Why Why Why

When you claimed you are helping human right

People scared

Who knows it’s for justice or dollar?

All we see is the flames and smoke of war,

plunging the people into misery and suffering

with your distortion on the UN *** resolutions

when your fighter planes take off

Our mother plannet is all of a trebmle

Who knows where your next target would be?

All we see is the increasing anger, injury and death

With the crise of arimed clash and human rights

When you are holding high the banner of democracy

People suffer blood and death

Who knows, it’s for goodwill or pure self interest

All we know is the increasing oil price

And the disturbance of the peace and order

When you talk about protecting human rights

There are so many highfalutin reasons

Who knows it’s for or against the people?

All we know is that our blood and our oil

Will soon be used in the cartridge of your dollar printer


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