一、 The Geo-demographics of China and India:地缘中国和印度的人口:

Land Area: China 9.6 million sq km; India: 2.97 million sq km土地面积:中国960万平方公里,印度:2.97万平方公里

Population: China 1.3 billion; India 1.1 billion人口:中国13亿美元;印度1100000000

Labor force: China 791.4 million; India 496.4 million劳动力:中国7.914亿,印度4.96亿

Population growth rate: China 0.59% (death rate 0.697%, birth rate 1.325%); India 1.38% (death rate 0.818%, birth rate 2.201%)人口增长率:中国0.59%(死亡率为0.697%,出生率1.325%),印度1.38%(死亡率为0.818%,出生率2.201%)

二、 Economy in General一般经济

GDP in 2005: China US$2.225 trillion; India US$719.8 billion or 2005年GDP:中国,二万二千二百五十点零零亿美元,印度,七千一百九十八点零零零亿美元

China US$8.859 trillion; India US$3.611 trillion by PPP 中国,八万八千五百九点零零亿美元,印度,三六一一〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇美元,购买力

Economy sectors:经济部门:

China: Agriculture: 15% of GDP, Industry 52% of GDP, Manufacturing 35% of GDP, service 33% In 2001中国:农业:15个国内生产总值,工业生产总值52,制造业生产总值35,服务33%,2001年

India: Agriculture: 24% of GDP, Industry 27% of GDP, Manufacturing 16% of GDP, service 48% In 2001印度:农业:24国内生产总值,工业生产总值27日,制造GDP的16,服务48%,2001年

These data comes from World Bank.这些数据来自世界银行。 You can conclude that Chinas industry size is almost 6 times of Indias after a very simple calculation.你可以得出结论,中国的产业规模是近6倍,印度的经过很简单的计算。 You can see how little Indias industry is.你可以看看,印度的工业。 More important, Chinas industry is still growing much faster than Indias.更重要的是,中国的工业仍然增长速度远远超过印度。

三、 Agriculture农业

India has more arable land than China.印度比中国拥有更多的可耕地。 Indian produced 250 million tons of grains in 2003 (Thanks for the good weather).印度生产了250万吨粮食,前提是遇到2003年的好天气。

China usually produces 450 million tons of grains each year no matter how tough the weather is (record is more than 500 million tons) (Thanks for the biotech R&D and expansion of the technologies in agricultural filed in China).中国通常会产4.50亿吨粮食,每年无论多么艰难的天气(最高记录是500多万吨)。


As data in “Economy in General” section shows, Chinas industry scale is 6 times of Indias.如数据“总体经济”一节中显示,中国的产业规模是印度的6倍。 Chinas industry is still growing at around 16% pace for many years.中国的工业仍然以约16%的速度增长。 That means one year increase in Chinas industry revenue equals to the total size of Indias industry.这意味着一个中国的工业收入同比增长等于印度的工业总规模。 The gap is huge.差距是巨大的。

Around 43 million tons of iron and steel was produced in India in 2005 (An important index of infrastructure construction.) China produced around 349 million tons of iron and steel.在2005年约43万吨钢铁产于印度(基础设施建设的一个重要指标。),约3.490亿吨钢铁生产于中国。

55% of the world cement (Another infrastructure construction index) was used in China. 55%的世界水泥(另一项基础设施建设指数)%被用于中国。

By the data from CIA fact books, India produced around 36 million tons of oil (A natural resource index) in 2003 and will face the resource problem soon.事实上,根据中央情报局的书籍资料,印度2003年生产约36亿美元的石油,并且将很快面临资源问题。

China produced 160 million tons of oil in 2003 and imported more than 100 million tons in the same year.中国生产1.6亿吨石油,并且在这一年进口石油超过100万吨。

Here talks about the Sino-India trade in 2004.中印贸易在2004年在这里举行了会谈。 It clearly tells that India is only a raw material supplier to China and China mainly sells industrial products to India.它清楚地告诉说,印度只是一个原材料供应商,中国和中国工业产品主要销往印度。

Indias average tariff fell from 56% in 1990 to 28% in 2004.2004年印度的平均关税从56%降至1990年水平的28%。 By comparison, Chinas average tariff dropped from 32% to 6% over the same period.相比之下,中国的平均关税由32%下降到6%同期。 That means, India has to use tariff to protect its weak industry.这意味着,印度利用关税保护其弱势产业。 While, Chinas industry competes against others fairly even in domestic market.显然,中国工业与别人是公平竞争,哪怕是在国内市场。

In 2002 the typical monthly wage of a manufacturing worker in India was US$23.80 while in China the figure was US$110.80, according to the IMF. 2002年,在印度制造业工人每月工资是$ 23.80美元,而在中国这一数字是美国一百一十点八○美元,数据参照国际货币基金组织

Even Indias industry is under the protection of high tariff.即使是印度的工业是在高关税保护。 India still has a huge trade deficit.印度仍然有巨大的贸易赤字。 The deficit could reach US$50 billion in the fiscal year of 2005-2006.赤字可能达到美国在2005-2006年财政年度的500亿美元。

But China always has a trade surplus.但是,中国始终有贸易盈余。 I even dont bother to provide the links.我甚至不愿在这方面提供数据。

五、Service Industry服务行业

Calculating from the GDP numbers of both China and India and the percentage of service industry in them, Chinas service industry contributed US$742.5 billion to Chinas GDP, it is almost the total of Indias GDP.无论从中国和印度的服务业在国内生产总值的百分比数字计算,中国的服务业贡献了742500000000美元的中国国内生产总值,这几乎是印度的国内生产总值总额。 Indias service revenue was only US$345.5billion.印度的服务收入只有1亿345.5billion。

Chinese airlines carried 138 million passengers in 2005, and the loads will nearly double to 270 million passengers in 5 years.中国航空公司在2005年1.38亿人次,而负荷将增加近一倍,在5年内为270万人次。

Passenger traffic grew to 52.12 million in the last fiscal in India, from 43.47 million in 2004-05, to register a growth of 19.9 percent.客运量增长至5212.000万上一次在印度财政赤字,从43470000 2004-05年度,录得增长百分之19.9。

The annual insurance premium currently collected in India is $23 billion, which is expected to increase ten fold to $ 239 by 2020.每年的保险费征收,目前在印度为230亿元,预计将增加10倍,2020年至239美元。 In the same period, Chinas insurance premium will rise to $863 billion from the present level of $60 billion.在同一时期,中国的保费将达到八千六百三十点零零零亿美元从600亿美元的水平。

Retail sales surged 12.9 percent in 2005 over the year before, to 6.7 trillion Yuan ($847 billion).零售额增长百分之十二点九,2005年比前一年为6.7万亿元(八千四百七十〇点零亿美元)。 By 2020, industry forecasts say the market could expand to about $2.4 trillion.到2020年,工业预测说,市场可能会扩大到约2.4万亿美元。

Indias total retail market reached US $230 billion in 2005 and will grow to US$370 billion in 2011印度的零售市场总额达2005美元,2300亿美元,将增长到2011年三千七百万点零万美元

Indias travel and tourism market was valued at US$42 billion in 2005.印度的旅行和旅游市场的市场总值在2005年420亿美元。 340 million people traveled in 2005. 3.40亿人,在2005年。 The outbound travelers from India grew to 6.2 million in 2005.来自印度的外游旅客的增长到6.2亿元,2005年。 This was almost twice the number of arrivals witnessed by the country.这几乎两倍目睹该国的人数。 That means only 3.1 million visited India in the same time.这意味着只有310万人参观了在同一时间内印度。

China received 47.11 million visitors in 2005.中国在2005年接到47110000游客。 This number should not include the vistors from Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan.这个数字不应该包括来自香港,澳门和台湾的访港。

There were 31 million outbound tourists from China in 2005.去年共有31万人次的中国游客在2005年。

In 2005, inbound tourists reached 120 million (including Chinese from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan economies). 2005年,入境游客达到120万美元(包括香港,澳门,台湾的经济中)。

Overseas tourists contributed over $29.3 billion to the Chinese economy.海外游客的捐款超过二百九十三万点零万美元到中国经济。 But their contribution was far outweighed by that of domestic Chinese tourists, who contributed $66.7 billion.但他们的贡献远远超过了国内游客中,谁贡献六百六十七点〇 〇亿美元的。

In 2004, Chinas service exports were US$62 billion versus US$40 billion for India. 2004年,中国的服务出口为62美元兑美元亿美元,印度40亿美元。 On the other hand, 60% ofChinas service exports were travel and transportation services while in India the figure was 22%.另一方面,60%ofChina的服务出口旅行和运输服务,同时在印度的这个数字是22%。

In 2003, Indias exports of commercial services other than travel, transportation, and finance amounted to US$18.9 2003年,印度的出口比旅行,运输等商业服务,金融额达18.9元

billion.亿美元。 The figure for China was US$20.6 billion.对于中国的数字是美国的206亿元。 In other words, China may already be ahead of India in selling IT换句话说,中国可能已超过印度的IT销售

services to the world.世界服务。

六、 Financial Industry and financial stability金融业和金融的稳定

Indians always say that their financial industry is better than Chinas counterpart.印度人经常说他们的金融业比中国的同行更好。 This claim can cheat a lot when Chinese banks were completely state-owned.这种请求可以欺骗时,很多中资银行完全国有的。 But today, top four of Chinese banks were listed in Hong Kong stock market.但今天,最高的4名中资银行在香港上市的股票市场。 When it goes to the truth in market, Indian financial industry is so pitiful comparing with Chinas.当它关系到市场的真相,印度的金融业是如此可怜与中国比较。

After the IPO of The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, its market value is about US$87 billion, This is almost one and half times of the collective market capitalization of all listed Indian banks - for the 37 listed Indian banks, this is about $ 62.76 billion (Rs 2,86,859 crore).后工商银行首次公开发行的中国,其市场价值大约为870亿美元,这是近一年对所有上市的印度银行集体市值的1.5倍,使37个上市的印度银行- ,这是约627.60亿(2,86,859亿卢比)。 Bank of Chinas market capitalization is now around $105 billion and that of China Construction Bank $ 99 billion.在中国的市场资本银行约1,500亿元,而现在中国建设银行九百九十〇亿美元。

Indias ICICI Bank tops the market capitalization chart with $ 13.59 billion (Rs 62,177 crore), followed by the State Bank of India with $11.89 billion (Rs 54,380 crore) and HDFC Bank with $6.29 billion (Rs 28,774 crore).印度的ICICI银行上衣与一百三十五万九千点零零万美元(62177亿卢比),由印度国家银行紧随其后一百一十八点九零零亿美元(54380亿卢比),并六十二点九零亿美元(28774亿卢比),HDFC银行,总市值图表。 None of the other listed Indian banks has over $5 billion worth of market capitalisation.其他上市的印度银行均没有超过50亿美元的市场资本价值。 Punjab National Bank, the fourth bank when it comes to market capitalization, is worth just $3.62 billion.旁遮普国家银行,银行的第四次当谈到市值,价值只有3.62美元亿美元。 Canara Bank is worth just $2.52 billion. Canara银行值得只是252000万美元。

Chinas ICBC has total assets of over $ 812 billion, close to the size of Indias GDP!中国的工商银行已超过八千一百二十〇点零零零亿美元的总资产接近印度的国内生产总值的大小! State Bank of India, which accounts for almost one-fifth of total banking assets in India, however, has an asset base of only $84 billion.印度国家银行,其中几乎三分之一的印度银行业总资产的五分之一,但帐目,有一个只有八百四十万点零零零万美元资产基础。

How Chinas banks are welcomed in the stock market?如何中国的银行都表示欢迎,股市? The institutional tranche, which makes up 95% of the ICBC offering, attracted more than US$300 billion in orders and is 23 times oversubscribed.该机构投资者,它构成了95%,工行发行,吸引了多美元的订单3,000亿元,是23倍的超额认购。 In Hong Kong, ICBCs initial public offering (IPO) of H-shares was 76-times oversubscribed with one million retail investors putting in HK$420 billion.在香港,工行的首次公开发行(IPO)的H股是76与百万港元,散户投资者将四二〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇美元倍超额认购。 This broke the previous record, held by Bank of China, which attracted HK$286 billion (US$36.7 billion) earlier this year.这打破了此前的纪录来,Bank of中国,吸引了香港二千八百六十零点零零亿美元(约合3670000万美元举行)今年早些时候。 This enables ICBC to price its shares at the upper limit.这使工商银行的价格上限的股票。

Budget deficit: 10% of GDP in India versus 2% in China.预算赤字:国内生产总值的10%,印度在中国与2%。 This could have big impact on financial and economical stability.这可能对金融和经济稳定产生重大影响。

China has almost US$1 trillion forex reserves with total of US$ 297.9 billion external debt中国有近1万亿美元的总额二千九百七十九点零亿美元外债外汇储备

India has US$165.275 billion forex reserves with US$132.1 billion external debt.印度美国一千六百五十二亿七千五百万美元美国外汇储备一千三百二十一万点零零万美元外债。

India has a huge public debt, the ratio of public debt to GDP was 82% in 2005 and still growing fast, which is above the globally recognized alarm level of 60 percent.印度有一个巨大的公共债务,公共债务占GDP的比重为82%,2005年仍在迅速增长,高于全球的百分之六十是公认的警戒线。

Chinas public debt was 28.8% of GDP.中国的公共债务占GDP的28.8%。


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