Be a rational patriot!

The whole world is very chaotic recently. . . .

Under the impelling arouse of" Network Nationalism" ,More and more people across the country join in the ranks of resisting Western Tibet Independence Force. Chinese throughout the world become crazy. Obviously, with the globalization of the world economy, anything that happening in the world every day may directly or indirectly affect our lives. Receiving "Boycott of Carrefour" messages overnight, I found we all become patriotic, that’s great! But I also have to say that patriotism should be rational.

Father’s debt must be paid by son?

Carrefour is the son of LVMH, there is sufficient evidence to show that a huge sums of money has been used to sponsor Dalai clique by LVMH sponsorship. Consequently we vent our anger with his son Carrefour. How ever, Carrefour announced injustice. My view is that as a form of symbolic protest and an opportunity of punishment as well, just one day boycott of Carrefour would be sufficient.

Set aside the Olympic Torch incident, why should Carrefour be punished? Because of the heinous crime that Carrefour in China as perpetrators have made in those years. Their major conspicuous crimes are as follows :

First of all, from entering China in 1997, Carrefour has been opening their shops continuously in violation of the laws of China.

In addition, Using its second profits in France to offset the losses in China in order to support its normal operation under the non-profit circumstance and undermine China's supermarkets operating environment.

Carrefour is precedent in China to charge high sponsorship fee for third supermarket suppliers. Even France's National Day also ask for China's suppliers to pay in tribute , leading tremendous pressure to them. The entry of foreign supermarkets also forced the Non-overseas support China's local retail supermarkets to compete emulating Carrefour to charge high fees for suppliers as the main source of income.

This good opportunity for a lesson to Carrefour can normalize its behavior in Chinese market. Therefore, on May 1 will be the day of no shopping, and after May 1 should be normal for shopping. Resistance should be reasonable, beneficial, and moderate. Resisting Carrefour is only a symbolic signal, its symbolic significance should be greater than the consequences of resistance itself. Carrefour will not collapse without shopping for a month, but the staff of Carrefour in China may face the risk of starvation. After all, Carrefour is nothing but a punching bag, we should find the source of the conflicts.

For LV, the direct sponsorship of Dalai clique, should deserve even more fierce resistance. LV is very high-handed in China. All the decorating costs and rents are committed by shopping malls but share only a little profits, where huge money flows to the Dalai Lama. I suggest most Chinese girls do not buy real LV. If your have sufficient money ,you can buy GUCCI instead. Or you can buy fake LV. For one thing ,you may support false domestic factory and help them built up their own independent brand of product. For the other thing, everyone will invariably believe that LV speaks the word “fake”.

Who is our real enemy?

The Americans will laugh at us stealthily .In fact, the real culprit that secretly planed a series of activities of the Tibet Independence is the United States, but he complimented China on the surface, took opportunity to transfer contradictions to French, and the "warm" French people swallow the bait, leading China and France the intensification of civil conflicts and worsening economic cooperation environment. The United States is not a low profile, but very calm, they have already took actions quietly: depreciation of the dollar, high oil prices to drag China's feet in economy, rising up China's financial bubble. Therefore, all activities should be the fundamental point of economy.

China still needs more democracy, the most basic of democracy is that everyone has the freedom to express their views, we need to use the same kind of democracy within the thinking of inclusiveness to treat Westerners. They have the freedom to curse, then let them criticize. The promotion of economic development is the only key to build a democratic society!

The Olympic Torch being compelled to extinguish should not be equivalent that the French people are all culprit. What is France's role in this incident? I think it is both "the bystander among participants and the participant among bystanders". In more extent ,France is the role of the conniving and supporting rather than leading. Reflections on another simple question: Suppose you fight with a person, but he asked for a helper. The question is whom should you fight then? The original person or the helper ?

The essence of patriot is to do their duty

We have processions and condemned through network ,CNN web site has also been attacked. Now it’s time we restore rational! What is truly patriotic? It is supposed to be a good way for Patriotic students to participate in online voice. However ,if this develops to the extreme forms, nationalism will be nothing but a kind of venting under patriotic the banner. What are our athletes doing? Training! Using real actions to win the respect of the world! How about us? Comprehensive Olympic Games belongs to all of us, that is, study and work hard to success in respective fields of our own.

Finally speaking, as a Chinese, you may not love the Communist Party of China, but you must be patriotic! Also be rational patriotism!


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