Monk's Friend

Description: A monk's child has had their blanket stolen. Find the thieves' den and return the blanket, then help Brother Omad organize the drinks for the child's birthday party.

Difficulty: Novice

Length: Short

Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:


Items Needed to Complete Quest: Logs, a Jug of water, and a weapon to kill thieves (level 14 and 26),you can get these things with some runescape gold in GE.

runescape quest Points: 1

Reward: 2000 Woodcutting XP and 8 Law runes,its a great reford and it will save you a lot of time on powerleveling.

Start Point: Monastery south of Ardougne.

To Start: Speak to Brother Omad.


Log in your runescape accounts and talk to Brother Omad and learn of his sleepless nights because of the crying child. Learn that the thieves (level 14 and 26) that stole the blanket are hiding in a secret cave.

Go northwest to a ring of stones (It's just east of the gnome battlefield). A ladder will appear, go down and into the den.

Take the first turn and go in. Fight the thieves, if necessary, to the table and get the blanket. Return to Brother Omad.

Talk to him twice to learn about Brother Cedric not returning with the wine for the child's party. Omad says that Cedric probably got drunk and lost in the forest. (Poor guy).

Go just north and a little east, near the city entrance to find Brother Cedric, he needs a drink of water. Talk to him again to use the jug of water on him.

He'll ask you to get wood to fix his broken cart, which hopefully you already have. Give him the logs and return to Omad for the last time

Talk to him and then you can join the party. Unfortunately, you can burst the party balloons, but nothing comes out of them. When the party is over, Omad will give you your reward.


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