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A:Attacker = 攻击机

AA:Anti-Air = 防空

AAA:Anti-Air Artillery = 高射炮

AAAV:Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle = 先进两栖突击车

AAM:Air-to-Air Missile = 空对空导弹

AAR:Air-to-Air Refueling = 空中加油

AAW:Anti-Air Warfare = 防空作战

ABL:AirBorne Laser = 机载激光器

ABM:Anti-Ballistic Missile = 反弹道导弹

ACMS:Air Combat Maneuvering System = 空战机动系统

ACV:Armored Combat Vehicle = 装甲战车

AFV:Armored Fighting Vehicle = 装甲战车

AEM&C:Airborne Early Warning and Control = 空中预警与指挥

AEW:Airborne Early Warning = 空中早期预警

AFB:Air Force Base = 空军基地

AGM:Air-to-Ground Missile = 空对地导弹

AGS:Armored Gun System = 装甲火炮系统

AGS:Advance Gun System = 先进火炮系统

AIM:Air Intercept Missile = 拦射空空导弹

ALBM:Air-Launched Ballistic Missile = 空射弹道导弹

ALCM:Air-Launched Cruise Missile = 空射巡航导弹

AMRAAM:Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile = 先进中程空空导弹

APAR:Active Phase-Array Radar = 主动相控阵雷达

APC:Armored Personnel Carrier = 装甲人员输送车

APFSDS-T:AP Fin-Stab. Discarding Sabot-Tracer = 尾翼稳定脱壳穿甲曳光弹

APS:Artillery Pointing System = 火炮指示系统

ARM:Anti Radiation Missile = 反辐射导弹

ASM:Air-to-Surface Missile = 空对舰导弹

ASRAAM:Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile = 先进短程空空导弹

ASROC:Anti-Submarine Rocket = 反潜火箭

ASuW:Anti-Surface Warfare = 反面作战

ASW:Anti-Submarine War = 反潜

ASW:Anti-Submarine Warfare = 反潜作战

ATC:Air Traffic Control = 空中交通管制

ATGM:Anti-Tank Guided Missile = 反坦克导弹

ATM:Advanced Turret Module = 先进炮塔模块

AUV:Autonomous Underwater Vehicle = 自主式水下航行器

AWAC:Airborne Warning And Control = 空中预警和控制

AWACS:Airborne Warning and Control System = 空中预警与指挥系统

AWOL:Absent WithOut Leave = 擅离职守;无故离队;开小差

B:Bomber = 轰炸机

BB:Battle Ship = 战列舰

BC:Battle Cruiser = 战列巡洋舰

BDA:Battle Damage Assessment = 战斗损害评估

BPI:Boost Phase Intercept = 加速阶段拦截

BRAA:Bearing, Range, Altitude and Aspect = 目标飞行情况

BVR:Beyond Visual Range = 超视距

BVRAAM:Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile = 超视距空空导弹

C:Carrier = 运输机

C3:Command, Control and Communication = 指挥控制通信系统

CAP:Combat Air Patrol = 战斗空中巡逻

CAS:Close Air Support = 近距空中支援

CASE:Computer Aided Software Engineering = 电脑辅助软件工程

CBU:Clustered Bomb Unit = 集束**

CENTCOM:Central Command = 中央司令部

CFC:Carbon Fiber Composite = 碳纤维复合材料

CC:Cruiser = 巡洋舰

CG:Cruiser (Guided-missile) = 导弹巡洋舰

CIC:Combat Information Center = 战斗信息中心

CIC:Commander in Chief = 最高指挥官

CIWS:Close-In Weapon System = 近战武器系统

CIWS:Close Intercept Weapon System = 近程防御系统

CNChief of Naval Operation = 海军作战部长

COMINT:Communication Intelligence = 通信情报

COMDAC INS:Command Display and Control Integrated Navigation System = 集成控制导航系统

CR:Close Range = 近程

C/S:Course and Speed = 航向与速度

CV:Carrier Vessel = 常规动力航空母舰

CVN:Carrier Vessel (Nuclear-powered) = 核动力航母

CVBG:Carrier Battle Group = 航母战斗群

DASS:Defensive Aids Sub-System = 防御性辅助子系统

DD:Destroyer = 驱逐舰

DDG:Destroyer (Guided-missile) = 导弹驱逐舰

DU:Depleted Uranium = 贫铀

DVI:Direct Voice Input = 直接语音输入技术

E:Electronic = 电子战机

ECCM:Electronic Counter-Counter Measures = 电子反对抗,反电子战

ECM:Electronic Counter Measures = 电子对抗,电子战

ELINT:Electronic Intelligence = 电子情报

EMCON:Emissions Control = 发射控制

EML:ElectricMagnet Launcher = 电磁炮

EMP:ElectricMagnet Palse = 电磁脉冲

ERAAM:Extended Range Air-to-Air Missile = 延程空空导弹

ESM:Electronic Signal Measures = 电子信号警告

ESM:Electronic Support Measures = 电子支援

ETG:Electro Thermal Gun = 电热炮

ETCG:Electro Thermal Chemical Gun = 电热化学炮

EW:Early Warning = 预警

EW:Electronic Warfare = 电子战

EWAC:Early Warning And Control= 预警及控制

F:Fighter = 战斗机

FAE:Fuel Air Explosive = 油气**

FEL:Free Elctron Laser = 自由电子激光器

FF:Frigate = 护卫舰

FFG:Frigate(Guided-missile) = 导弹护卫舰

FLIR:Forward Looking Infra-Red = 前视红外

FLOT:Forward Line Of Troops = 前线

FMRAAM:Future Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile = 未来中程空空导弹

FMTV:Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles = 中型战术车族

GEM:Guidance-Enhanced Missile = 制导增强导弹

GEGeo-Stationary Orbit = 地球同步轨道

GPS:Global Positioning System = 全球定位系统

GZ:Ground Zero = 核爆炸中心地面投影

H:Helicopter = 直升机

HE:High Explosive = 高爆炸药

HEAT:High-Explosive Anti-Tank = 高爆反坦克炸药(成形炸药)

HMD:Helmet Mounted Display = 头盔显示器

HPM:High Power Microwave = 高功率微波

HQ:Headquarters = 总部

HUD:Head-Up Display = 抬头显示器

HVU:High Value Unit = 高价值单位

IADS:Integrated Air Defense System = 综合防空系统

ICBM:Intercontinental Ballistic Missile = 洲际弹道导弹

IFF:Identification of Friend or Foe = 敌我识别

IFV:nfantry Fighting Vehicle = 步兵战车

IPE:Individual Protection Ensemble = 单兵防护装备

IRBM:Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile = 中程弹道导弹

IRST:Infra-Red Search and Track = 红外搜索跟踪

JDAM:Joint Direct Attack Munitions = 联合直接攻击弹药

JHMCS:Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System = 联合头盔指引系统

JSF:Joint Strike Fighter = 联合打击战斗机

J-STAR:Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar system = 联合侦察和目标打击系统

JTIDS:Joint Tactical Info Distribution System = 联合战术信息分发系统

K:Kerosene = 加油机

KIA:Kill in Action = 阵亡

LANTIRN:Low-Alt. Nav.& Targeting Infra-Red for Night = 低空导航与目标指示红外夜视仪

LAV:Light Armored Vehicle = 轻型装甲车辆

LCA:Light Combat Aircraft = 轻型战斗机

LELow Earth Orbit = 近地轨道

LD:Laser Designator = 激光导引

LGB:Laser Guided Bomb = 激光制导**

LORCAP:Long-Range Combat Air Patrol = 长距离战斗空中巡逻

LPT:Low Profile Turret = 低矮炮塔

LRBM:Long-Range Ballistic Missile = 远程弹道导弹

LRIP:Low Rate Initial Production = 低速试产

MBT:Main Battle Tank = 主战坦克

MC:Marine Corps = 海军陆战队

MCA:Medium Combat Aircraft = 中型战斗机

MCM:Mine Counter-Measures = 扫雷

MFD:Multi-Function Display = 多功能显示器

MFR:Multifunction Radar = 多用途雷达

MIL-STD:Milliraty Standard = 军事标准

MLU:Mid-Life Update = 中期延寿(战机)

MOPP:Mission-Oriented Protective Posture = 攻击中的防范状态

MOAB:Massive Ordnance Air Blast = 巨型空中**

MOAB:Mother Of All Bombs = **之母

MPRF:Medium Pulse Repetition Frequency = 中脉冲重复频率

MRLS:Multiple Rocket Launching System = 多管火箭发射系统

NAVSSI:Navigation Sensor System Interface = 导航传感器系统界面

NCTR:NonCooperative Target Recognition = 非己方目标识别

NBC:Nuclear Biological and Chemical = 核、生物、化学

OICW:Objective Individual Combat Weapon = 目标单兵战斗武器

OOB:Order Of Battle = 战斗序列

OPCW:Org. for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons = 禁止化学武器组织

OTH:Over the Horizon = 超视距

OWS:Overhead Weapon System = 遥控炮塔

P:Patrol = 巡逻机

PA:Phase Array = 相控阵

PAC:Patriot Advanced Capability = 改进型爱国者导弹

PGM:Precision-Guided Munitions = 精确制导**

PIM:Path of Intended Motion = 预定机动路线

PK:Probability of Kill = 杀伤率

PLGR:Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver = 精确轻型GPS接收器

R:Reconnaissance = 侦察机

RATRocket Assisted Take-Off = 火箭辅助起飞

RCS:Radar Cross Section = 雷达截面

RLG:Retractable Landing Gear = 回收式起落架

ROE:Rules of Engagement = 交战规则

ROV:Remote Operated Vehicle = 遥控车辆、飞机

RPG:Rocket Propelled Grenade = 火箭助推榴弹

RTB:Return To Base = 返回基地

RTReady to Take-Off = 起飞准备就绪

RWR:Radar Warning Receiver = 雷达告警器

SAM:Surface to Air Missile = 防空导弹

SAR:Search and Rescue = 搜索救援

SAR:Synthetic Aperture Radar = 合成孔径雷达

SATCOM:Satellite Communication = 卫星通信

SDV:Swimmer Delivery Vehicle = 潜水员输送载具

SEAD:Suppression of Enemy Air Defense = 压制敌方防空任务

SLBM:Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile = 潜射弹道导弹

SLGR:Small Lightweight GPS Receiver = 小型轻便GPS接收器

SOP:Standard Operation Procedure = 标准操作程序

SRBM:Short-Range Ballistic Missile = 近程弹道导弹

SSBN:Ballistic-missile Nuclear-powered Strategic Sub. = 战略导弹核潜艇

SSL:Solid State Lasers = 固态激光器

SSM:Surface-to-Surface Missile = 面对面导弹

SSN:Strike Submarine (Nuclear-powered) = 攻击型核潜艇

SSNDS:SSN Direct Support = 直接支援核潜艇

SSPK:Single-Shot Probability of Kill = 单发杀伤率

START:Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty = 战略武器削减条约

STK:Strike = 袭击

STN:Satellite Tracking Network = 卫星跟踪网

STOL:Short Take Off and Landing = 短距起降

STOP:Simultaneous Time on Top = 同时到达

SURTASS:SURface Towed Array Sonar System = 水面拖曳阵列声纳系统

TASM:Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missile = 战斧反舰导弹

TEL:Transporter/Erector/Launcher = 运输/起竖/发射车

THAAD:Theater High Altitude Area Defense = 战区高空区域防空

TLAM:Tomahawk Land Attack Missile = 战斧对地攻击导弹

TMA:Target Motion Analysis = 目标运动分析

TOW:Tube-launched Optic-tracked Wire-guided = 光学有线制导管内发射反坦克导弹(陶式导弹)

TVC:Thrust Vector Converter = 矢量推力

UAV:Unmanned Air Vehicle = 无人驾驶飞行器

UCAV:Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle = 无人驾驶战斗机

UFCP:Up Front Control Panel =(战机座舱)前部控制屏

UUV:Unmanned Underwater Vehicle = 无人水下航行器

VL:Verticle Landing = 垂直起降

VLS:Vertical Launch System = 垂直发射系统

VTOL:Vertical Take Off and Landing = 垂直起降

WECDIS:Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems = 海图显示和信息系统

WRM:War Reserve Materials = 战争物资储备

W/S:Weapon System = 武器系统

WYPT:Waypoint = 路径点


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