日本大臣表示: 美军驻日协议使日受‘辱’ 09年10月15日

原文:TOKYO - Japan's new defense minister said October 15 that rules governing the U.S. troop presence on Okinawa island were "humiliating" while conceding that a major American base would likely have to stay there.

Toshimi Kitazawa, whose center-left Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) took power last month, was speaking ahead of a visit next week by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and a month before a trip by President Barack Obama.

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The minister stressed his party's message that, while Tokyo values the traditionally strong relationship with the United States, it is also seeking less subservient U.S. ties than those under its conservative predecessors.

Japan wants "to build a new relationship that meets the requirements of the new era instead of getting mired in fears of offending them," the minister said, stressing however that the alliance remains "extremely important."

Next week, the 71-year-old minister said, he wants to have "candid talks" with Gates about the American military presence on southern Okinawa, which is home to more than half of the 47,000 U.S. troops in Japan.

A flashpoint has long been the U.S. Marine Corps Futenma Air Base, located in a crowded urban area on the island, where residents have been angered by aircraft noise while community frictions with U.S. service personnel have grown.

Anger rose especially after the 1995 gang-rape of a 12-year-old girl and the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl by U.S. military servicemen.

Under the 1960 Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement, the troops fall under American, not Japanese, criminal jurisdiction - although more recently indicted suspects in serious cases have been handed to Japanese authorities.

Despite this, the "people in Okinawa as a whole feel that the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement is humiliating," Kitazawa said. "We will propose to review the agreement when Mr. Gates comes here.

"People living close to U.S. bases say 'please close the U.S. bases, eliminate the noise,'" he said. "We want to end the suffering and the burden endured by the Okinawan people who have long hosted the U.S. bases."

He added: "Okinawan people have high hopes that change will come to their lives after the change of government."

Under a 2006 agreement struck under a conservative Japanese government and the U.S. administration of George W. Bush, the air base is to be closed and relocated to a coastal area of Okinawa by 2014.

But new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has said he wants the base to be moved off Okinawa, even out of Japan altogether, although this week he appeared to soften his stance.

Kitazawa said Tokyo wants to renegotiate the agreement on realigning U.S. forces, which also includes a plan to move 8,000 U.S. troops to Guam - although Washington has already indicated it expects the deal to stand.

But Kitazawa also said that Japan had few other options than to relocate the Futenma base somewhere within Okinawa.

"Regarding a relocation outside Okinawa, where else do we have?" he said.

"It's extremely difficult to find an alternative place in the current situation.

"In reality we can only slightly change the current plan," because of the geographical features of the Okinawan coast, Kitazawa said.

Hours earlier in Washington Japan informed White House and Pentagon officials that it would end an Indian Ocean naval refueling mission backing the war in Afghanistan when its mandate expires in January.

The minister said that "the most feasible support Japan can offer in terms of Afghanistan is civilian support," adding that one option would be for Japanese air force planes to transport aid to Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Although the U.S.-made Lockheed Martin F-35 is one option, the minister said that "our choice is wide open to other options, of non-American-made jets."


东京: 日本新任国防首相北沢 俊美 15号表示。日美之间关于美军驻扎冲绳岛的相关条约使日本‘受辱’,但同时承认某美军主要军事基地可能会长期存在于冲绳岛

北沢 俊美,民主党左翼成员,在上个月正式上台。他表示下周美国国防部长Robert Gates将会访问日本,一个月后美国总统Obama将会随后到访。

北沢 俊美重申了民主党的立场,在重视传统的日美紧密关系的同时,也希望打破以往的常规,寻找到能够少些对美国恭恭敬敬服侍顺从的办法。


下周,北沢 俊美表示希望与美国国防部长展开坦率的对话,就超过数量占美军驻日总数一半多的冲绳南部美军问题进行讨论。




虽然如此,当地居民仍然认为美军的存在仍然对他们来说是一种侮辱。北沢 俊美表示,就该问题会同Gatez进行会谈。


2006年日本保守党与George W.Bush签订的协议中规定:位于冲绳的空军基地在2014年前将会关闭并会搬到冲绳沿海地带。

北沢 俊美表示希望该基地彻底的从冲绳岛消失,甚至从日本消失。但是这周他的发言表现出软化的迹象。

北沢 俊美和东京政府想要重新和美国就联盟展开谈判,包括将8000名美国士兵迁往关岛的计划。美国政府也表示希望谈判能够顺利。

但是北沢 俊美表示,日本并没有太多的选择,就搬迁Futema基地问题,除了在冲绳岛上找其他地方,日本并没有其他可以选择的地方。限于地理上的难处,想找到其他地方很难。

日本几天前时候通知了美国华盛顿政府,日本可能于明年1月份终结对于印度洋美国海军的加油任务,北沢 俊美表示,日本最有可能对美国于阿富汗战争的支持应该是民用方面的支持。包括由日本空军将支援物资空运给位于巴基斯坦阿富汗难民。

其他讨论的问题还包括日本下一代战斗机的采购。北沢 俊美表示,虽然F-35是非常好的选择,担不是唯一的选择。

。。。抛开政治军事的方面 我还是很同情理解冲绳的日本居民。。想象是我住在那 家隔壁的小女生被美军弄了。。我就从黑道买TM一推炸弹,再买只枪 跟TM美军拼了。。 要能炸到一架F-15 我就赚了。。哎。。日本何必搞成这样呢