For one Chinese Duke student, Wednesday's pro-Tibet and pro-China protests did not end when the participants went home.

Since her appearance in front of the Chapel, the student, who requested anonymity because she fears retaliation, has found herself the target of a wave of threatening messages from individuals who believe she advocated for Tibetan independence.

After the protests, the student's personal information, including her name, phone number and Chinese identity number were posted to the Duke Chinese Scholars and Students Association Web site, according to documents obtained by The Chronicle. Photographs and a video of the student from the rally have also been posted on several popular Chinese-language forums.

"I received all kinds of weird e-mails and phone calls," she said. "I think it is all thanks to the DCSSA, who released all kinds of information."

DCSSA President Zhizhong Li, a third-year graduate student in molecular cancer biology, denied DCSSA involvement in publicizing the student's information but acknowledged that messages containing the information had been sent over the group's open e-mail listserv. The messages have since been deleted to protect the student, he said.

"I do not think they are from our organization," Li said. "We definitely don't support [the threats]."

The student said she has received some messages calling for her to be burned alive with oil.

She said she filed a report with the Duke University Police Department Friday.

"I think this is not the time to die for my country," the student said. "I love my life."

DUPD has increased patrols around the student's dormitory and has offered her personal protection, which she declined, said DUPD Maj. Gloria Graham.

"She did report to us that there were some general threats made to her, or things she perceived to be threats," Graham said. "We take harassing phone call and e-mail cases all the time. I think we are all a little bit more alarmed about this case."

Though the student said she realized the dangers of participating in the rally, she said she felt strongly about being involved.

"I think this is one of the turning points of Chinese history, and I want to be part of it," she said, emphasizing that she does not support Tibetan independence.

he student said there have also been consequences for her actions in China.

"I know that I am on the Chinese government blacklist because of this," she said, explaining that she had been informed of this by sources she declined to name. "It just means I can never go back to China if I care about my security. If I go back I might end up in jail forever."

But Li dismissed the student's concerns about not being allowed back into China.

"People talk about that all the time and no matter," he said.

The student's parents have also been targeted. Their contact information was posted on several popular Chinese-language Internet forums. Some Internet sources said their home was attacked, though the student said she has been unable to confirm this with her parents, who declined to discuss the issue when she contacted them via e-mail.

At Duke, the leaders of several student organizations-including College Republicans, the Duke Conservative Union, Duke Democrats, Students for Academic Freedom, Duke Human Rights Coalition, Duke Students for an Ethical Duke and the Duke-Israel Public Affairs Committee-have come together to condemn the threats against the Chinese student, according to a statement. They have blamed the threats on DCSSA and called for an investigation of the group and a revocation of its student group status.

"[DCSSA] on their official Web site put up her... information for no other reason than to make sure that there would be retributive action in China," said junior Daniel Cordero, vice president of College Republicans and organizer of the coalition to condemn intimidation tactics.

Li said he would like to discuss the issue with the organizations calling to disband DCSSA and said he hoped the threats toward the student would stop.



1中文杜克学生,周三的亲XZ和亲中国的抗议并没有结束时,与会者们回家。 自从她出现在面前的小教堂,学生,一名要求匿名的,因为她担心报复,找到了自己的目标,浪潮的威胁讯息,从个人的人认为,她主张xzdl。 之后,抗议活动,学生的个人资料,包括她的姓名,电话号码和中文的身份号码被张贴到杜克大学的中国学者和学生协会的网站上,根据获得的文件纪事。照片和录像,学生从集会也被张贴在几个受欢迎的中文论坛。 "我收到的各种怪异的电子邮件和电话, "她说。 "我认为这是一切多亏了dcssa ,他们释放了所有种类的信息" 。 dcssa总统执中,李三年级研究生,在肿瘤分子生物学,否认dcssa参与,在宣传该学生的信息,但她承认包含的资料已送往超过该集团的公开电邮群发功能。该信息已被删除,以保障学生时,他说。 "我不认为他们是从我们的组织, "李说。 "我们绝对不支持[威胁] " 。 学生说,她已收到一些讯息,呼吁将她被活活烧死与石油。 她说,她提交了一份报告,与杜克大学警察署周五。

"我认为这是不会有时间死亡,为我的国家, "学生说。 "我爱我的生命" 。 dupd增加了巡逻,附近学生宿舍,并提供了她的人身保护,她拒绝说, dupd少校格洛丽亚格雷厄姆。 "她向我们报告说,有一些一般性的威胁她,或东西,她感觉被威胁, "格雷厄姆说。 "我们采取骚扰性的电话和电子邮件,所有案件的时候,我觉得我们都是一点点震惊地知道这件事" 。虽然学生说,她意识到了危险,参加集会上表示,她感到她强烈地被卷入。 "我认为这是一个转折点,对中国历史,我想成为它的一部分, "她说,并强调,她不支持西藏独立。 学生说,也有一些后果,她的行动在中国。 "我知道,我对ZGGM的黑名单,正因为如此,她说: " ,并解释说,她已被告知这个源但她拒绝透露姓名。 "这只是手段,我可以永远也不会再回到中国,如果我关心我的安全,如果我回去我可能最终在监狱中,永远" 。 但李开除学生的关注,没有被允许返回中国。 "人们都说,所有的时间和不管, "他说。 学生家长也成为袭击的对象。他们的联系方式是张贴于几个热门中文互联网中文论坛。因特网上的一些消息称,他们的家遭到袭击,虽然学生说,她一直无法证实这一点与她的父母,拒绝讨论这一问题时,她接触到他们通过电子邮件。 在杜克大学,领导人的几个学生组织-包括共和党人学院,杜克保守派联盟,杜克同盟,为学生的学术自由,杜克人权联盟,杜克学生的道德公爵和公爵-以色列公共事务委员会-走到一起谴责威胁,对中国留学生,据一份声明中表示。他们指责威胁dcssa ,并呼吁成立一个调查小组和撤销其学生组的地位。 " [ dcssa ]其官方网站上张贴她...信息别无其他理由比作肯定会有报复性的行动,在中国,说: "少年丹尼尔Cordero ) ,副总统高校共和党人和组织者联盟谴责恐吓战术。 李说,他想讨论的问题,与各组织呼吁解散dcssa并说,他希望威胁,对学生将停止。