1楼。 EagleHannan:So guys here is the video without further explaination


2楼。 EagleHannan: Cant believe my eyez,, such a great Low level performance by this baby。。。The tight turns and F- 16 style dense fog forming on the wing roots。。。。。Pull ups are just greattttttttttWe did it,, Alhamdulillah。。。。。 LONG LIVE PAK CHINA FRIENDSHIP。。。



3楼。 qure0013:Dude,this is Amazing, I am really proud of this airplane。Inshallallah, JF-17 will rock the skies。 Goodjob in finding this video。


4楼。 mado:mashAllah。。。a nice video !

thank God we didn't use any computer graphics and it was real。。we could've ruined the video。。but reality is much better。。some nice manouevers 。mashAllah。。。


5楼。 wajman: one word describes it bese wow!只有一个单词能描述他:WOW(这个WOW用的是巨大的初号字)

6楼。 Dizasta:also got one word to describe it, Mashallah!


7楼。 wajman: good things must be repeated Mashallah!

再重复一遍:Mashallah! (巨大的初号字)

8楼。 EagleHannan: aswell。。。。 Yar I had tears of joy in my eyez watching it maneuver at low altitude and doing barrel rolls and the load outs。。。

Now guys notice, its the flight profile of PT 01/03。。。 and its amaizing。。,

Plane has got decent manuverability and I am very confident that 04 would be better

同时。。。。。。看到他能在如此低的高度上作机动,连续翻滚,load outs,我的眼睛里充满了泪水!


9楼。 MashAllah

i dont know wat else to add。 guys party is over。 we got lots of work to cover its time for us to put our head down again and work on something else。 we cant rest or else our enemy will be all over us。

once again


10楼。sobank:I have not seen the video yet。 but i gotta tell you guys this thing。 for past 8 hours i am burning in my chair。 cant play painkiller or study。 when i saw the promotional video i clicked on it and next thing i know the sympatico service goes down。 for next two hours ive been calling them to find out if the service is back online and just listening to the message that office is close。but finally。 i am going to enjoy this treat。



11楼。 maglomanic:Yaar it's really good but i was hoping there was more footage of 04 doing the low level passes and such。 Maybe soon, can't wait though


12楼.sobank:first i am going to say Mashallah,: oh my god。 did you see that role。 this thing is better or equal to f-16 a/b without any doubt。

they said its going to be equal to f-16 a/b and they showed that it is。 now many of them are saying that j10 is like su30, and I can truely say " well if they said it then it must be"。


过去他们(ps:我觉得小巴们指的是中国的设计师)说枭龙和 F16-a/b相当,现在他们展示给我们看了。现在他们说j10就像Su30,那么我可以肯定地说:他们这样说了,那就一定是真的!

13楼.Black Jack:Mashallah excellent news, congaratulations everyone。 I would have liked the 04 in the video too!


14楼。 ZPak: Sweet video。 Its a beautiful plane。 Much better looking than the LCA and hopefully better in terms of everything else。 Someone remind me。。。why are we buying F-16s again?



15楼.syedmunib:This link doesnt require sigon as well。


16楼。 MrBond: I'm in lurrvvv - again。 This video is awesome and boy can this baby roll!


17楼。 aziqbal: Wow Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 18楼.Munir:Free download at :


within 48 hours。。。

Views 4,855

Here the other one。。



19楼。 MrBond: Did anyone see the comments on bharat-ratshit。com forum regarding the LCA video?


20楼.Munir:The name of the video is LCA fun video。。。 Though lots of points in "barbie" song are worth to compare with LCA history I assume that it was purely for amusement。 Still de degrading remarks on BRF and the banning of persons that posted this on Keymag show lack of humor。 Let us remind that long ago someone posted about the BRF meet where pictures were stolen。 Now someone is even telling the names。 Let us skip the whole episode and forget the video with a big smile。 Some did like it and that was the whole idea behind it。 We can make cheap fun but making something that is worth to look at it for a few minutes is worth to share。



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You got the names wrong。 Let me identify them in order of appearance on the video

1)Older man in pale green shirt - K。Subrahmanyam - the analyst whose article about loose #### nukes is being discussed in the other forum

2)Black T shirt - shiv - me after my (then) recent surgery

3) Green T shirt J。Cage

4) Striped shirt - forum lurker P。 Savarimouthou from Pondicherry


6) Older man in front of tiger pics - B。Raman analyst whose articles on SAAG we read。 He did not want his picture taken - but we insisted and the Pakis have now got it。


21 楼.EagleHannan:Yes Exactly。。。 The rolls are great。。 The exact roll rate is yet unknown for us to compare but its very evident that aircraft is very responsive to controls and that PILOTS HV ENOUGH CONFIDENCE IN THE FLY-BY-WIRE CONTROLS that they have made such low altitude passes on the NEW AIRCRAFT。

This Manuvour is quite a risk on a new aircraft with a newly developed Fly-By-Wire at such early stages。 This shows how extensive the aircraft has been tested and then even redesigned a little (LEX, LERX, Rudder) according to data collected。

With PT 01/03 performing so great and responsive, I wonder how 04 would fair with the design modifications

The Fog forming on with roots was a dashing thing。。。 I liked it。。。

确实,翻滚太棒了!我们以前还不知道他有如此高的翻滚率,现在能证明了,这架飞机对操控非常敏感,同时飞行员对用FLY-BY-WIRE低空通场非常有信心!This Manuvour is quite a risk on a new aircraft with a newly developed Fly-By-Wire at such early stages。 This shows how extensive the aircraft has been tested and then even redesigned a little (LEX, LERX, Rudder) according to data collected。(这一段有专业术语,不懂!请高人完善)01/03就有这么棒的灵敏性,我想知道有了改动的04将会怎么样?


22 楼。 Willz: Excellent video, I can't believe even the "original" FC-1 (ie。 prototype 01 &;; 03) has excellent aerodynmanic performance in maneuverability。Most likely the "new" 04 design has made it even better。 That means the LCA is old-school trash to come out late to be relevant。


23楼.Munir:Views 11153


24楼.scorpion:Yeah, Kool 。。。

And now the count is 20,186 !!。。。



25楼.NE0:I'm waiting for the follow up video。。。


26楼.BaburMissile:Wow!!! What a killer jet!!! The JF-17/FC-1 just rocks!! What a beautiful design!!! What an accomplishment by Pakistan and China。 Truly amazing! Damned, the manoeuvres are just mind-boggling in the movie。 This baby is a worthy replacement of the obsolete fighter jets currently in service at PAF。 Just imagine when this beauty is equipped with lethal BVR missiles and Western radar capabilities。 I would love to see more movies of the JF-17!! Are there any? Can't wait for the day when it's inducted in the PAF fleet camouflaged with green and white and making the sky cry on independence day。 Wouldn't this plane have a deadly look when camouflaged? What colours would be suitable? Long live China-Pakistan friendship!!!! I'm sure this plane will get enhanced and upgraded every time。

wow!多棒的一个杀手!枭龙将会震动天空!多漂亮的设计!中巴伟大的成就!让人难以置信!视频里表现的机动性让人难以置信!值得用这个小宝贝代替巴基斯 坦军队里那些过时的飞机。想想这个小美人带上致命的BVR导弹和西方雷达后的能力(汗,我们中国的雷达确实还要加强)!我还想看更多的JF-17视频,还 有么?独立日的时候让她穿上绿白色的舰队伪装飞过天空,我已经等不及那一天了!但是还有什么涂装会让他看起来更有杀伤力?什么颜色最适合她?中巴友谊万 岁!我相信这个飞机以后会得到不断的加强和升级!

27楼。Dilpakistani:Applause all the way。。。不停的鼓掌。。。。。。

28楼。 PakSniper: magnifique。壮丽的

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