Agencies Tags : Defence Minister A K Antony, China military, Asian Security Conference Posted: Wed Feb 16 2011, 14:07 hrs New Delhi: Expressing “serious concern” over China’s military modernisation, Defence Minister A K Antony today said India needs to carry out a “comprehensive review” of its defence preparedness and “remain vigilant” to meet its security challenges。

为“密切关注”中国现代化军事力量的发展,印度国防部长AK Antony近日谈到,印度必须对中国的军事发展做出“全面评估”的准备和“保持高度警戒“的措施以应对他给目前局势带来的严重威胁。

“Modernisation of armed forces in China and its ever-increasing military spending is a matter of serious concern but we are not unduly worried because we also will have to modernise and strengthen our armed forces,” Antony told reporters on the sidelines of the Asian Security Conference here。


“We also must strengthen our capabilities and infrastructure in our area and we are doing it。 The government is also modernising armed forces and strengthening infrastructure in border areas,” he said。


After China started deploying missiles and strengthening its military infrastructure along the Indian territory, India has also upgraded its roads and aviation infrastructure there。


It is also in the process of deploying four squadrons of the Su-30 MKI air superiority aircraft along with the raising of two new Mountain Divisions of the Army。

这其中还将在该地区新增两个师的山地部队和在空军编队配备先进的Su-30 MKI战机。

The minister said the review of capabilities of armed forces was an “ongoing and constant” process and the defence preparedness was being reviewed on a regular basis and “if there are any gaps, they will be filled up”。


Asked if Indian military modernisation was moving at a slower pace than China’s, Antony said, “We are not modernising our armed forces by keeping in mind any other country’s modernisation。 We are modernising our forces on the basis of a comprehensive review of the emerging security scenario around us。”



Why to blame china?By: Checkmate | 16-Feb-2011 Reply | Forward Mr。 Antony stop your internal corruptions … and modernize your own defense instead of getting worried of Chinese modernization programs。 Any nation that don’t get modernized with time will face problems like 1962 war…。 so instead of blaming China be prepared for all uncertain problems, in the same way as you politicians are always prepared for the all the uncertain Raids by CBI/IB/DRI/IT so make your military modernized



Mere statementsBy: raj | 16-Feb-2011 Reply | Forward Yes but Mr。 Defence Minister please do a bit of soul searching。 What are you doing to counter? You are busy in cancellations of vital equipment required by army。 What has happened to the artillery pending since 20 years? What is the status of fighter jets? Today the squadren level is reduced to 32 from 39。5 and yet after endless trials you are still to finalize the order。 You have blacklisted all the artillery suppliers。What are your priorities? Is national security not important? If so why are you sitting on beaurocratic hurdles and not take bold decisions? You are answerable to our billion people。 If only you had completed vital procurements our nation will not have to face the humiliation of bending to pressure from china, pak because we let off some spies in the garb of tourists, some famous singer getting caught recently。 Even small countries can put us under pressure and we buckle and yet we aspire to be a UNSC member。 Pl do some soul searching。



China is the Number One Threat to IndiaBy: satya | 16-Feb-2011 Reply | Forward China is the number one threat to our national security。 It has gobbled up Tibet and Part of of our Kashmir because of our unpreparedness。 Indian Government needs to work agreesively on two fronts if it has to save India。 It must eradicate corruption and blackmoney and chanelize the Tax collected from the people in building 5th generation fighter aircrafts, missile systems。 Build roads, runways and infrastructure along the entire Himalaya range。 India needs a new blood in the leadership。 We should have Zero tolerance for any encroachments in our territories by either the Chinese or Pakistanis forces。We also want to know from the Government what is it doing to recover the land taken up by China and Pakistan in Kashmir。



Why china?By: CHeckmate | 16-Feb-2011 Reply | Forward NO our corrupt politicians are the no。 1 enemy of our nation。 there after only China, pakistan, USA or any other nation comes in line



Re: CheckmateBy: Avinash Baranwal | 16-Feb-2011 Reply | Forward 100% correct。


Chinas nuclear arsenelsBy: Gurudas | 16-Feb-2011 Reply | Forward Dear Minister, Your Govt。 is indulging the fellow ministers to loot / swindle the public money which runs into lakhs and lakhs of crores。 Whereas China is spending public money for the country’s welfare。 This is the major difference between India and China。 There laws are very stringent and anybody swindles public money will be executed。 Whereas in India the minister or any politicians who loots the country and public money is hailed as hero and are being protected by the political system。 One day china will be a nightmare for us and these bloddy swindlers will be punished by them only as our Government is helpless。



cold warBy: dipankar chowdhury | 16-Feb-2011 Reply | Forward We can never trust China nor Pakistan in view of the past history。 We should always be prepared to fight their aggressive challenge。 In this contesxt we should make friends with all western countries including US and Russia。

Dipankar Chowdhury的评论标题:冷战


China’s big brother attitude towards Mother India。By: k。n。devidasan | Wednesday , 16 Feb ’11 16:32:15 PM Reply | Forward Mother India’s foreign policy should be tit for tat then only small and bigger countries would take us seriously。 Unfortunately we are behaving like an younger sister with all other countries especially with U。S。 who are never our well wisher。 To change the prevailing attitude and counter big brother attitude, need of the hour is a strong government with strong foreign policy。 Shame of Man Mohan and S M Krishna。


印度的对外政策就应该是以牙还牙,只有这样才能让那些小国,大国看得起我们。只可惜,我们的一举一动对于其他国家而言看上去总像是个小妹妹一样,尤其是美国对我们总是不怀好意。要改变这样略势与中国抗衡,时下我们的政府应采取强硬的对外策略。Mohan 和S。M Krishna我以你们两个为耻。