China vs USA


China vs USA


China would win. We wouldn’t use nukes and they have more people


sorry buddy, but america is nuke happy and if any one f*cks with them, about 50 are headed in their direction


You are a f*cking dumbass. China has been stealing our nuclear military secrets for years. For all we know, they could sabotage our shit at the last minute.read and learn,dumbass


Hey, buddy, truth is, WE WOULD WIN YOU *** ING COMMUNIST!!!!!!! Yeah, China, even though they put all their resources into military, they would lose. Our military is well treated and have more reason to fight other than for not being killed by government. You suck you anti-American… Die.


I’m very pro american. I live in america… I even support the war in iraq (one of the few who apparently do)… thinking that my country would lose a war against a powerful country doesn’t make me a communist


China has more people and they are smarter. China>USA


Wouldnt it be who attacks first?Like imagine if the US dropped about 1500 BIG nukes at the same time China couldnt retialiate but that could go either way I guess


Communists can do anything when motivated. War is a strong motivator for any country. They could get us if it came down to it. They have already begun to shift past industrialization. Plus they have russia above them. They could probabably get some technology om up there if they needed to om old soviet sympathizers


China has more people. But the US his superior military power (especially the navy). So the USA would kick china’s ass.


technology can only do so much. They would just out number us


We arent connected by land, and we have the greatest navy in the world.


We have the power of jesus.


Communists have a great work force that could be used to outnumber our navy. The greatest weakness of an army is its underestimating of others. Should the chinese make it to our soil we would loose


Things don’t always go the way you want them to in war. With the work force they have available I bet they could make it here and we would fail in an invasion of china. There are too many of them. So even if it did stalmate for a while. Their technology would catch up in war and they would make it across the ocean


China has enough to blow up the US… MAD DOESN’T = WIN


Well, keep in mind that Chinese people don’t know what bears are so once they make land fall and push past the beaches then they will go into the forests of Washington Oregon and California and be like “???” And the bears will take a heavy toll of their infantry. Of course that means they can attack through the harsh deserts of New Mexico where our Arapaho Native American Brothers will make or break the war. Whichever side the Arapaho join will win because they are desert people and they know the land just like the south in the civil war. Anyway, if we made it to China I think we could probably just get most of them to join us because I heard they like McDonalds and America there so just pass out ee things to get them to join our army and make a new army out of them. It’s a force multiplier.


China would kung-fu kick the U.S. in the balls.Too bad they have small penises.


Doesn’t matter, once that war would start many countries would severe trade connections weakening both countries but since China is the only country in the world with a self sustaining economy, they’d hardly be affected.


Self sustaining economy my ass. Theres a resaon Japan and China have had tensions recently. Its becuase they are figthting over who will get Russias oil. They most definately dont have enough oil there to be self sufficent.Read, China imports oil. Actually, they are the big reason prices are jumping so d**n much


If there was going to be a war between us it would be because of this. And I highly doubt it would take place in either China or the Americas. It would happen in the middle east. China needs oil. They absolutely need it to continue tohave any chance of being a strong power in the world. Russia is one option. The middle east, may be the way they go and we would protect our intrests. And all of a sudden we have a war on our hands.


And whats more a war right where the chinese would be in a good position to have one. Of course they would never invade The United States of America…. unless they had a great plan. But the middle east is another thing entirely. In a place where land is really the only thing to fight on. China would win. Well we could just use hydrogen cells. Anyway, the thing about the chinese is that they’re group oriented so all you have to do is sit a machine gun in ont of their military base and shoot them all when they run out. I saw it in a WWII movie. That’s why we won WWII so easy.Anyway, The thing about the chinese is that most of them have never heard of a plane or a loud siren so all we have to do is chopper in some sirens, call in an air strike, scare them all off and send in the troops. While they’re shocked we will clean up their army and make the civilians join our army.

还有china的优势在于,当然他们不会去入侵米国,除非他们有更大的计划。但是对中东就是完全是另一种情况了,在中东除了占领土地就没什么其他可图利益了,所以china会取胜。我们应该用氢能源代替汽油。还有china人是以集体思想为中心 的,所以我们只需要在他们的军事基地外面架挺机枪,等他们跑出来以后把他们全射死,我看的一部二战电影就是这样的,这就是我们为什么那么轻松的就赢了二 战。再有就是大部分china人从来没有听到过飞机和警报的声音,我们只需要让直升机响起警报,对他们进行空袭,把他们都吓坏了以后派我们的军队过去缴了 他们的武器,然后让老百姓加入我们的军队就可以了。

You are underestimating nationalism。


Well, they do have the power of culture and nationalism but then again if we napalm their rice then they will starve. Also we could easily defeat the chinese people in hand to hand combat because that karate stuff is no match for a good American Boxer. One clean punch and the chinese is gone.I think we should basically just use machine guns because there are so many people there. All we have to do is equip a few fast hum vees with hydrogen cells and machine guns with wooden bullets so we only injure them and then make the injured guys be in our army to even up the odds.Also asian girls love white guys so we could get half of their population on our side and make more troops that way.

当然他们有很强的文化和民族主义精神,但还是那样,如果我们能炸了他们的稻田那他们就会挨饿,而且我们可以在短兵相接的战斗中不 费吹灰之力就能取胜,china空手道根本不是米国拳击的对手,干净漂亮的一拳就能把china人打飞。我想我们还是用机枪,因为china人实在太多 了。我们只需要几部用氢燃料的高速吉普和机枪,机枪用木制子弹,那样我们就可以只打伤他们,然后让受伤的敌人加入我方,来弥补我方和敌方的人数差距。而且 亚洲女孩喜欢白人小伙子,所以我们能够争取到china人口的一半,然后通过她们制造更多我们的军队。

now you just switched to stupidity because you ran out of arguments… none of that would work. We wouldn’t starve out civilians anyway… we are to nice


you are joking then this post was rather funny.If not, then I pity your life.


Even a small amount of their standing army would f*ck us up as we are now.


China is so packed with people and if you just bombed one block 7000 people would be dead. Japan > USA > China


I hope you don’t mean militiristically… japan can’t even have an army for of fense and china has more land for its people than the us does… you don’t know what you are talking about。


What is Japan gonna do, send their Tamagotchi’s after China? Japan doesnt have technology for military application.


so? wuts ur point? there is nothing to do with Japan, and Japan is just an island country, China doesn’t even bother to beat it, coz it will be destroyed by thousand times of earthquake


Idiot, then the f*cking rest of their eligible population would damage us. All they would need is one shore break, thats it. Then they can just f*cking destroy us.Remember Veitnam?Remember why we lost?China, thats why



If i was pres.i would drop our entire stockpile of nukes on every major city/military base t

hey have if they were to declare war.the side effects “radiation” would give the rest cancer, thus leaving them utterly f*cked.it would be the only way to win, and people would want to assasinate you though


in the end, if we do almost lose, well nuke them, thats what i think.


yeah.. The chances are that china would win if the Usa didn’t usa nukes., but if china attacked any country they’d win, soo… Stupid Comies!!


IF china sent every member of they’re army out on suicide missions(with bombs)than… well half the earth would die.


Look at Germany. There not huge and they took over how many countrys?


Hitler got pwned by the USSR and he had the mos technologic and strategically advanced army in WWII.


At this very moment we would win… we have more bombs, planes, tanks etc. in Ten years Chian would win, because presumably They will have The Bomb by then,and the will to use it


US would win we have canada


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