just to clarify my previous comments:

"well, so you wish."

i meant it towards the people who think china's no threat to u.s.




great china

==========TG V5!

why you are so jealous about this? chinese jus made a fighter! it doesn't mean they will throw bombs on your head tomorrow.

just relax!


If China reveals the J-20 to the world, there must be a more powerful and modern fighter coming soon. Wonder if the J-20 cost a billion dollars each?


i heard chinese soldiers have a surprising degree of discipline.

china has a lot of money, population, and now technology.

it has huge number of soldiers.

it really doesn't give me any rosy picture for the u.s.


nice to see they have perfected buggy whips, unfortunately the world doesnt do dogfights anymore. Unmanned drones have taken over the air and missiles are launched at targets out of visual range. I wonder if they bought the design from the russians like their space launch vehicle designs.


祝贺!不过战斗机过时鸟~ 无人机超视距攻击才是正道。怀疑他们买了毛子的技术(毛子看了表示自己还木有,汗颜)

The bad news : the Chinese now have a stealth fighter ...... The good news : the Chinese can not fly it in the evening due to poor night vision .




GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OH,guys dont worry next year ,we will export our stealth fighter to america.because it is cheaper than yours,is it?



Hopefully its made like the junk they sell us...




I come from china ,hello j20======我是TG来的,四妹子你好哇

First Test flight, as in all this could just be theoretical? Here I was thinking they were already in production.

Wake me when they start selling it to their "allies".


LOL, Look at so many folks are posting on China related stuffs. Dont you have other stuffs to take care?

Why need to be so anal?

Did China @#$% your mom and dad in the @ss or what?


是不小白兔XX le ni mom he baba de 菊花?

Hopefully they build 100 million of them while we fret publicly over the menace they propose. In the mean time Google/Apple/Microsoft will do their patriotic duty and write the super virus that will take down the Chinese gov't's infrastructure. It's the patriotic thing to do.



Do you really think China will use their best engineers to make toys? Get a grip honkies, know thy enemy. If you don't, you've already lost the war. hmmm, did you guys catch Obama yet? Didn't think so.


The borrower is servant to the lender..... China doesn't need a stealth fighter!


China was united as a single political entity over 2,000 years ago. Europeans are late comers and the Euro is faltering. The Euro was meant to be a first step in uniting little Europe and now Greece, Portugal, Spain, and many european countries are begging for Yuan to prop up their economies from collapsing. So much for a european union, with a population less than a third of China's, and even shorter history, albeit longer than America. Time to be on the winner side and that's has always been China.

According to an american economics Nobel Laurette, China's will have a U#120 trillion economy by 2040. That's is 3 times the combined GDP of the entire world's economy of year 2,000. Fabulously rich. Remember, Nobel Laurettes don't lies and are always correct, ask the Peace Prize and criminal Liu of China, he knows. Of course, the Peace Prize and Economic Prize are different. Most economic laurettes are not criminals and they always tell the truth and are accurate. U$120 trillion, Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank from year 2,000 to 3,000, bet you.








I notice the story doesn't say it was a successful test flight!=======收费到底成功不?

回复:You should know the tradition of the Chinese government. If they are not confident of something, they will not show it to the world.===========你应该知道TG的路数,不成功的东西不拿出来晒

To all the geniuses here that keep blaming Walmart,

Just because you've never been out of Topeka doesn't mean that Walmart=China. Walmart is just little

tiny speck in the total picture. And you are just a little tiny speck in Walmart. Got the concept now?


回复:fak 沃尔玛!

China isn't a threat for at least another 15-25 years.

They have little experience & our Military is a well oiled machine

Just Because Somebody Sold You a Firecracker Doesn't Mean You Aren't Going to Blow Your Fingers Off



回复:China has been China for 5000 years.....You think they did that by losing wars?====Tg有5000年历史鸟,你认为是靠打败仗?

Even a well oiled machine get stuck in primitive Afghan, or Vietnam,or Korea..just because you think you are smart @#$% but actually a retard..====经验老道?看看吧,在阿富汗,越南,朝鲜不停的卡壳,你们自认为聪明,实际上愚笨。。

===========but but but, they have nukes, a reason to fight (Taiwan) and too many single males with nothing else to do. You should be afraid.可是可是可是,他们有核弹,有出兵ww 的理,有光棍男青年,你们应该担心哇

======== guess you didnt think that they probably outnumber you guys 200 to 1 你们还不明白,上了战场你们可就是一对200了哇

=============Why didn't we win in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistink, Cuba?为什么咱们在伊拉克,巴基斯坦古巴就是赢不了?


Theirs are bigger and faster, ours are tiny and slow.......fits us well as the Third World Nation we are becoming....rapidly. Just think, our Tax Dollars are building their Weapons of Destruction. The interest alone we pay the Chinese on our debt to them can build a large fleet of these planes.

Thank George Bush, thank Obama, thank your Senator and Congressman, they made it all possible! Learn Chinese, you are going to need it!


回复:In all due respect, China has a lot of company in entering the world stage as a large power. Brazil and India. Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, Russia and Australia are all emerging (or re-emerging) regional players. Most of Southeast Asia is not exactly thrilled with China's ambitions. Tibetans and large minorities in Xingiang are no more happy to be under China. They're not remotely poised to take over the world. They are poised to be a regional power and a global economic engine. So don't bother learning Chinese unless you have interests in analysis, global affairs or business in China. But do pay attention to the stuff you buy, and if you can find a local alternative at a marginally higher price, consider it and consume less.==========TG的公司四处出击,巴西行都,土耳其,墨西哥,印度尼西亚,南非,俄罗斯,澳大利亚。。。。。。东南亚没有被TG吓呆,大多数人在TG下面乐意在TG下面。他们离和谐世界不远鸟。。学学中文吧,净整些没用的干嘛? 谁的东西最平便宜,用谁的,实惠!\


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