United States' occupation of Wall Street "told people in the world Declaration:

Our people are the masters of the country, what are the people? Yes, people are members of the main body as the basic social working people, ordinary people of a country, different from the few privileged. The reality is the opposite of truth, the people doing very much, take the few people privileged to grant rights to administer the country, but managers will be representative of the people entrusted to the people of contingency into slavery whip, will set their children's happiness in blood and tears of the people above them to the power of the vertical to horizontal capital and build a modern version of the capitalist countries the caste system. They denied the gift of power to civilian children. Caste system has been extinct in the country, re-emergence of such a miserable state of the prehistoric culture is incredible, it is outrageous! Political atavism surprisingly speechless, people can no longer tolerate the taste of slavery, we do not make a mighty, noble, capitalists, workers, we have to re-do the masters of this country!

Today, the mighty, noble, joint to the extreme capitalists, social corruption to the extreme, people suffer to the extreme.

Capitalists and other mighty noble, though small in number, but in order to have succeeded in maintaining their own special interests, exploitation of the majority of civilians who the public interest, the first is knowledge, and the second is money, and the third is the use of force. The best education is a noble capitalists the patent, the general civilian population, absolutely no chance to get by. They have unique knowledge, then give birth to a wise and class. Money is the life of the plan through, everyone could have been made, but those who have knowledge of the nobles and the capitalists, the whole of what is "capital intensive" of all another way, money will gradually flow into the hands of the privileged and the boss. They both land and machinery, housing, reverted to their own, called "fixed property." In turn called the "active property" of money, the income of their treasuries (bank), so they work for millions of civilians, only only a sporadic give Franco a pence. Since there is no work for money, then give birth to the rich and the poor class. Aristocratic capitalists with money and knowledge, they even set up a training camp, set up military-made gun. By "thugs" signs, so that dozens of divisions, hundreds of United to recruit them. Worse more along the lines of pumping small way, made signs, that what "conscription." So strong son of a soldier, is confronted with the problem is carried out of the gun. We look at the Wall Street target of repression, not of their own grasp how much I hit it? Aristocrats and capitalists use such magic bullet, civilians would not dare say anything, then give birth to the strength of the class.

Now is the time to re-do the masters of this country when people unite to change the injustice is possible, we want to be themselves equal, are not you a traitor charity equality, equality is not "equal start", but also must include "the distribution of equality ", we want to" maximize the minimum welfare benefit ", the lowest level of society to improve people's lives and welfare, the economy is not your captive rogue advocated: With the big assets, rely on" trickle-down effect. " In the 1960s, the East China has done the best; their people truly have equality, including "the ability of equality", the lower hair did increase the ability of workers, is the need to give them access to education, political participation opportunities to improve their confidence. In India, lower caste people the ability always low, because they have no chance, and no confidence. And Mao's China at the grassroots level to increase the ability of workers on this point, but also the world's best. Moreover, Mao's China, India, less than one million people died, is because the Chinese grass-roots people's benefits be fundamentally improved. This is a very glorious history of mankind's achievements. What we want is that of equality, such as natural rights! ! !

We want to know what the world, this easy to. There are not easily, and that is because the forces of eleven history if it can be habit-we cry in unison, will break this historical forces, more large joint, you hear of our disapproval, we list up the ranks to against the side shouted. We've got the experiment. Police bullets hit the Wall Street giant body forever, but a call from us, we should conduct our coalition! State by our country, our society who society, producers of our production! We are 99% of the world, the cake should we do to lead by our distribution, we must be open and transparent, not dirty deal to end the hypocrisy of greed game, creating a broad popular participation in politics and policy of civilization, our world gold our brilliant new world, in front!


我们人民是国家的主人,什么是人民?对,人民是作为社会基本成员主体的劳动群众,一个国家的普通人,区别于少数有特权者。而现实却与真理相反,人民干得极多,拿的极少,人民授予特权者管理国家的权利,可是管理者将人民委托的代表权变成了奴役人民的皮鞭,将他们子孙的幸福置于人民的血泪之上 ,他们以权力为纵,以资本为横,构建起资本主义国家现代版的种姓制。他们剥夺了平民子弟的天赋权力。在已经灭绝了种姓制度的国度,重新出现如此不堪的史前文化实在不可思议,实在无耻!政治的返祖现象让人惊讶的说不出话来,人民再也不能忍受被奴役的滋味了,我们不愿再当强权者、贵族、资本家的打工仔,我们要重新做这个国家的主人翁!






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