I would say Great China should treat mongols well because in the near future Mongolia will be part of the Great China again and mongols will be chinese

DAIWANGO2 10 个月前 2


people like etano1 is proof that people in civilized ''free society'' is imprisoned with false information and very poisoned with self-created hate and illusions of moral standards. Ive live in Inner Mongolia, I've family who are Mongolian, Han and Manchu, everything you said about inner Mongolia is super free speech bull$h1t. Mongols in China are the only Mongols who still really use ancient Mongol script from Chinggis Khan times, and Chinese even develop IME for that.. Inner Mongolia GDP TOPS!

GrrlGrowler 11 个月前 6


I can understand why Chinese men would come to Mongolia for wives. China's one-child policy is the cause.

juliaisafilmbuff123 11 个月前 3


hahaha. no wonder mongolia is the only poor country in east asia. they are still sleeping.

flyingpenguin111 11 个月前 3


i'm reading history about mongols transfer east technology to the west. mongols also made chinese artillery soldiers and engineers help fight siege battles against hungarian and polish castles in 1240's.

but over 1000 years before that, the han dynasty general huo ch'uping fought han-hun war all the way to baygal nuur, and general pan chao fought all the way into uzbekistan region as first 'international police' to secure silk road trade activities. han drove hun west with reflex bow technolgy

WretcheyWretch 11 个月前 5



Wow these guys are incredibly confused. Nazis? Preserve the "purity" of "Mongol" race? No such thing! LOLOLOLOL! They should be cleaned out by the government.

elguapotetigre 11 个月前 6

wow 这些人真是不可思议。纳粹吗?保持“蒙古的纯血统”?还有这种东西吗?哈哈哈!他们盖被他们的政府清理一下。

haha that last guy was funny, he looks pretty chinese to me. They don't even understand basic racial types and they are arguing about preserving race.

saint666 11 个月前 4


Yes, one problem with these mongolian Nationalists, why are they skinheads ? it has nothing to do with the Mongolian race, culture, tradition and religion, they shouldn't adopt some retarded punk subculture of England but wear traditional Mongolian clothes.

Realiteit01 1 年前 4


It was the Chinese Premier Chang Kai-Shek who cancelled all of the Sino-German economic agreements too (thereby depriving the Germans of raw materials such as tungsten which came from China earlier).

These Mongol kids should really thank the Chinese for not allying with the Nazis who would slaughter them all.

oncologyhyperthermia 1 年前 2



Unfortunately when Hitler got to China, he realized China was in disarray and not ready. He said something like:

"We're twenty years too early, they're twenty years too late."

- Basically these dumb Mongolian kids will all get killed by the Nazis yet the Chinese would probably rule them. They were lucky that the Qing government was corrupted & weak and they should thank the Chinese for not being Nazis.

oncologyhyperthermia 1 年前 2




It's ironic that Hitler only though Chinese were "different from other colored people" (from his book & historical literatures) and he originally wanted to ally with the Chinese to split the world (Chinese rules the East was his original plan). Not proud of this of course but I'm just saying these stupid kids would get killed if Hitler was still alive.

oncologyhyperthermia 1 年前 2


we are there helping the outer mongolians with their economy

meticulous3 1 年前 11


Mongols think, a future danger for them will come from Chinese related cultures like China and Korea. Mongols are very careful with them. If nationalists appear, it means that there is something wrong. Some people may blame nationalism. But when looking at reason behind it, it is not easy as some people perceive. Today, Mongolians feel the increasing influence of Chinese culture spreaded by Koreans and Chinese and economic influence of them, and they know it will harm the future of Mongols.

zorig3 1 年前 3


"FUCK KOREA" Yes, Koreans are now a real problem in Mongolia. What Koreans do in Mongolia is corruption, rape and spreading of their Chinese confusionist culture. I think, it is time for Mongolian to deal with foreigners like Koreans, Chinaese and others who disrespect Mongolia.

mglbell 1 年前 3


About the skinheads, there are more skinhead anti-Russia than anti-China. They get real benefits from china, what they are getting from Russia?!

Jusy like any other former Soviet countries. They hate Russians.

Look at what happening in Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenstan, ... None of these like Russia. That is the FACT!

AntiDefm 1 年前 3




The most stupis thing for Russia to do is to make China an enemy.

This RussiaToday report is exactly doing that. It is stupid as hell!

AntiDefm 1 年前



Stupid! China just want to do the business.

Do you understand what I have said before?

More than 70% of exports of Mongolia go to China. China is the biggest buyer and teh biggest contributor to the economy in Mongolia!

Does Russia have any ability to do that?!

Even Russian oil cpmpanies are begging Chinese for money!

Listen, skinhead, the world is more complicated than you thought!

AntiDefm 1 年前







Just stupid!

What are Russians doing in Mongolia?!

Russian didn't "colonize" Central Asia?!

What Central Asia to do with Russia culturally and historically?!

If you don't call it "colonization", what you will call it?!

Don't be a stupid Russian, Don't play with fire and get burn yourself!

Stupid Russia Today!

sogdia 1 年前 3








LOL! How many are these skinheads in Mongolia?! Why RussiaToday not go to China to make a report on these anto-Russia skinheads?!

Watch out, RussiaToday, these kind of reports will get back at yourself!


AntiDefm 1 年前



Lol, I remember there was a thing called "Germany is for Germans, Purity of the nation .... blabla tradition..." This can turn out interesting.

ArtypNk 1 年前


what are koreans and chinese doing in Mongolia? Don′t these countries have larger economies?

cerritoboy 1 年前


Stealing the Mongolian resources, of course! How do you think they became rich?

MarshallKutuzov 1 年前 2


if this is the best and brightest Mongolia has to offer, then China has already won

yoda9999 1 年前


It looks like citizens of Mongolia can express their oppinions openly and without fear. Who would ever think that one day Mongolia will be more "democratic" than Germany! Pretty ironic.

SvrchovaneCechy 1 年前 11


In fact, China has more Mongols than Mongolia.

Fuck Nazis !!!

Zahlvater 1 年前




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