comment by stattotheblade (U7075064)

posted Yesterday

absolutely wonderful opening ceremony, i know i can only remember 3, but todays ceremony beats the other two by miles. The organization and timing was wonderful, the sheer scale exciting and the torch lighting astounding. After the (people may not like this) bore of Athens' ceremony, i was amazed and pleased to see such a spectacle. London, you now know what we've got to achieve, good luck

绝对美妙的开幕式,我只记得3个开幕式,但是这一个把其他两个甩开老远了。规模和点火炬令人惊叹。后面的运动员入场有点闷。能看到这样的奇观我非常惊叹和高兴。 伦敦,你现在知道该怎么做了吧?祝你好运!。

comment by hkbloke (U11302795)

posted Yesterday

london is stuffed.

no money and no original thought.

it's all going to end in tears.




comment by deyowthree (U12922406)

posted Yesterday

Beautiful.. just that.. nothing else.. beautiful.. China did it very well indeed.. the best Opening Ceremony ever to happen on an Olympic...

Well its understandable.. China is the richest country in terms of foreign reserves on planet earth..

They have 1,5 Trillion USDollars in reserves...

Spending 50 billion on an olympic barely makes a dent on China's huge and fat savings piggy bank..

Congrats To China..





comment by sheffieldspike (U12920910)

posted Yesterday

What a amazing show Beijing has given us. It was simply breathtaking, beautifully choreographed and lavish visual display of fireworks, chinese history and culture.

Hope London can match it in 2012




Amazing ceremony. Shame about the presenters ruining it by talking through half of it.

How is London going to top that?




Is this ceromony actually on untill 4 45?

ridiculous if it is



comment by kingFreddieHarris (U7381623)

posted 15 Hours Ago

Breathtaking, easily the best OC ever!



comment by Dark1 (U3585317)

posted 14 Hours Ago

Will London 2012 look anything like this? Will culture will displayed?



comment by Chacor (U9441188)

posted 14 Hours Ago

You mean London has culture?



comment by tru5tworthy (U2073914)

posted 14 Hours Ago

We are watching from Australia, it's actually being shown here in Full Hi-Def, but alas no plasma to watch it on. But even on the old-skool TV it's absolutely amazing!

我们在澳洲收看的,虽然是高清媒体,但是没有plasma(等离子电视?), 但是即使是看老式电视机仍然令人赞叹!

comment by rickyk10 (U8531822)

posted 14 Hours Ago

Has the opening ceremony began yet?

I can't work out what's happening through all the smog

(这位有点迷茫)开始了吗? 这么多烟雾我都蒙了


comment by TopTorres (U9598927)

posted 14 Hours Ago

I think 2012 may be very embarassing for London when you compare it to this spectacular show!



comment by Steveo77 (U9884310)

posted 14 Hours Ago

anyone who thinks the Olympics are boring really ought to be watching this!!




comment by MIXtheZyder (U11244581)

posted 14 Hours Ago

I've just been watching it, & yes it is a great celebration of China & Chinese culture, & rightly so. So what happens when the games come to London in 4 years time. You can bet your life, that it will be a celebration of multi culture, & World harmony, with not 1 union flag in sight, let alone, Rule Britania,God save the Queen, or land of hope & glory!!..........

我正在看,的确这是一场中国和中国文化的盛会。 4年后在伦敦,你能确信我们会有一场多元文化、世界和谐的盛会,没有拉帮结派 bla bla bla


comment by Dark1 (U3585317)

posted 14 Hours Ago

You mean London has culture?



Dunno. I was asking what London had to offer apart from fish and chips.



comment by SixerMixer (U9667579)

posted 14 Hours Ago

Why have the kids come with backpacks? Cant their schools give them a day off??... atleast for the Olympics?



comment by supersubag (U7126766)

posted 14 Hours Ago

We'll make this look like a children's party in 4 years time - we're GREAT Britain - you don't hear anyone calling it "Great China" - although they do have that Great Wall...

4年后的我们或搞成一场小p孩儿狂欢 —— 我们是“大”不列颠,—— 没人把中国叫成“大”中国,即使他们有伟大的长城。


comment by Chacor (U9441188)

posted 14 Hours Ago

I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty freaked out by smiley fireworks...



comment by Sasuke_nffc (U3372540)

posted 14 Hours Ago

Mike sent a text asking how we would compete with the chinese in 4 years time.

I don't think we have it in us. The Chinese seem extremely proud of this event and have pulled out all the stops.

All we'll do is waste money and employ unsuitable people to sort the ceremony out.

Anyway, have we got anything worth telling the world about? As far as I can see at the moment, all that happens in Britain is that kids kill each other.

It's a sorry state of affairs that I hope changes before 2012.

Well done China.....this is absolutely spectacularly beautiful...




我们能像世界呈现什么呢?目前我只看到孩子们在互相残杀 (好像是指现在英国青少年暴力问题比较严重)



comment by Chacor (U9441188)

posted 14 Hours Ago

Don't they normally go Greece - Afghanistan? Why are they continuing on alphabetically from Greece?

难道希腊之后不应该是阿富汗吗? 为啥他们从希腊开始按字母顺序入场? (附,希腊greece, 几内亚Guinea, 哈哈,这位老兄以为是从G开始,H, I ,J,K......)


comment by Dark1 (U3585317)

posted 14 Hours Ago


That's some British culture for you.

风笛! 英国元素!(英国人很兴奋吧?)


comment by Martin Squirtle (U10746386)

posted 14 Hours Ago

Wow that was mint. No wonder it took so long to prepare. What an opening ceremony.



comment by Reddevil1288 (U8682524)

posted 14 Hours Ago

Those bagpipe players must be chuffing hot in all that fur. They must have higher endurances levels than 99% of the athletes theyre playing entrance music for.




comment by xlancer (U12922539)

posted Yesterday

great opening and the chinese people have every right to feel proud but i think that athens, barcelona and moscow were the top 3 opening ceremonies ever.Dont think that todays show was in any way so original as those 3! still best wishes for a great olympiad!

非常棒的开幕式,中国人绝对有权自豪!不过我还是觉得雅典、巴塞罗那和莫斯科这三个开幕式最好,这次的不如那三届自然(??) 还是祝北京奥运好运!

comment by lazy_olympian (U12922570)

posted Yesterday

That was an amazing ceromony! truly thoughtful but the commentators were so dire! Huw kept on spoiling the surprise, Hazel talked without really saying anything and as for the other one-the cheap political and historical shots were unfair-not least because many conutries dont exactly have a picture perfect human rights record (ahem!)

As for 2012-I really hope they can top it-but I have a suspician they will dress up retired newsreaders in big ben costumes!

这是一场令人惊叹的开幕式!我真的这么想,但是解说员太烂了(BBC的解说员)。 Huw一直在扫兴,Hazel一直在放屁,至于另一个 —— SB一个,他的政治攻击很不公平——没有哪个国家真的有详细的人权记录报告!

至于2012 —— 非常希望他们能超越—— 但是我恐怕,他们会把退休的新闻播音员盛装打扮成大笨钟!

也来转个英国论坛的评论,很搞的 ~~

So the Olympics start soon, followed afterwards by the Paralympics. The phrases "didn't they all do well" and "it's not the winning, but the taking part that matters" will be used many, many times during the Paralympics. I mean, who seriously watches it? I would watch it if they added a few events, such as midget boxing, blind javelin and wheelchair high dive




I would watch the blind javelin if you were one of the field judges


I feel like a child at Christmas at the moment! I'm so excited!...


One thing guaranteed is a fantastic fireworks display ......they invented them after all


Wow! Huw Edwards is making me laugh a little with his commentary though. Hee. How are we going to beat this? Chas & Dave and lots of urchin children dressed in rags singing songs from Oliver followed by Pearly Kings & Queens?


哇!Huw Edwards(BBC记者)的评论让我觉得有些搞笑啊。嘿。我们以后怎么才能胜过他们啊?找来Chas&Dave(英国音乐团体),还有一帮小孩子穿着破布做的衣服,唱着雾都孤儿时代的歌曲?后面还跟着Pearly Kings & Queens(伦敦传统的游行中的国王和王后)

comment by & Anderson said make it a double! (U12903968)

posted Yesterday

I thought the opening ceremony was pretty awful to be honest.

No doubt in 4 years time lots of top hats, cups of tea and crumpets will be involved.


不用说,4年后我们会呈现很多礼帽,茶,松饼..... (英国特色的东西)



comment by SilasWegg (U8198073)

posted Yesterday

Fantastic ceremony both in design and execution. Perhaps London should think the unthinkable for our go in 2012. Make our opening ceremony a world event, not a national one. Include the big movements and ideas from across the world and across all cultures. Resist the temptation to focus on our own national identity and history (not that there is anything wrong with it)Surpise the world

梦幻的开幕式,设计和执行都非常好。 也许伦敦2012应该想一些想不到的点子(如果“想不到”那该怎么去想??~~~), 让我们的开幕式成为世界的盛典而不是单一民族的。 展示多元文化的理念而不仅仅是民族特有的(我不是说这样不对),给世界一个惊喜!


comment by Brundle Fly (U1720058)

posted Yesterday

after seeing that london might as well stop planning and give up now. i heard they are planning on having david beckham come in on a london bus.NICE!


Goose stepping Imperial Guards is not really in the Olympic spirit


If the Chinese athletes have put as much effort into their preparations as the organisers have for the opening ceremony then they're going to clean up on the medals.

Still, as long as the yanks don't win everything I don't mind



are they actually painting that?


I can't wait to see what we do in four years, fall back on the Red Arrows and the brass bands I guess...



we could have that girl and her dog Gin

我们可以让那个女孩子和她那只叫金的狗上场(这个是说英国选秀节目Britain Got Talent中的选手Kate还有她的狗)

and probably Sarah bleedin Brightman again. At least we'll be able to guarantee rain


London might be better off admitting now that they can't beat this - and deliberately do something more low key and cheaper.


They'll probably have one of the birds from Hollyoaks on:

"Erm, this Olympic.....thingy......its erm, open. Buy my new music single, out on Monday."

You just know its gonna be celebrity overload.




LMAO...The 2012 Big Brother winner will probably light the tourch as well

笑翻了。。。2012Big Brother(英国电视节目)的赢家也将有机会点燃火炬

There is no way we can achieve anything like this. How many people in London would be prepared to give up their free time for

nothing for over a year?


Get a load of Poles in to do it for half the cost.........


The stadium probably won't be ready a year before the start let alone them start rehearsing then


Let the Poles finish the stadium and then get the Chinese to do the opening ceremony. We can haggle over the price


I have no idea how London will get close to topping today's ceremony. It's absolutely fantastic.


And the call centre for tickets will be based.....in India.

<Indian Accent>Hi, my name is Susan. How can I help you with your enquiry for Olympic tickets today, sir?</Indian Accent>



True enough. And the opening ceremony will probably include obese people from around the British Isles . . . disguised as Teletubbies


A parade of teenage mothers with prams and an 'ASBO' group with ankle tags


Wait, we get the 30th games too? oooh, pressure


I can imagine our crowd booing each team that comes out and keep chanting 'Engurland'


oh god

we so will won't we!

its going to be a disaster in 2012