The increasingly strong tides of anti-Carrefour movement spread on the internet. I was not very concerned over this because I did not take it as a wise action since it hurts Chinese employees and suppliers more than the French shareholders. I did not realize its significance until I found out that one of my friend, who I thought was too nice to lose temper in any situation, radically expresses his support for the anti-Carrefour movement. Patriotism for China and fury against France and foreign media swells among words, between the lines. In such a time, I feel I become an outsider because of my presence in France.


However, what’s wrong with Carrefour? We put aside the rumor that its shareholders sponsored Dalai since to prove it is really beyond my capacity.


What I know is that, according to my routine, I go to Carrefour once a week to stuff my backpack and my huge handbag with food for next week. They are so heavy that I have to stop several times on my way from the bus stop to my apartment. I believe many Chinese students in France are doing the same thing as I am doing for stuff in Carrefour is in most cases cheaper. My busy schedule makes me reluctant to think over what I lack for cooking my dinner. And I need to carry every kilo I buy by hand since I cannot afford a car. Therefore, my shopping experience in Carrefour is not that pleasant, but a necessity.


So if we ban Carrefour now, it gonna take me a long time to adjust my life. Chinese consumers wouldn’t be bothered as much as I do as a student without any income. However, it would be those suppliers who hurt the most instead of those top French owners who would by no means be distressed by it. What they would lose is no more than a thought of another Ferrari or a new swimming pool.


Anyway, I am pro-anti-Carrefour.China movement as long as it does not affect my life in France fundamentally. It sounds selfish and shallow, I know, but those “activists” would not be harmed more than to drive a few blocks more to get a Wal-Mart or Lotus where prices are not a bid difference.


Another reason why I am in it is that I found that many cases happened last year where Carrefour security staff beat its customers unreasonably. They are irritating. I do not get the point why working for a multi-national corporate makes them feel so privileged. I don’t think it’s only the problem of the security staff but also that of the management. Those managers enjoy such a good pay that they feel far more than good. Then ignorance grows upon arrogance. Actually, how much should we as Chinese be proud of Carrefour’s success in China? Its effectiveness in managing it supply chain and adding values in the value chain enables it to offer its consumers a lower price so that it remains competitive above many Chinese national retailers. To which extent can we make Chinese wisdom account for its success? Those notorious cases pose big question marks.


From this aspect, I think a ban on Carrefour can be a timely warning for those managers, especially when we considering its lousy disappointing reactions to the anti-Carrefour act. As a transnational company, it should have behaved more actively and effectively instead of “being arrogant” as to be blamed throughout the internet. I think it’s dumb and slow, ineffective and indifferent because it should better care much more about its image in such a sensitive time.


Thus, it’s quite enough to be a reason to boycott Carrefour as the Chinese saying goes: “show it some colors”. Hope the managers can examine its attitude, attitude and business culture retrospectively.

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