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导读:前几天一个叫Indrani Bagchi的印度记者发表了一篇文章叫Why China is mad at India(中国为什么对印度生气),后面的跟贴很有意思,选了一段2个人的部分对话翻译了一下,不准确的请参考原文。 Abdul Bari says: June 28, 2009 at 01:01 PM IST @HEAVENSENT You rant like a mad cap which u are. Do you think there is no corrupt

前几天一个叫Indrani Bagchi的印度记者发表了一篇文章叫Why China is mad at India(中国为什么对印度生气),后面的跟贴很有意思,选了一段2个人的部分对话翻译了一下,不准确的请参考原文。

Abdul Bari says:

June 28, 2009 at 01:01 PM IST


You rant like a mad cap which u are. Do you think there is no corruption in CHINA? Fool, there is more corruption in China than India. Dont we read and hear top officials and other criminals getting executed for corruption. There is nearly 85% corruption and China is a dictatorship. Still it is not able to eliminate this problem. Shame. Also, many top officials in China have more than woman in their life, often concubines and brothel madams as their mistresses. Maybe you can join become a poltico there and enjoy like them


Also, nearly 50% of Chinese population is still without basic necessities, it is common to find many people living in streets in deplorable condition. When the Olympics all were herded off to some far away place to avoid foreign media glare. At least, we in India do not hide them. But in China you not only hide them but also obliterate all facts about such aspects.


Also, China is not a responsible power; it does not have the capabilities to be a great power since it lacks the qualities of a responsible power. It is most untrustworthy and any poll held by any agency across the world, will reveal that people loathe China to be a global power with responsibilities since they know that it will only misuse them and behave arrogantly. It has very few genuine friends internationally thanks also to its suppression of people' freedom of speech, right to information and so on. It is not fit to be a permanent member of UN though unfortunately it is one. That's this world's curse.


When you cannot provide decent freedom and proper necessities of life allied with sensible global leadership, how is that China is a perm member of UN? That's one of the mysteries of this world.


When you cannot assure that, how dare you talk of India which is a responsible power and which one day will not just overtake you but also rule globally. That's what the religious scriptures say (this will not interest you since CHINA is a atheist country)


Heavensent says:

June 28, 2009 at 11:12 PM IST

@abdu bari

(1) China's backwardness were leftovers from the colonial era's.

(2) China's leadership (president, vice premier etc.) so far has been corruption free.

(3) In the last 30 years China's leaders has brought over 300 million out of poverty in China alone. (not to mention outside of China)

(4) Simply declaring that India is responsible does not make it true. Responsibility and democracy does not go together. People who have responsibilities are not free.

(5) Your belief that your religion will take you to where you want to be is wishful thinking (like your view of how the world sees India).

(6) India has a very long history of sufferings and neglect for it's poor. But because of these sufferings rose greatness like Buddha. These anti-China posts definitely do not represent the greatness but actually is taking India farther away from it.







Heavensent says:

June 29, 2009 at 12:02 AM IST

This argument that democracy is better than communism is as rediculous as saying oranges are better than apples. It does not matter what system you have; it all comes down to GREAT LEADERSHIP!!! Every form of government was created by men so it can be changed by men. China's leadership is well aware of this and that's why communism has been so successful in China. Chinese communism adopts what ever works and is not limited to one road as how people, like some of you, would like to describe it. China's adoption of the capitalist road is a good example.

In theory, communism would create a classless society of abundance and freedom, in which all people enjoy equal social and economic status. This is the main purpose of communism. How you get there depends on you. China has long seperated from the path the Soviets took, but without changing our destination. China will never switch to any existing democracy but more likely change the world's view on communism.

As the great Confucius said "If you can not reach your goal, do not change your goal...change the path"




Heavensent says:

June 29, 2009 at 12:20 AM IST

Here is how I see communism vs democracy.

Communism is like a AK-47....in responsible hands it can get the job done much efficiently...but in the wrong hands alot of people can get killed.

Democracy is like a pellet gun....theirs alot more room for mistakes (like Bush)....but is less efficient. With the west's history, democracy is truely the best form of government for them.

In conclusion, it's useless to blame the gun when it's the owner who misused it.





Abdul Bari says:

June 29, 2009 at 01:25 PM IST


You talk of only good things about your nation coz if u write negative things u will be lynched by your authorities. That is a fact and as such you are not able to put into writing the real picture of your nation.


INDIA is far more responsible than CHINA and has shown greater maturity throughout history. If u cannot accept it, its ok coz u are upset and feeling bugged. Do people in CHINA have freedom? They need to write what they are asked to? That is why yours and DOTHINKTWICE writings are like this


Yeah, our religion will take us where we are destined to be - top. U are a atheist and all CHINA is atheist. You cannot change what is written in holy scripts and what is prophesized by divine saints. It will happen and CHINA will be nowhere then because as on now it is a dictatorship and once it tapers off, it will crumble. That is what your leaders and military fears.


If INDIA has a very long history of sufferings and neglect for it's poor, so as CHINA even more so, it is only now it has become somewhat modern and outward. Else, it was a cruel dictatorship tyrannical that brought much suffering to its people.


Heavensent says:

June 29, 2009 at 10:55 PM IST

@abdul bari

Lol....I see that you like to assume. Where and when did I tell you I live in China? I live and grew up in the states so your assumption that I write pro-China out of fear or the government is pure wishfull thinking again. The truth is you only want to hear the negatives of China and the world and only the positive of India.


Abdul Bari says:

June 30, 2009 at 10:35 PM IST


If you are living in the States, Then its no surprise that you are writing all fancy stuff that comes into your wild mind ( a lot of freedom is there is States) All of what u write about China is pure deception meant to only pamper your mind. You are scared that negative things about China ARE floating a lot in the world market (fake drugs, sub standard toys, mobiles, bikes, etc) and hence you are putting your words into others mouths. Great, you have got a way to work magic with words and fooling people. So sad, that some people never learn


Really, the type of corruption in China is different than the corruption in other parts of the world? Why? Is it some special divine place on planet earth? Is it a place where only pious and good things are happening? And to say that even with the large amount of corruption in China it is a small percentage of corrupt officials in the whole party is the height of lunacy. .It shows that your mind cannot imagine negativities about China when the whole world knows it’s original. You are a fit case to be awarded the highest award in your country for your die hard patriotism (even though u stay in US) and spreading cheery news about CHINA to tame the negativity that lies in its name across the world? God bless, (oh! You are a atheist, so blessings won’t fall on your dumb head).


heavensent says:

July 01, 2009 at 10:36 AM IST


You are seriously delusional. It's people like you that is destroying India. Your hatred toward China has blinded you from all the good that exist in China. First you accuse me of speaking out of fear and now you accuse me of using intelligent english? You are embarrassing yourself and all the Indians with these childish behavior. In the interest of my Indian friends, I must advice you to not tell others you are Indian. Though I was raised in the states, you are more white wash than me. It is ilks like you that is destroying all that is great in India. You spend all your time looking for all that is bad about others but forget to look in the mirror. You are like a slum dog tellling a billionare how to make money....it don't make sense.

你属于严重的妄想。像你这样的人正在毁灭印度。你们对中国的恨已经使你们看不见中国任何好的方面。你先是批评我的言论是出于恐惧,现在又批评我用明智的英语(指前面用华丽的词藻欺骗人民)?你在用你的孩子般的行为让你和所有的印度人蒙羞。我代表我的印度朋友必须建议你不要告诉别人你是印度人。虽然我生长在美国,你比我更白痴(white wash不知如何翻译)。你似乎正在毁灭印度所有的伟大之处。你似乎花了大量的时间去研究别人的不是之处但就是忘了在镜子中看看自己。你就像个贫民窟中的狗却去告诉一个百万富翁如何去赚钱....太不可思议了。


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