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导读:巴铁国防论坛:China CZ-2C rocket launch FAILED on Aug 18 2011   (里面中国童子实在太多,尽量不选他们的发言)   1 Having failures from time to time is no big deal. Just find out what the problems are,   fix them, and move ahead.   偶尔有一次失败没什么大不了,找出原因,总结教训,昂首向前吧!     2 Can the

巴铁国防论坛:China CZ-2C rocket launch FAILED on Aug 18 2011


1 Having failures from time to time is no big deal. Just find out what the problems are,

fix them, and move ahead.



2 Can they do a trajectory adjustment? Maybe it can bring the sat back on track.


3 毛子的卫星同样挂了……


4 They should not be in such a hurry.They didn’’t launch too many in the first half of this

year and then did three launches in six days.I hope they won’’t delay the launch for the

space station.



5 ah no big deal. It also created an opportunity to learn from mistakes A WAY TO SUCCESS



6 it is a way to success, so why dont you guys have the same attitude towards India when

one of our rockets fail ? double standards ?



7 Dont you know; China’’s failure is their failure, India’’s failure is their success ! So

they celebrate India’’s failure !




8 Let me guess...! Their is a difference between frequent failures and random one off




9 When India fails, everyone laughs, when China fails everyone says they will learn from

their mistakes.and on the other hand, Pakistan have never launched a rocket.



10 There is a difference in constant failures and occasional ones. This single CZ 2C rocket

has had 34 launches with 33 successes and 1 failure. That is more than India’’s entire space

launch history and with a far better record of 97% success rate.




11 this LM-2C is first time failed in its 35 launch



12 That’’s because that you Indians failed too frequently, that you have to rely on Russian

rockets and that you can’’t even fire SRBM properly. Sorry about that...




because india fails too often.....



13 we will and it will be a success Inshallah.not like your epic fail launches and Our

missile technology is far better than yours you Know This Truth Right

China Fail In Launches happens not happens everyday and y....................


14 Do you think India will send a man to moon before Pakistan sends a rocket to space mate?




15 my Point this this That if India develops ICBM Then PAK will Also you gets Stealthy PAK

FA we we also get some thing Stealthy



16 This thread is about rocket launch, something that only Japan, Russia, China and India

has done in Asia.




17 This is specifically about the CZ 2C which has one of if not the best launch records of

any rocket with any significant amount of launches:34/35 > 3/7


这儿有两个意义非凡地火箭发射成功率的对比:34/35(长征2饼) > 3/7 (印度自行研制的火箭,严格意义上讲是2/7)


18 Yes but yours failed recently. India is still learning and are proud to have launched as

many rockets as we have till date.




19 Well, the ICBM test is in the end of this year.




What is the name of this Indian ICBM and what is the range?



20 failure isn’’t fatal and success isn’’t permanent... there is no need to fight over

success rate of two country...



21 Add one more.Failure is a stepping stone to success



22 Then Indians must be the Mother of Success




23 There is absolutely nothing to worry.

The CZ-2C rocket is an old, small rocket about to retire. It was made in the 70s!!! The

recent failure is probably some manufacturing error instead of design error.

Indian members, lay it off. Chinese members here do not make fun of your failed GSLV

launches. You are just playing victim. Comparing technology is also dumb considering that

you don’’t even have a rocket with a functional cryogenic engine.





24 No need for Indian’’s to make this an issue,some comments were totally uncalled

for,failures are part of success and a necessity for innovation and a reason for hope,so

their is no problem if someone fail.

Best of luck China for the next launch.






(TNO) Trung Qu?c ?ã th?t b?i trong vi?c phóng m?t v? tinh th?m dò th? nghi?m lên qu? ??o, sau khi tên l?a ??y g?p s? c?, AFP d?n truy?n thông n??c này cho bi?t vào hôm nay, 19.8.


V? tinh ShiJian 11-04, ???c phóng b?i tên l?a Long March (Tr??ng chinh) II-C hôm 18.8, nh?ng nó ?ã không th?c hi?n ???c s? m?nh do m?t s? c? c?a tên l?a, theo Tân Hoa xã.

C? quan thông t?n c?a Trung Qu?c ch? cho bi?t ?ây là v? tinh th?m dò "th? nghi?m" mà không ti?t l? thêm chi ti?t nào.


Theo NASASpaceFlight.com, v? tinh ShiJian 11-04 ???c phóng t? Trung tâm phóng v? tinh T?u Tuy?n, t?nh Cam Túc, Trung Qu?c, vào lúc 9 gi? 28 phút sáng 18.8 (gi? ??a ph??ng).


?ây là l?n ??u tiên tên l?a Long March II-C th?t b?i sau 35 l?n phóng thành công và là l?n th? hai, s? m?nh phóng v? tinh c?a Trung Qu?c b?t thành k? t? tháng 2.1996.


Theo Tân Hoa xã, gi?i ch?c Trung Qu?c ?ang ?i?u tra tìm nguyên nhân v? vi?c.



Ng??i dùng Yahoo! cách ?ây 1 gi? Báo cáo vi ph?m

Chài ... hàng china ??y m?i ng??i !!!

??c gì tàu sân bay c?a b?n china c?ng v?y !!! ;))


Chém Gió 8-xcách ?ây 2 gi? Báo cáo vi ph?m

?i gi?i ôi !!!

Hàng ba tàu kh?a !!!


狗日的船老货(由于从古至今中国人到越南除广西、云南等陆路,大多数还是以水路坐船到越南,当时中国的造船技术先进,大大小小的船只航行到越南,无数的中国人来到越南贸易甚至定居,所以越南人称中国人为“ng??i tàu”(船人),“tàu”在越南语里是船和火车的意思,后来由于中越交恶,越南人以此词引申为对中国人的蔑称,形容中国人像船和火车一样愚蠢、迟钝, “船佬”一词由此而来——译者注)?únSang saycách ?ây 1 gi? Báo cáo vi ph?m

TQ ch? gi?i ?n c?p ki?u c?a thiên h?,d? nhiên v? tinh c?ng là do chôm mà làm ra,ti?c r?ng v? tinh không ph?i là ?ôi giày,cái áo,hay th?m chí chi?c xe g?n máy,he he,ch?a n? d??i ??t ch?t ng??i là còn may ??y,?i qua M?,Nga mà mua l?i b?n quy?n ?i chú ch?t !

g là gi?m ...............8-x



Th? N?cách ?ây 1 gi? Báo cáo vi ph?m

Vui khi ng??i khác g?p ?i?u ko may thì có v? ti?u nhân quá! nh?ng v?i b?n tàu kh?a thì tui ch?p nh?n làm k? ti?u nhân, ch?ng nh?ng vui thui mà còn c?u cho tàu kh?a th?t b?i dài dài.....



KhoaCách ?ây 53 phút Báo cáo vi ph?m

hehe! made in china có khác! cái gì c?ng d?m!!kaka



T??ng Minhcách ?ây 1 gi? Báo cáo vi ph?m

?ây là ch?t l??ng c?a cái g?i là "Made in China", c?ng là cái g?i là "ông tr?i có m?t"



Mr. Rendcách ?ây 2 gi? Báo cáo vi ph?m

ÔI tôi th?t xúc ??ng khi nghe tàu kh?a th?t b?i , Chúc tàu kh?a s? s?m chìm tàu sân bay và th?t b?i th?m h?i , v? tay !!!!!



Tommy.bui Tommycách ?ây 1 gi? Báo cáo vi ph?m

?úng là hàng tàu,,,ch?t l??ng lùn. Kakaka...!


TuanCách ?ây 44 phút Báo cáo vi ph?m

??c mà vui ghê



Thuc loan MaiCách ?ây 1 phút Báo cáo vi ph?m

Hahaha ..Th?y hông , tui nói r?i mà .cái này là cái th? 2 d?m , sau v? tàu cao t?c ...Ch? cho ??n khi v? d?m th? 3 x?y ra thì th?ng Trung Qu?c m?i co vòi l?i , h?t dám tuyên b? khoe khoan .




nguyentrancungCách ?ây 7 phút Báo cáo vi ph?m

chu?ng ma?y chê?t kê? cha chu?ng ma?y... chê?t b??t ?i cho rô?ng ?â?t, nghiên c??u ha?t nhân ru?i la?m ca?i bu?m...thê? la? xong , 1 ngôi mô? made in china.



Hoang Truong NhanCách ?ây 24 phút Báo cáo vi ph?m

m?c in chai na mà. haha. dc cái tài ?i ?n c?p c?a thiên h? r?i t? khen mình tài gi?i



Ng??i dùng Yahoo! Cách ?ây 28 phút Báo cáo vi ph?m

sao 0 r?i xu?ng ??t r?i n? tung xác m?y th?ng quan ch?c trung qu?c ?ê !! mong là m?y th? r? rách khác c?a TQ c?ng cùng chung s? ph?n v?i chiíec v? tinh



Thientrieu ThuongquocCách ?ây 29 phútBáo cáo vi ph?m

That la buon cuoi qua,TQ co the dua nguoi len vu truc,VN lam dc cai gi?ca ve tinh thi cung ko dot phong dc,che cuoi nguoi TQ,vn co tu cach gi?Hahahahaha~~~~tuy that bai lan nay nhung ma ti le thanh cong cua TQ dot phong ve tinh van dc quoc te cong nhan la cao nhat,che cuoi hang TQ?VN nam che ra dc cai gi noi tieng?chi biet mua hang nuoc ngoai ma xuat khau tai nguyen va san pham so,nhap sieu lon kinh khung,CPI cao den 20%,noi den may tinh,nguoi ta biet Lenovo cua TQ,noi den dien thoai di dong nguoi ta biet HTC cua TQ,noi den dien tu gia dung nguoi ta biet Hair va Midea cua TQ,noi den xe thi nguoi ta biet Chery va BYD cua TQ,VN co cai gi noi tieng?mot xe thi cung ko che ra dc!TQ ban hang re cho VN la vi quan niem tieu thu cua TQ ko dung,trong quan niem cua nguoi TQ,VN qua ngheo,qua lac hau,nhu~ng cong ty lon ko coi trong thi truong vn,nen nhieu cong ty ko chinh quy thi do hang re sang vn,tao ra mot anh huong xau cho hang TQ,Toi kien nghi cac ban sang TQ khao sat chut xiu moi noi,hoac hoi nhung nguoi tung di TQ,dung lam con ech trong gieng,va bi anh huong cua nhung thong tin gia va mang tinh cam ca nhan!!


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