楼主(barba007):China Release New Fighter. The J-10.转自

The Chinese People's Liberations Army Air Force will soon have a fifth generation fighter jet to replace the aging J-6, J-7, J-8, J-9, MiG-21.

The new J-10 is a Joint Chinese-Israel operation.

The Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) and the 611 institute began development of the J-10 during the 1980s, as part of an effort to produce a single-engined, single-seat multi-role, fighter to replace the obsolete J-7 fighter and the Q-5 attack aircraft.

In looks the J-10 appears to be very similar to the Euro Fighter Typhoon,

CAC has carried out full tests on 10 prototypes the last being 28 June 2002 when Number 1008 flew its madden flight.

A J-10B has been earmarked as a possible Carrier-based version.

With a reported take off weight of 42,00lb, the J-10 is about 1/3 lighter than the Su-27K deployed aboard Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov, allowing it to operate more easily from a smaller deck, and take off with full load from a Russian-style ski-jump.

China has sharp teeth! Now!



新的歼-10 是中国-以色列合作的结果。(看来这小子不太了解情况)。成都空航公司CAC和611研究机构于80年代开始研制歼-10,计划用单引擎,单座/双座(不知MULTI-ROLE是否为此意思?)战机替换老战机J-7和Q5。


歼-10B 型已被预测为可能的舰载机版本,报告声称歼-10能载重42,00lb 起飞,比起苏-27能轻1/3,这样能允许其能满载从更小的甲板起飞,比如俄式航母。


某甲(mad scientist):There has been a thread already on the J-10. Whilst it is referred to as a 5th generation fighter, it doesn't compare to the Eurofighter, JSF or F-22. This seems to be more Chicom disinformation more than anything else.


某乙(MT69):Ahhhh, something for the US Air Force to shoot out of the sky. (Face:smile)


楼主(barba007):The only thing that worries me about the J-10 is that China is capable of producing and astronomical amount of Aircraft. They were building MiGs and Sus for a long time in China and have the know how, man power and expertise to make allot of planes.

Maybe not 5 generation like they presume though they might be going on the analogy that Quantity not Quality!

Do not underestemate your opponent!




某乙再跟帖(MT69):If one thing has come to light with warfare in this day and age, it is mass no longer dominates the battlefiled.

China could build 10,000 J-10's, it's just a question of how many missiles the US has, to shoot them down.

As mentioned in a previous post, the weapons of the new fighters are probably more important than the fighter itself. Just look at the US AMRAAM missile, it has over a 90% kill probability from 50km。



楼主 (barba007):Listen guys, the point is not that the F-22 is beter than the J-10. We all know it is. The point is that if China start Mass Producing these J-10 like Bob88 said were in big s#@t[/email]!!!!!

I don't care how good of a pilot you are. If you have

10-1 ratio, your in trouble! any which way you look at it!

Also, I realy think China is capable of producing these Aircraft on a large scale.

They have to replace their large fleet of J-7 and other variants(eg. J-6,J-8,J-9 etc).

They have approx. 500 J-7(Don't quote me).

F-22 Raptors cost US $99.7 Million each to make. In comparison the JSF will cost approx. US $30 Million.

听着,老兄,问题不是关于F22与J-10的性能比较,这大家都知道,问题是中国如果大规模生产歼-10的话,不管你飞行技术如何了得,假如是10对1,你就死定了!另外,我真的相信中国有能力进行大规模制造,他们必须替换掉大量老J-7,8,9等。大概有500架J-7吧(相信他是乱猜的吧)。F-22猛禽每架得花费9.97千万美圆(妈妈咪,真贵!),相比之下,JSF 只花费大概3千万美圆。(歼-10要花多少美圆,请教高人?)

某乙接着回帖(MT69):Uh...the US Air Force has always gone up against greater numbers vs China and Russia. This isn't a shocker to us.

By the way, the F-22 is supposed to be hard to find for our enemies....thus a few F-22s can easily sneak up on numerous Chinese planes and shoot them down. That's the whole point with the F-22....a few of them can take down plenty of enemy planes due to the best technology in the world.

You act as if the Chinese are going to fight us in an dogfight like you see in the movie Top Gun. Sorry, but the Chinese will never see the F-22 that shoots them down. This isn't hollywood....



楼主你是想象中国和美国的战机会处于混战状态,就像电影TOP GUN(没看过!),那么对不起,中国人永远不会看见F-22什么时候把他们打下来,这不是好赖屋....

某丙(Bob88):barba007, indeed! Very worrisome!

My fear is mass production. If they start turning their toy factories in to jet factories they will be able to make a crazy amount of these things.



某乙再接着回帖(MT69):The Chinese Air Force's problem is their reliance on C2 from ground forces through radar. If they lose their C2 with the ground forces, then their pilots are flying blind.

so, the basic training of their pilots will make it a turkey shoot for our pilots. There's only a handful of Air Forces out there that train their pilots near the level of our Air Force and China isn't on that list.