a neutral friend at best.



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