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Why are foreigners treated well in China?

Why are foreigners treated with great hospitality in China?

Why must the Chinese be nice and friendly to foreigners even when foreigners are being unfair and hurtful towards Chinese?

The PLA lifted foreign tourists out of danger and local Chinese villagers offered them food when they don't have any

themselves..why are they being so nice?

I think that it's important to respect and be friendly towards others afterall..we are all ambassadors for our

country..however, why are Chinese being so nice? Would foreigners offer the Chinese the same level of service and


one person said to me that the reason why Chinese are being nice to foreigners is because they slaves by nature and they have

no dignity...it saddens me to think that jerks like that still exist..









I still can't get over the fact that I always get treated rotten in places such as england, USA and Australia...I try to be

nice but it doesn't seem to work..I always get that 'look' and that ' so Miss...where are you from? - I'm


feed up






1-Chinese are friendly people and always very curious about foreigners. They have always been so nice and friendly towards


Chinese are not slaves by nature, what a stupid thing to say! They are curious and friendly. Even to undeserving foreigners.



2-I think you have a couple of different things happening here.

In China you don't have that many foreigners. There is no large immigration into (except along the North Korean border) so

the Chinese don't feel threaten by the few foreigners among them. A pale blue-eyed guy like me would be an object of friendly

curiosity, an exotic oddity.

Also universally people around the world usually treat the exotic foreigner as a honored house guest. I haven't traveled half

as much as I would like but several times when I've been in places that don't see many tourists, I have received exceptional


I would ignore the the one jerk you mention in your question. The few Chinese I have meet seemed to have no lack of dignity.

All of them seemed proud to be part of a civilization and culture that goes back over 5,000 years.








3-t could be for many reasons.......

Then you invite someone to your home you, the Chinese as many say "you are the guest" you will be treated well or your meant

to be.

One could agrue that foreigners are like guests in China and should be treated like a guests, but sometimes we fail to act

like a guests, sometimes the Chinese fail to act like a hosts...

But yes, foreigners can be kind and hospitality like, the ones that do just keep quite about it.





4-Well, when I was in China I was treated with the greatest hospitallity, I was even Invited to 2 weddings.

And I had my tooth filled by the local Hospital, who were I might add very skilled and efficient.

So when I speak to or come into contact with chinese people in this country(england) I treat them the same, with great

respect and dignity.

Maybe that is the thinking of your people, If you treat people nice you will be treated nice yourself.

Here's Hoping.

As for the people who say bad things about China, they are just narrow minded, and believe everything they read or are told,

which makes them foolish also.






5-it is only because the world is watching

I know a guy that has been cheated big time in business twice in just three years, another friend of mine told me he has

gotten 2 fake twenties in one week, my Chinese friends always tell me "don't trust anyone they are all out to cheat you

guys", I overheard a Chinese person telling another Chinese person "we must cheat these foreign as much as possible"




6-China depends on foreign investment for its current exploding economic success. Also, China's has a few thousand years of

tradition that say the host has to treat the guest well.


7-It is a misconception that foreigners have "great wealth". In this world, if a person has wealth and power, he/she will be



8-You’ve raised a good question. By itself, you deserve a medal.

As a long time observer on China’s culture, I would not hesitate to say that , albeit its environment, living conditions

incomparable to that of the West, the Chinese people are the beautiful people inside,--simple, kind, nice, sometime na?vely


It is rare to see a Chinese to raise a question like what you did. I hope more Chinese, especially those who can speak, write

English, dare raise the question like you did, and dare find out the answers. Most importantly, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF

EXPRESSING OUT THE ANSWERS!. This is the way to know about the West. AND by expressing it out, just like you raised this

question openly on this forum, you and your friends in China, or the Chinese people, can fare better in dealing with the

Western bullies. If all Chinese students, or all Chinese media, or all Chinese people dare express out their anger, protest,

even demonstrations or boycott against Western bullies, China is not going to see more Olympic Torch Disruptions in March,

April and May. Had it done earlier, the Tibet issue and the Torch issue could have been avoided, or reduced or shorted to a

no small extent.

In short to your answer, it is racism. YES. THE RACISM IS PART OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION. China culture on the mainland, or

on Taiwan, or on Hong Kong, even of the East Asia in general, has a problem----slavishly looking up to the West.

Being nice, kind and simple-minded is regarded as being weak in the West. Hatred, manipulation cannot be returned by being

nice or being kind. On the contrary, it invites further manipulation and hatred.

The birth of the Nationalist Party by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1910s China, and the birth of the Communist Party by Mao, or by his

colleagues like Chen Du-xiu in 1920s China, is a very long, and very painful response to the West. The question is: does that

painful, long, costly experiences have paid off for China and the Chinese people?

Do you, or do the Chinese people, get respect from the West ? Are you, are the Chinese people, treated equal by the West ?
















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