J-10 Is A Pleasing Fighter Jet, source from China military magazine


Weinuoqie. Silapanni [Pakistan Test Pilot, I translate the name from Chinese pronunciation, correct me if i'm wrong]:I feel very impressed by his manipulation system, excellent performance and mobility close-air support (CAS) and battlefield interdiction (BAI) , his air combat particularly worthy of praise.

巴基斯坦空军试飞员维诺切斯拉潘尼:试飞中国的歼10战斗机,我的感觉很好,他的操控系统,性能优异,飞低-低-低,打击飞行 ,很理想。机动性能特别值得赞赏

The missile launching system is not in line with my habit, but its easy to operate, the reliability is very good. Compare to F-16 I flied, the reaction speed is a bit faster.

导弹发射系统手持姿态,不太符合我的习惯,但是,操作简便,可靠性也是很不错。对比我试飞的F16战斗机来 说,反应速度比歼10要慢一些。

J-10 is uniquely designed to compatible with American missiles, the radar scanning distance is very close with F-16. Compare with F16 the resolution is slightly low probability . However, the cockpit design is very modern, compared with the early F16AB, I can have to say it is far beyond.

歼10的观瞄系统设计上十分独特,他可以有效兼容,我们目前使用的多种类型美国形式的导弹,雷达扫描距离与 F16比较接近。分辨率概率较之F16略有不足。但是,座舱设计十分现代,对比早期的F16AB来说,可以 说完全超越。

The combat radius range to 1,100 km , with drop tanks the range can extend to 1,300 kilometers; Afterburner system is runing very attractive smooth. Resonance within relatively small, compare to F16AB.

加力系统工作十分顺畅,开启加力座舱内偕同震动概率比较低,比较舒适。比F16B的共振,要舒适很多。比较 适合快速突防使用作战。航程方面他大于F16的900公里作战半径,可以延伸到1100公里。加装2座副油 箱可以提高到1300公里。

Electronic sensor system seems slightly inadequate, particularly lack of rapid opening butterfly-lock-twisting incockpit . repairation is very tedious once, the transient fault.

电传系统,略显不足,特别是机舱内缺乏快速开启蝶型锁扭。一旦出现暂时性故障,修复十分繁琐。操作软件,目 前是中英文系统,没有我国文字系统。但是,英文也是我们可以很好的接受的语言。

System software can supoort Chinese/English. However, English is also an acceptable language for us.

下视与后视能力,是他的主要特点,你无需在座舱内,在四处观望,通过显示屏你可以观察到后部,下部,任意角 度的视角,这样,在战斗中,打击敌人十分便利。目前印度引进的生产的SU27MKK机型,也带有下视能力, 但是后视能力不足。

J-10 has full vision of backsight while Su27mkk 's backsight is weak.

Data transmission systems of J-10 's is more complicated, it is not easy to master . possibiy due to China has to accompany a variety of early-warning radar systems, in our country, some of its functions can be eliminated accordingly to our early-warning radar link.

数据传输系统歼10显得比较复杂,不容易快速使用,但是这与目前中国空军配属的多种预警雷达系统有关,如果 在我们国家,则会减少其一些相应功能,以适合我们为数不多的预警雷达连接系统。

Finally, I think that in combat, When I can pilot it out to fight our enemy ,Depend on the excellent air mobility, superior electronic fire control system. and the performance of the long-range precision-guided weapons, Add with my experience , I do think. My enemy should be ready to become a "droop angle spiral slide in air," they have no chance of survival.

最后我认为,如果在战斗中,我可以驾驶它前出迎击对手,那么我认为,依靠歼10优异良好的空中机动能力,超 前的电子设备系统,以及精确制导武器的