印网民热议烈火五覆盖中国 称富有想象力

Veeru fromITJungle (Mumbai)

1 hr ago (03:33 PM)

This foolish article must be recalled asap. If this was in China, the newspaper editor would have lost his job by this time.!!! In India any media can write any crap.



Jay (Bangalore)

1 hr ago (03:04 PM)

Hi, Whatever be the news or whatever be the intention, it is truly immature to post a headline of this sort. It shows the reporters immaturiy and irresponibility. Whether true or not, such headings can sure hurt ones feelings and raise unnecessary questions. Please note that, considering the present situations, China is well ahead of India in ALL fields and these types of comments will only create misunderstanding. Please stay away from such senseless news articles and fancy titles in future for the good of all.


karavadiraghavarao (

Vijayawada-) replies to Jay

37 mins ago (04:24 PM)

Dear Jay, India has to develop its defense Potential in all spheres.China is a dangerous neighbour.India should always be in full alert.Really this is a good news.

Jay, 对各种潜在的威胁,印度需要发展自己的国防事业。印度需要时刻警惕中国这一危险的邻国。这无疑是个好消息。

Veeru fromITJungle (Mumbai) replies to


1 hr ago (03:31 PM)

100% agree with Jay. Media should not make stupid assumptions to sell their news. Freedom of speech does not mean that any sensitive comment flashed in the public domain.



Sid (Sydney)

2 hrs ago (03:00 PM)

China is going to use its Proxy - Pak militants to do its dirty work against India! So more appropriate Defensive Capability for India would be to go for Multiple Naval bases (in the West & East coast) with fast Moving Hovercraft. DRDO should also Secure all our Security related information against potential attacks from Chinese hackers, who are none other than well trained People's Liberation Army soldiers!



Arjun (Hyderabad)

2 hrs ago (03:00 PM)

TOI, all you need is sensation ! Why do we need to say it is intended for China? Paper statements like these would make you look stupid. If America builds a new missile, they wont in all their sense and mind would publish that it is intended for Russia or North Korea etc etc. faalthu article

TOI, 你所需要的是理智。我们为什么说烈火五意在对付中国?报纸报道把你弄傻了!如果美国造了种新导弹,他们是不会公开大肆宣扬这是针对俄罗斯或北韩的。


Awadhesh kumar (Agra)

3 hrs ago (01:20 PM)

AGNI V is first in the ICBM ,after this we have to quickly move to submarine launched ICBM of 5000 km and finally a 15000 km ICBM for deterrence against all including those who have been meddling in our area.



tarun (india)

4 hrs ago (12:31 PM)

lets pray that no one will use but lets be prepare as china is the one we are unsure and untrustworthy about...



subir (Bengal)

4 hrs ago (12:27 PM)

No country will drop automic bomb to others country as everybody have the automic power. So, India should not waste money for such test. India should think for devolopment & to reduce the price of commodities. Am i wrong?


chinmoy (Bengal) replies to subir

2 hrs ago (02:26 PM)

Friend, why china wasted public money to develop neuclear arsenal and ICBMs and MIRVs? Arn't they still wasting billions of dollars in defence? Why dont you advise china?


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bibhu (hyderabad) replies to subir

2 hrs ago (02:07 PM)

Not exactly. But we have seen in past how china has betrayed India. There is no Indo China Bhai Bhai. We must be ready to protect our home, not to destroy any others. China is scared about their internal affairs, so they may do something which even we can't imagine. Most unacceptable neighbor.



krushna (pune) replies to subir

3 hrs ago (01:10 PM)

Just think abt your house. if you are well earned and have a lot of money at your home but the security is nothing, then anybody can come and destroy it and loot it. development is needed along with the defense.



Raja (Hyderabad)

4 hrs ago (12:24 PM)

Forget Pakistan , it's a failed state beyond repair. India should take a leaf out of china's economic growth and military might and do something about it. Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev Jai ho..India aam adhmi Jai ho..



bhola nath khatri (gaya (bihar))

5 hrs ago (12:00 PM)

India made a china killer missle. i have question that is this missile will be used in future only in the against of china? if no then why its name is china killer missle. whatever india had got a great power after making this missle. its power, its strike range, its speed everything is mingblowing



Jayaprakash (Kochi)

5 hrs ago (11:47 AM)

India has to develop 11.000km capable ballistic missiles. For achieving that we have to go a long way. A good military capacity is always a confidence for the nation. There is nothing wrong if we consider China & Pakistan as demographical threats to our country. Unless we have good neighbourly relations with both those countries we should always remain alert.



Rahul (Muscat)

5 hrs ago (11:33 AM)

Hello It is great job and good scientific achievement, As our neighbors have lot of internal problems , they might carry out some misadventure to distract there people attention. This should act as a deterrence.



B S Navalgund (gulbarga)

5 hrs ago (11:33 AM)

Can Chinese missiles hit gulbarga district in Karnataka? Is it safe to live there. Please advice


Abhishek Ghosh (Bangalore) replies to B S Navalgund

4 hrs ago (12:28 PM)

China has ICBMs which can hit anything in 10,000 km range.


neel (jammu) replies to B S Navalgund

4 hrs ago (12:18 PM)

oh come on.... what r u afraid of??? this chinese missile can hit any indian city... so dnt be naive and ask for advice... we are in no state of war with china..


gloriabuka (islamabad)

7 hrs ago (09:34 AM)

intermediate-range ballistic


Manchurian (China) replies to gloriabuka

5 hrs ago (12:00 PM)

Breaking news: The secret is out, Pakista has developed 25,000 miles range missile to target India. But when fired, it will make one circle of earth and fall back on Pakistan :D


sts (India) replies to gloriabuka

6 hrs ago (10:29 AM)

Do you people know how to launch it? It needs chinese mind to launch even. Its not like igniting crackers....



Shivaram (Mumbai)

9 hrs ago (07:52 AM)

What? China has one with 11k km range and we are testing one with 5k range, that too in Dec! We have to progress fast...


D (India) replies to Shivaram

7 hrs ago (09:28 AM)

We only need to target China, Pak and mid east.


WeAreLikeThatOnly (Planet Earth) replies to Shivaram

7 hrs ago (09:02 AM)

This is not a game of my toy is bigger than your toy. China's 11K missile is intended for USA which is at that distance away, not India. India's current adversaries are within the 5K range, therefore that is the range we should build now. Of course, future adversaries will be outside that range, so DRDO is in planning stage for LRBMs


HP Singh (Chandigarh) replies to Shivaram

8 hrs ago (08:32 AM)

Why? In the foreseeable future, there is no likelihood of our needing to hit targets in USA.The 5000 Km plus range will comfortably make our potential adversaries uncomfortable.



mou (India)

10 hrs ago (06:14 AM)

we talk every time Joining elite club. Not once these missiles were in action. Most will rust out as museum pieces when the crunch comes.


Kumar K (Mumbai) replies to mou

10 hrs ago (06:26 AM)

yup.. we must create a war with paki to test our missile now and then....


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peeyush (australia) replies to Kumar K

9 hrs ago (07:36 AM)

war is not the solution. people living tere are innocent. these countries are getting support from western countries, who are exploiting them from for their luxury... these things should not be used offesively but in defense... any action should be take the reaction of west into considreration. Because loss of any eastern country is a benefit of west...



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