us • Tampa, Florida • 2 days 10 hrs ago

Why invest money in your own infrastructure and new technologies?, screw improving the quality of life for your citizens when you can spend trillions on foolish wars and give the rest away to undeserving countries, wake up America, take your #$%$ country back!!!!

为什么把钱投资在你们自己的基础建设和新技术开发上?(原文如此,是不是少了个not?)改善你们的公民的生活质量,当你可以把大量地钱财耗费在愚蠢的战争上并将剩下的钱给那些无关的国家。醒醒吧美国人,恢复你#$%$ 的国家!(#$%$是富裕么?)

Thomas 2 days 12 hrs ago

They're developing trains that go 375mph while we can barely keep Amtrak operating, much less on time. Hmmmm.


Mik S • Cleveland, Ohio • 2 days 10 hrs ago

could you imagine new york to la in like 15 hrs amazing


EL 2 days 9 hrs ago

I rode twice on the Chinese high speed train for about 1 hour each time an speed up to 200 miles per hour, at a cost of about $20. I enjoyed it. It was better than air travel, more room and without the security hassle.

I wish it would be available in our country. Unfortunately, it will not and not because we are not smart enough, it's because our political system, inefficient and corrupted.



John A • Newark, New Jersey • 2 days 11 hrs ago

I've ridden the HSR from Putian to Xiamen, China. Business Class seat $6.00 usd. Smooth as glass, quiet. Our US trains systems are stone age in comparison and ridiculously over priced.


2012 Armageddon 2 days 10 hrs ago

Why on earth would the U.S. build something that is efficient and fast? The U.S. will jump on technology that would cost twice as much and three times longer to build. The U.S. has the most debt in the history of mankind, you don't get that title by being efficient.


Dahong Palay 2 days 8 hrs ago

Speed trains will ruin the airline industry, that's the reason why US is hesitant to build high speed trains. Big corporations rules in this country. If high speed train will travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a matter of two hours and airplane about an hour plus an extra hour of staying at the airport, train is more practical with a sightseeing view....agree???


CHARLES L • Nashville, Tennessee • 2 days 2 hrs ago

why don't we have china build us a train, the make evereything else that's sold in this country.


QVC 2 days 10 hrs ago

I was just in Japan and took its trains. The Japanese trains were amazing; clean, efficient, and on time (I have an atomic watch and the trains run with in 1-2 seconds). I have also ridden Chinese mag-lev trains...wow!


Ahmad • Nantong, China • 2 days 11 hrs ago

I am enjoying traveling in one of those trains and it is totally amazing and luxury and feels like you are traveling in a spaceship :-)

我很喜欢乘坐这些列车,很神奇而且舒适,就像在宇宙飞船中旅行一样:-)ScubaGuyVic • Miami, Florida • 2 days 9 hrs ago

It is so painfully obvious that we are on the fast track "backwards" !!


PaulN • Fresno, California • 2 days 6 hrs ago

China is the next super power unless we start investing in new technology and take risks like them!


CC • Elmhurst, Illinois • 2 days 12 hrs ago

Safety is obviously important, but seriously, the article implies that China is suffering from unique problems all due to fast rail service. We actually have lots of train collisions in the U.S. (more than China) with our slow outdated trains.




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