中国愤然指责美国防报告 美网民集体发飙


DT 11 minutes ago

Seems China is just now discovering how our government lies and uses the media to perpetuate their lies.


Haruka Akino 18 minutes ago

QE3 to build 1000 F22, instead of giving away to bankers.


Kim 19 minutes ago

I suggest to sell Taiwan nuclear weapons to keep China in check. F16 C/D could not not make China worry.


20 minutes ago

Good, let the chinese be the big gun and police the world and take down the terrorists. It is time for them to act instead to sit. Bring the US troops home and mend our deficit and our ecconomy, and let the chinese inherit the mess. And for the record, I don't give a #$%$ if the US is the world power. Our founding fathers never NEVER envisioned their country to be a world power. Those gungho gun totters conservatives who hijack the American founding fathers to their side always want to gun down other countries are all in denial of and lying to themselves. Conservatives are closer to become losers.


ZZZZZ 20 minutes ago

The red chynkscoms need to S`T`F`U.

It is fact that the PRC/PLA outgun and outmatch every military in Asia.

The PLA is the largest standing land military force in the world in terms of numerical superiority (Jane's world Militaries)


Jimmy Hoffa 25 minutes ago

In 1925 Col.Billy Mitchell Said that the Japanese would attack Perl Harbor and Planes

Would go a thousand MPH the fastest plain in 1925 was 175/mph and 16/yrs later the Japanese attack us...China will show it's Power with new Toys Remember they think a little different than us due to being a communist nation and that we are evil pigs...

1925年Col.Billy Mitchell说日本人将可能攻击珍珠港和飞机速度将可能达到1000MPH而当时最快的飞机速度是175/mph,16年后日本人袭击了美国...中国将会用新玩具显示他的力量,记住他们和我们的想法有点不同因为他们是社会主义国家而我们是邪恶的猪。

Leo 31 minutes ago

china is still a paper tiger. let's not get carried away. taiwan is stronger and more modern with western military equipment that is far superior to chinese/russsia junk. the Pentagon is trying to hype up China so they can waste more billions on projects we don't need or can't afford. we saw this with the old Soviet Union. sure they had a huge number advantage in tanks, fighters, ground troops but after the fall in 1989 we saw the truth that the Soviet Union

was never a threat. look how nice their tanks blew up in Irag.........this another con game to pull the wool over our eyes,


DICK OBAMA 35 minutes ago

maybe they should call bill clinton....he could possibly call some of his old buddies left over from his administration for the USA'S top secrets instead of hacking into all of those computers daily.


Jimmy Hoffa 38 minutes ago

Once China think it's stronger than us they will show force and their will be a Show Down

That could be very costly in human Lives they are Nuclear from Subs to Missiles.We Need

To Stop Buying China and do our manufacturing hear.China will try it's New Toys on Vietnam

then Taiwan then us...9/yrs and Counting soon their Currency will be stronger then ours...


Brabra 41 minutes ago

I hope greedy world government will see that China is the biggest danger to civilization ever.


Maurice 44 minutes ago

What, so America is the only country that is allowed to have a super huge military in the guise of self-defense, when it is really just for the barbaric rape of multiple 3rd world countries? If we can do it, so can China, and Russia, and anybody else who wants to and can. The bottom line of human civilization is "MIGHT IS RIGHT"


AndyC 48 minutes ago

Sell the F-16D's to Taiwan and upgrade our own Navy and AF assets there. The pond-scum Han Chinese are trying to get ready for the world war they want to start and win. Time for everyone to put aside their ignorance and accept the fact. The pond-scum Han Chinese think that because they have money they can dictate foreign government's politics and are bribing officials to make it happen. They're the garbage people of the world and will start their world war soon with a smaller country to test the waters of world reaction. Maybe Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, or Brunei.


sflangjai 57 minutes ago

So China being the second largest economy and lots of mega cities does not have a right to modernize it's military? That's crazy talk.


b about an hour ago

awwww, is the US getting mad cause someone else wants big guns too? Screw it, let China be the world police and lets start bringing our troops home



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