[印度时报]新德里消息:中国继续侵犯在现实和虚拟世界与纯粹的印度领土不受惩罚。 Along with mounting cyber-attacks, China persists in needling India all along the 4,057-km Line of Actual Control (LAC). At least three incursions by motorised armed patrols of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in the strategically-located Trig Heights and Pangong Tso lake were recorded during last week, said sources on Monday.随着越来越多网络攻击,中国坚持针沿实际控制(LAC)的4057公里线路印度所有。由解放军(解放军)机动武装巡逻,在战略定位的特里格高地和至少3入侵班公错湖被记录在上周,消息人士周一称。

Chinese "transgressions'' into these sectors in Eastern Ladakh this year have registered "a sharp jump'', ranging from 27% to 52%, as compared to the same timeframe in 2009.中“犯''到拉达克东部这些行业今年已注册”大幅跳'',从27%至52%,比2009年的同一时间。 "Just in Trig Heights area, for instance, almost 30 Chinese transgressions have already been witnessed this year,'' said a source. Similarly, both the north and south banks of Pangong Tso, two-third of which is controlled by China as it extends from India to Tibet at an altitude of 4,218 metres, record incursions by Chinese foot, vehicle and boat patrols on a regular basis. “就在特里格高地地区,例如,近30个中越轨行为已经看到,今年''表示一个来源。同样,无论是北部和班公错,三分之二是由中国南方银行的控制,因为它从印度的一个延伸的四千二百一十八米,记录入侵的尺,车辆和船只巡逻海拔西藏定期。

This continuing cat-and-mouse game to strengthen its claims over disputed areas is yet another indicator that China has very little intention of softening its posture in the protracted border talks with India to delineate the 4,057-km LAC.Indian troops, of course, also indulge in similar moves but they are nowhere near as aggressive as the assertive border management policy of the 2.25-million strong PLA, which has already unnerved the Indian defence establishment with its massive build-up of military infrastructure in the border areas.这一持续猫和鼠标的游戏,以加强对争议地区的要求是另一个指标,中国已很少软化在长期与印度的边界划定谈判的姿态,当然是4057公里LAC.Indian部队,意图,还沉浸在类似的行动,但他们无处一样的自信边界的2.25亿strong解放军,它已经同其大规模吓倒集结military基础设施继续在边境areas印度国防机构管理policy积极附近。

This flexing of muscles is not restricted to Eastern Ladakh alone.这种肌肉的伸缩,并不限于东拉达克孤单。 It spreads across all the three sectors -- western (Ladakh), middle (Uttarakhand, Himachal) and eastern (Sikkim, Arunachal) -- of the LAC.它散布在所有的三个部门 - 西部(拉达克),中(北阿坎德邦,喜马偕尔邦)和东部(锡金,阿鲁纳恰尔) - 拉丁美洲和加勒比。 "Chinese armed patrols, for instance, have intruded in the Asaphila sector of Arunachal as well this year,'' said a source. Even Sikkim, which India considers to be "a settled matter'' after the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee's visit to China in 2003, has not been impervious to incursions across the state's 206-km border with Tibet. “中国的武装巡逻,例如,在已经侵入的阿鲁纳恰尔Asaphila部门以及今年''表示一个来源。即便锡金,印度认为这是”一个解决问题''后,当时的总理瓦杰帕伊访华2003年中国,还没有全州的206公里的边界不受侵犯的西藏。 The so-called 2.1 sq km "finger area'', the northern-most tip of Sikkim, for instance, is still on China's radar screen.所谓的2.1平方公里的“手指区'',在锡金最北端,例如,中国仍然是的雷达屏幕上。

The UPA government, however, continues to publicly downplay all these concerns.通用电力线联盟政府,但是,继续公开贬低所有这些问题。 The consistent official line is that the transgressions take place due to "differing perceptions'' of the unresolved LAC, with both New Delhi and Beijing trying to "amicably resolve'' the issue through talks. But the concern underneath can be gauged from the fact the Border Roads Organisation is now being pulled out of Naxal-hit areas to concentrate on infrastructure build-up in forward areas.一贯的官方立场是,由于发生越轨“的不同看法''未能解决的拉加地区新德里和北京,试图”通过友好方式解决''会谈问题。但可以从下面关注的事实来衡量边境组织目前正在退出Naxal灾区道路,集中在基础设施建设,在推进的领域。

This has become necessary because of the tardy progress in the construction of the 73 all-weather roads earmarked for the Sino-Indian border, with only a dozen ready till now. Then, of course, apart from beginning to base Sukhoi-30MKI fighters in North-East as well as upgrading airstrips and helipads, India is also raising two new specialised infantry mountain divisions (35,000 soldiers) and an artillery brigade for Arunachal Pradesh.这已成为因为在73个建设进展缓慢必要的中印边界预留全天候的道路,只有十几个到现在准备好了。然后,当然,除了从开始到基地的苏- 30MKI战斗机在东北以及提升跑道和直升机停机坪,印度也提出两个新的专门山地步兵师(35000士兵)和一个炮兵旅阿鲁纳恰尔邦。

India also plans to progressively base six surface-to-air Akash missile squadrons in the North-East to counter the threat posed by Chinese fighters, helicopters and drones in the region.印度还计划逐步基地六面空阿卡什在东北导弹中队,以对付中国的战斗机,直升机和无人驾驶飞机在该地区构成的威胁。


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