Oh my the Chinese will be a hard act to follow. What a shambles the British effort was, very embarrassing indeed. A double decker bus, beckham, an xfactor winner, a sweaty aging rock star, dancers with umbrellas throwng newspapers everywhere. I guess a good symbol of modern day Britain. I fear our efforts will always be second class to China. This might show new labour off for what they are and what they have done to our once great country


The dancing was a bit straggly in the " London " routine . After seeing all the cyclists taking part,the Chinese will think "Nobody can afford cars in London "


The British "teaser" was ok, but we were disappointed to see the performer in the wheelchair was not in fact disabled but was leaping around later in the dance.

英国人还不赖,不过当我们发现那位坐轮椅的表演者根本不是残疾的时候--他在稍后的舞蹈中到处蹦达来着 --- 好失望呀么好失望。

Did anyone else this the 'London 8 minutes' presentation was - dare I say it - rubbish!? Leona sang her heart out on top of a ladder, on top of a bus whilst 20 contemporary dancers did their stuff way below. It was just so low key relative to what had gone on before it.


But oh, our offering at the closing ceremony was embarrassing.A red bus,a pop singer, an ageing rocker and an overpaid ball kicker was awful. Where was our great Island heritage portrayed in all this flummery?

哦,我们在闭幕式上的表现真丢脸。一辆红吧是,一个流行歌手,一个摇滚老头,还有个我们付了太多薪水给他的踢球的家伙 -- 这一切都太糟糕了。在这堆乱七八糟的糟粕里头,我们这个伟大岛屿的传承却无处可见。

Organisers - please do better for us in 2012.

组织者 -- 行行好,好好干~在2012年给我们挣点脸

I've just watched the Olympic closing ceremony, and as I feared, Britain's contribution was embarassing and totally pathetic - I just hope they manage to do better in 2012. It will obviously be impossible to rival the spectacular pageant that Beijing provided, but I thought the dancing (if you can call that dancing) and the Leona Lewis/Jimmy Page effort was just pitiful. Hopefully, we can ditch all this government inspired 'Cool Britannia' garbage and present something a bit more slick and professional.



I agree that Adrian Childs was poor: he seemed to think that he was on the One Show.

The London Bus routine was pretty much rubbish ... the music was poor and everything smacked of pop culture. Period.

The Games themselves were superbly run. The BBC was teetering on the brink of overblown nationalism, however.


我也觉得Adrian Childs很可怜,他看上去以为自己是在个人秀。。



I live in Germany and, like the person from Singapore, will be ashamed to meet my friends tomorrow


Jimmy Page and David Beckham have been massive icons of British popular culture. I'm not especially a fan of either, but they perfectly suited to the ceremony.

Not bothered either way about Leona whatshername, but the chief embarrassment, reducing us instantly to laughing stock of the world and diminishing at a stroke the achievements of our athletes, was the presence of Boris Bloody Johnson!!! This man symbolizes everything wrong with Britain - a deeply untalented buffoon, with a thoroughly sinister interior. Get him off the stage once and for all.


Jimmy Page和贝壳都是英国流行文化的重大标志。我并不是他们的粉丝,但他们很适合这个演出。

那个叫Leona啥啥的演出我也不觉得糟(就是那个独唱的mm),但是最大的丢人之处,直接把我们埋汰成全世界的笑料并且抹杀了我们的运动员取得的成绩的,就是那个虾米Boris Johnson的出现!这家伙象征着英国所有糟糕的东西——一个完全没有天赋的小丑,内心丑恶(?——8知道这个是谁,知道的筒子解释一下吧)。把他永远逐出舞台吧!

When I heard about the plans for the London presentation, including the "arrangement" of the national anthem and the rehashed 70s rock music, I thought "it can't possibly be as bad as I'm imagining it". Well, it wasn't. It was a thousand, toe-curlingly hideous times worse. Against the dignity, seriousness and power of the Chinese displays, it was so far beyond embarrassing, my brain has already almost forgotten it, in a desperate paroxysm of self-defence.



omg, I hope our eight minutes during the closing ceremony is not a foretaste of the tackiness to come in four years time. "

It felt a lot longer than eight minutes..... Every cringe and every gasp of horror made it feel like a lifetime!

If that is all we have to offer, lets hope the rest of the world has popped out down the pub when we take centre stage.

Our athletes deserve much better than this, they did us proud in Beijing (lets not forget the Paralympics too) and will continue to do so.





Mind you, from the wretched logo to the vacuous miming chick to David Bloody Beckham, it was all a perfect reflection of London and England as they now are: cheap, tatty, shallow, and above all laughing enormously at their own jokes while the rest of the world looks on with contempt. Perfect.

Now, 2012... where can I go to avoid it all? Please can I move to China?


47. At 3:36pm on 24 Aug 2008, alanwallace1969 wrote:

I have been glued to the Olympics constantly and very proud of Team GB but my god what on earth was that 8 minute section in the closing ceremony.

The chinese put on a fantastic show and we have basically a red bus and a sparkler.

Who ever put this together should be sacked before we are embarressed anymore.

By the way BBC should be given a gold medal for the coverage, first class.






A beautifully organised Games all around, then Boris appears, jacket undone, looking like a drunk who gatecrashed the party, what an embarrassment






I have a Grandson living and working in Beijing and I only hope he stays under cover until the humilation dies down a little. It certainly will never go away.

In 8 mins we have become the laughing stock of the world.



Funny how the Beijing Olympics had absolutely nothing to do with Beijing. They were all about China. But the London Olympics are apparently all about London.



Is anyone else finding this all a bit shabby after the chinese dancing etc



Why don't my buses look like that?





1.他們(中國)很明顯地將精彩的體育這個詞展現得很成功. 中國人十分清楚地知道如何去做這種事, 不像劉易斯李昂娜, 其麼吉米, 踢球的碧咸等人演示的這種這麼令人羞恥的, 慚愧的, 勁爛的2012年的倫敦預演. Boris Johnson(倫敦市長)在紅地氈上的瞎扯提醒了我有關比利的頂撞,而得到了六個最好的短打(棒球).

2.北京的奧林匹克自始至終都是精彩的, 除了那可憐的十分令人困窘的倫敦"裝飾". 全世界的人會怎麼想? 那個當事人(英國的)應該被立即開除. 如果他們連十分鐘的展演都做不好的話, 預示倫敦的奧林匹克也會弄不好.

3.NND NND NND...Boris(倫敦市長)看起來很肥...NND...必須要批評了...倫敦的2012年要變成可怕的怨聲載道了...唉...可憐的倫敦不是巴黎...因此會更加棘手...花冤枉錢...但是我們正在設法把它弄得很便宜...NND NND...中國人會想我們這裡在下雨...唉 唉...看看這裡有多少傢伙在報怨著! 你們TMD怎麼回事!

The Chinese did it again the closing was amazing. First class and out of this world. The one negative was the London Show what in the heck was that. In Athens when the Chinese did there welccome to show it was amazing and you knew you where going to get something special in Beijing. I hope that London does better than what they showed to-day.



BCHimself, in fact, all Chinese(not only the Chinese in china but the Chinese all over the world, including Chinese Canadian) know and most of them are happy to watch this game, it's finally over now, and you did not and will not watch such a game in a long time.


4.中國和北京表現得太NB了,展現於各個方面. 而且, 謝謝你---BBC電台的全面報導. 可憐的你(BBC)可惜不能刪剪碧咸的出現--- 否則是一個完美的十分鐘(預演)

5.我承認我不太知道Boris Johnson(倫敦市長)的事, 但是他看起來就像一個無家可歸的流浪漢, 他一點都不尊重那些可憐的觀眾. 我認為這個節目因為有成千上萬人在觀看, 他該先去諮詢下怎麼穿衣,才不會令他在露面時,讓人覺得他看上去象個蠢貨白癡!

Couldn't CBC find a more professional article then this article Jesse Campigotto? The Chinese deserved a better tribute then this. This Olympics was absolutely fantastic and the Chinese really showed what true National Pride is. CBC shows no respect at all to the millions of people involved in with this Olympics. This pathetic article is written as if it was done by a high school backpacker.

Great Olympics (understatement) I think that London will have a hard time to live up to the new standard (by the way Jesse C- the female singer was Leona Lewis...).

Good luck to Vancouver and lets hope we have another reason to be proud of the Maple Leaf (bring back the ROOTS uniforms).

CBC就不能找一个比Jesse Campigotto专业点的文章吗???中国人值得比这更多哟的尊重。这届奥运会绝对滴了不起,而且中国人也确实显示出了什么是真正的民族自豪感!!CBC对这次奥运会的上百万的中国人毫无尊重,这种白痴文章就像一个高中生背包族写的(游记)。

(保守滴说),真是一届伟大的奥运会。我想伦敦想要提高一点水平将会是很难滴(以那个女歌手Leona Lewis的方式?)


"Beijing doesn't do downsized."

Only useful sentence in that entire story.

Anyway, was a fantastic closing to a great Olympics. As much as I hate to see it over, there is one good thing about it being finished now: with eyes off Beijing, all the negativity and idiotic comments can finally cease. God knows they tried to dampen the spirit and joy, but you failed in my books.

Thank you Beijing and China. Thank you Canada. Thank you to all of the other countries and their athletes. Thank you to all who participated in the 2008 Olympics to make it so memorable。






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