You can compare only in corruption of leaders

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India will win hands off in comparing about corruption of Leaders. Rest all faculties we are not even 10% of China. See theywere less than us in 1990, but after that they are on moon and we are in deep pit. Courtesy these greedy Corrupt all Political leaders from all parties, headed by Congress.


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was $27 billion? China’’s FDI for 2010 is likely to surpass the $100 billion mark while India’’s is predicted to be between 20 and 25 billion dollars for 2010-2011. India needs to work on market access regulations to attract more inflows of foreign capital. 什么?270亿美元?中国2010年接受外商直接投资超过了1000亿美元,而印度2010—2011年度估计在100---250亿美元之间,印度需要完善市场准入制度,以吸引更多的外国资金。


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1. fastest speed train.

2. world manufacturing hub.

3. own plants for making air planes.

4. own arms and weapons manufacturing unit.

5. telecom company like Huawei at top slot.

6. top performer in Sports at world events.


we buy aeroplanes , weapons from outside market.i came to know that our chemical industry is heavily dependent on China import. sports we are never on top 5 at world events.our trains are more prone to accidents then performance.we donot have a telecom company which stands to world requirement or even our home requirement.

Relaiance just gave billion of dollor worth order to china for its power plant but not to BHEL. why ?friends.. we are making other countries sronnger by not working ourselves self dependent..

just making a Rs symbol will not make it a global economy money..










Golden Oppurtunity for India with China

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The messages from China are friendly and well meaning,India has to reciprocate and keep the goodwill.India has to learn a lot from China about patriotism ,love for own people and country.The corrupt politicians In India need to look at their peoples needs first before foreigners and their own belly.If India and China get together they will be a superpower the world has not known powerful strong and great.Please take this oppurtunity instead of talking foolish things on BBc to impress who?


You just can’’t compare the two countries

by Shivaprakasha Patil (View MyPage) on Dec 16, 2010 01:23 PM | Hide replies

I dont know why rediff is so obsessed with comparing India and China. I think there is no need to compare the two. Because, India has done and will do very less that is noteworthy.

Our progress is only in giving rise to more billionaires at the cost of lakhs of poor. Most of these billionaires too are making money not by virtue of any hard work or technology-based entrepreneurship, but its only by means of real estate, outsourced jobs, illegal mining etc.

You talk about Indian exports to China of being about 11 Bn. But why dont you provide details about what are we exporting and what are they exporting to us? We mostly export raw materials like iron ore, manganese ore etc. We just dig some earth and illegally send these away. But the Chinese? They are exporting us the finished products.

Just look at their leadership. They have two engineers at the top position. We have a PhD who is a puppet in the hands of a 5th grade fail Sonia. And look at our president. Its a shame on our country.

You just can not compare the two countries man. Grow up rediff. Stop wasting your time in publishing these crap. Make more analytical reports.





by piri (View MyPage) on Dec 16, 2010 12:50 PM | Hide replies

The Chinese are still behind India only in the software services sector. In every other business related issue and in every military issue, the Chinese are immensely better placed than India; and the leads in these are fast increasing !

And in software services, the Chinese have long crossed 50 % of India’’s exports and are set to overtake India sooner rather than later, what with the feverish pitch of learning English they are into !



In 1990, China’’s and India’’s GDP

by piri (View MyPage) on Dec 16, 2010 12:48 PM | Hide replies

were at about the same level. In 2000 (after 10 years of post-liberalisation accelerated ’’growth’’ in India), the Chinese GDP became 2.5 times that of India.

And in 2010 (after another decade of even more hyped ’’roaring growth’’ in India), the Chinese GDP has become nearly 4 times that of India !!!

And even at 4 times the size of the Indian economy, the Chinese still are growing at a faster rate than India !

And the nincompoops among the Indian middle class and vested interests among Indian economists keep braying out louder and louder that India is ’’set to overtake China soon’’ !!




Re: China shoots and kills

by piri (View MyPage) on Dec 16, 2010 12:56 PM

Never heard or read about China shooting and killing its 70 plus citizens !

But I have seen many reports over several years about China shooting and killing its corrupt people after swift trials. The list of such people killed include prominent Communist party officials and executives in administration !

A Raja or a Pawar or a Lalu or a Kalmadi or a Yeddyurappa or any of the tens of thousands of thieves brazenly stealing and still ruling in India would not have survived or even allowed to grow to such proportions in China, no doubt about that !!



Re: China shoots and kills

by Achyut Padmawar (View MyPage) on Dec 16, 2010 09:21 AM

I traveled lot in china.We heard above things that is not correct.Every chinese people obey govt rule.You see shanghai, It is more populated than Mumbai and more beutiful than Newyork.Democracy of Politicians eating india and us.


Re: Re: China shoots and kills

by panduranga vittal (View MyPage) on Dec 16, 2010 09:34 AM

may be shanghai is like that and you should not be in your foolish world that china is like USA. the per capita income of USA is 48000 US$ and it is about 7600 US$ for China. China’’s govnt may be appreciated and India’’s govnt may be accused. But remember that there are about 80 countries in the world whose Per capita income is higher than China. You did not see rural China and Imagine tha Shanghai represents China. The fact is that china is 60% richer than Inida in terms of per capita income which represetns the standard of life.


What is so giant....The only thing that I see as giant is the big hole in the politicians underwears...from all the gas that is blown out of their rear end....


China FDI 78.2 bn = benefit 75% people

India FDI 34.6 bn= benefit 2.5% people( People who were already rich earlier and became 100 times more richer)

Made in China worldwide = 95 % goods.(Including elastic of Indian politicians underwear)

Made in India worldwide= < 3% ( Software backhend services of Made in USA software,Stainless steel utensils, Basmati rice ,Lijjat Papad, Churidars for NRI,Hawkins cooker for NRI, toor dal for NRI)





Re: India needs partial democracy and Good hearted Dictatorship

by piri (View MyPage) on Dec 16, 2010 01:01 PM

But above all, emulate the Chinese in terms of dealing with thieves !

China shoots and kills its corrupt people after a swift trial that is watched by a populace seething with anger at the thefts committed !

In India, the stupid commoners largely ignore corruption and even re-elect the most corrupt !!




India lacks leadership

by Das (View MyPage) on Dec 15, 2010 10:37 PM | Hide replies

There are certain Indian failures that stand out like sore thumb, particularly due to the fact Chinese have achieved spectacular success in these very areas. These are illiteracy, abject poverty and malnutrition and under or unemployment. Indian leadership has been lacking and has failed to create scale of manufacturing jobs required to give tens of millions Indian people decent employment. Unlike China Indian leadership has failed even learn from China and create textile, semiconductor and other manufacturing industries that have been instrumental creating wealth in successive tiger economies.


india a giant economy bull shit most people in our india dont get 2 times enough meal a day


thats true in china too


That’’s true in China too ???

The numerous reports of the UN, WB, etc. grossly contradict your claim !


by KOOTH (View MyPage) on Jan 22, 2011 06:46 PM

that was true in china 40-50 years ago when back in Mao’’s era almost everybody was equally poor.Today the chinese who cannot afford a car or an apartement in the city are called "the poor" by chinese gov and they enjoy some sort of insurances n pensions from the gov. china since mao’’s revolution has been n always will be a relatively equal and unified society-that’’s why the chinese still put the huge Mao picture at TAM square even though he’’s a tyrant.


Have you ever provided a meal to a poor anytime? If, not than please stop talking bull shits. Bloody illiterate


Shutup Rupankar. Why should you feed poor? I will be ok to feed a poor kid. Not the poor adult. He should work and earn the bread.

Its because of peopl elike you , poor people find it easy to beg.



India has no "leaders" but a bunch of goons out to rob and steal the country and the tragedy of it all sell out the country’’s national security...


by deeps (View MyPage) on Dec 15, 2010 05:25 PM | Hide replies

Every leader in China is obsessed with making the country a super power and making the country benefit in every ways. If half of our leaders make a similar passion about the country, we will be in great position in very few years. We definitely have the advantage of having more young productive population than China in the coming years as well as being a democracy there are less human rights violations and free media etc. Visionaries with strong will and determination. See how similar we were in the 90’’s and how much China has grown over the decades.. its surely not impossible for us. We have to keep the faith and need leaders who will motivate and fuel the people of our country.


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