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导读:本来应该翻译点日本网民的评论,但我还不会日文,就翻译点美国的吧,大家就随便看看。 ――――――――――――――――――――――― Japan struggles with nuclear reactors in wake of quake By the CNN Wire StaffMarch 13, 2011 -- Updated 0016 GMT (0816 HKT) 日本在地震之后,忙于对付核电站 ―――――――――――― 美国网民评论: NPC If this had hap



Japan struggles with nuclear reactors in wake of quake

By the CNN Wire StaffMarch 13, 2011 -- Updated 0016 GMT (0816 HKT)




NPC If this had happened in the USA the streets would have been full of people running. One hand holding up their pants and 1 holding a stolen TV and a box of tennis shoes.

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If there is somebody I would trust more, it’’s a Japanese. This loser in the news break video was not useful at all. There is no need for these false accusations, and condemning the Japanese like he did. They are prepared for this, if this happen some where else, lets say united states, we wouldn’’t be talking about just hundreds of people missing, who know how many thousands or millions more.

If I were you people, I would pack my bags and go live in Japan! less

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This accident have revealed that It is still dangarous in Nuclear prower plant.

Japan is thought to have the one fo the higest technology in nuclear technology, But even Japan has not enogh safe technology. Even though, some people claim nuclear plant is safe, because this Fukusima accident will be analyzed and they will easily to prevent another accident like this case.

The other coutries, especially developing countries may be more dangerous than Japan. Natural disasters like as eartrh quakes and hurricanes and the incident by human errors also can happen everywhere in the world.

At the moment, nobody can predict how biggest accidents beyond prediction will occur in the future. Three mile in the US, Chrnobille in Russia, and this Fukusima accident have indicate us that we have to consider the safety first, the economy second. Science and technology , off course, have been progressing, but it takes long time and tremendous efforts to the assurance of Nuclear. Huge nuclear pollution will last long for hudred years.

Why do goverment and people think Nuclear weapons more dangerous than Nuclear plants? less

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现在,没有人能预知将来会有多大的事故发生。美国的three mile,俄罗斯的Chrnobille,还有日本的Fukusima事故告诉我们,我们必然考虑安全第一,经济第二。当然,科学技术会不断发展,但这要花很长时间的努力。巨大的核污染会持续影响几百年。

thearmy19d Japan will recover in a few years. Haiti will recover in a few decades.

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saabstories "Meanwhile, two experts from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission with expertise in boiling-water nuclear reactors like those affected by the disaster have been sent to Japan as part of a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) team."

Oh yeah the NRC is going to help mitigate this disaster.. They are just mall cops that watch the clock. less

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Jules43 "Crews at a nuclear plant struck by an earthquake, then a tsunami and then an explosion in the span of 36 hours resorted Saturday to flooding a feverish nuclear reactor with sea water in hopes of preventing a meltdown of its core." --Suddenly my "bad day" doesn’’t seem so bad.

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Marsetti Is there an international environmental group that can fine these polluting japs?

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