Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I really just have to write this.


Wow. Just wow. While I have physics and a paper to write, I really need to get this out.

哦, 现在,当我还有精力和纸来写的时候,我真的需要把所有东西写出来

Grace Wang. She's really something.


She's quite useful to the media. Both sides are having a field day. The chinese TV are branding her as this terrible traitor while western media is holding her up as the lone voice of reason. They both are neglecting the truth, what Grace really is, beyond the 9 minute Youtube video and glorious interviews.


When I first met her at a dinner, she immediately spilled her life story. I thought, maybe she was being a slightly socially incompetent fob and trying to make friends. I listened. What a good story it was.


She told of how she was involved in a political group with some top lawyers in China. They were trying to get the truth out of the Tiananmen square incident. They wrote articles and blogs together on the subject. Then one day, one of her friends involved in the group disappeared. They called her, went to her house, tried everything, but she was no where to be found. Then Grace and her parents start freaking out. Grace's dad, at the time the ex mayor of Qingdao, afraid of Grace facing a similar fate, went to her files in the city government and threw them out. She got a new name, and quickly moved to South Korea. At the time, Grace told us that she already dropped out of her high school in Qingdao because she was unsatisfied by the best high school in Shandong province. She moved to Korea, and there she learned English by watching American films. While she was there, she also slept around with a lot of guys. Then she applied to Harvard and got rejected. The next year, she applies again, to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Duke. She gets accepted to all but Harvard. She chose to come to Duke because she got the Robertson. She then turns down the Robertson because she didn't want the restrictions set by the program.

她告诉我她是如何参与一个由中国顶级律师组成的政治团体的。他们想将TAM(天.安.门)事件的真相披露出来。还就那个问题写文章和博客。然后有一天,她的一个朋友,那个政治团体中的一员消失了。其他人打电话给她,后来去了她房子找,所有的方法都试了,但还是找不到她。然后王和她的父母吓坏了。王的老爸,那时是青岛的前市长,怕王也面临同样的命运,去政府部门找到王的材料把之销毁。然后王用了新的名字,然后很快搬到韩国。当时,王告诉我们她已经辍学,因为对山东最好的高中感到不屑。她搬到韩国,在那里通过看美国电影学英语。在韩国她还睡了不少男人。然后她申请哈佛被拒。第二年她重新申请了哈佛、普林斯顿,耶鲁和杜克大学。除了哈佛外其他的学校都同意录取她。因为她搞定了Robertson,所以她选择了杜克大学。 后来她一脚把Robertson踢开,因为她不想被项目束缚住。

After the story finished, we were all pretty amazed. We were all thinking that this seemingly innocent Chinese student is destined for greatness. After we come back to my room, she proceeds to tell one of us about the guy in the dorm she had sex with. I was quite shocked by this. She seemed so innocent, and we had only been at Duke for less than 5 days. She says the guy was a virgin and now he wants a relationship. We go to the common room, she points him out, and he was playing pool at the other side of the room, totally not paying attention to her.

Later on, Grace begins telling us many stories about herself. All she ever talks about is herself.

As the stories piled on, they became inconsistent, and sometimes directly contradicting. People begin question her trustworthiness. Eventually, after months of lies and irrationality, people begin disliking her. For such a trusting and kind dorm like Brown to dislike someone, you really have to be special. And Grace is that special. Now we know she is a liar. She didn't go to Korea or even participate in anything political. She even told people that she wrote her own recommendations for college applications. She made up stories to make herself seem impressive for colleges, and now, the western media.

这个故事讲完后,我们都非常吃惊。我们都认为这个看起来很单纯的中国姑娘前途不可限量。回到我房间后,她又接着告诉我们她和一个宿舍男生做爱的事。我可真是够吃惊的。她看起来显得很单纯,我们刚到杜克的日子也就不到5天。她说那个和她作爱的家伙还是处男,现在居然对她动了真感情了。 我们去公共休息室的时候,她还把他指出来给我看,那个家伙正在房子那头打台球,根本没有理睬到她。



She's overloading by taking around 6 courses. 2-3 of those are foreign language courses. She was angry that the academic dean wouldn't let her do more. Funny thing is, she's definitely not doing well in any of them. I've heard her practice her German, and it is atrocious.

她课程压力很大,选了6门课,2~3门是外语。教导主任不让她选更多的课程让王很不爽。 有趣的是,她选的每门课都学的不是很好。我曾经听过她练习德语,真是难以入耳。

She also reads like a maniac. I don't really know what she reads, but it's Chinese literature/philosophy and political theory. She prints hundreds of pages a night to read, parades around with her stack of papers, telling anyone who would listen, trying to impress another person of her political acumen.

She shaved off her eyebrows the other day. Because 1: all her boy problems will go away, and 2: pretty girls never make history.


She also makes up stories about how people ask to have sex with her or perform sexual acts with her.

Is it me, or is she someone trying to convince herself that she's destined for greatness?



It would really take a really long time to really describe all my Grace stories and I don't have time for it. But all I can say is, she has been lifted up by western media as a martyr in this battle for Tibet. And she's drinking in every moment of it, because finally, she is being seen as a hero.

What a silly, irrational girl.



Oh how could I forget to mention, she wants to be president of China.