印度网友留言 部分翻译:

1. Latest news coming in His Holiness the Dalai Lama will vist Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, an integral part of india. The government of India has given the go-ahead for this trip. Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and Mao the donkey cant do shit about it. Lets hve a war with china and Kill as many of their soldiers


2. Why GT keep this article in front page such a long time? Already you have seeded enough "Nationalism" ! Innocent Chinese believes only CCP can be "Sun rise and Sun set" for their survival! They believe that they already won US in all aspects,They believe India is a country with 100% poverty,They even believe Hu jintao can punish Obama by death penalty if he oppose Chinese trade barrier and also if he meet Dalai lama in White house,Surely they believe no country can escape from Chinese punishment if they oppose any Chinese move!


3. So, now itself CCP can start a war with India! Don't waste time! You have full support of 1.4 billion Chinese,0.15 billion Pakistanis, about 20000 Nepalis(Including reborn Mao zedong Prachanda & Co.), Zimbabwe president Mugabe and some other African countries like Sudan,Somalia and Ethiopia presidents !Cheers!


4. Historically, India and China were not neighbors. They never had border. The Han China is between The Great Wall and Pacific Ocean. The chinese have fooled the world for a long time saying they build the wall to defend themselves. The han pretend to have a language problem and forget to tell world that they raped and pillaged on the other side of wall and then ran back when chased. Before the Han(anti-god) invaded Tibet. Tibet was the land of god fearing people, Now it has become the land where people fear the Han. Do not know what the MACMAHON LINE is but the Great Wall is boundary of the Han nation. With all the space satellites the han nation can hide no more. Everyone knows where you live. 历史上,中印本不应该是邻居。不存在边境。中国(汉族)是边境应该是起于长城至太平洋。中国(这里指汉族),捏造修筑长城的目的是抵御外侵来欺骗世界(长城才是“中国”的边境)。。。汉族(反神,这里指无信仰民族)侵略了西藏,使生活在这片土地上的藏族人开始惧怕汉族人。。。[部分翻译]

5. Chinese are bloody viruses of this world willing to spread their fangs all across world. They captured Tibet, begged before Britishers for Hongkong, slapped by Americans while crying for Taiwan & now eyeing for Arunachal Pradesh without imagining that it may ignite next World war.


6. I request chinese people to be more mature and open minded. Try to have your own face, freedom and individuality. That is the most important thing than developing the ecconomy and military.我请求中国人更加成熟和心胸开阔点。尝试去得到自己的尊严、自由和个性。这个比发展经济和军事更加重要。

7.As an Indian, let me tell you that India is under no illusion that we are mightier or bigger than China. If this is the impression created inside China, it is high time that the Chinese discard that. We understand that CHina is probably going to become one of the biggest and influential countries , if not the biggest, in the next 20 years or so, in GDP terms. You have a niche in mass manufacturing process and is set to dominate the world.

However we have our own niche in services and technology areas. That is a topic for another discussion. However, what China do not realize is that, we are not scared. Our goals are different. We in fact are looking forward to a multi-polar world. We will not tolerate bullying.