Hello, I'm a Westerner too. Writing from Spain. I'm a fan of China, I love your beautiful country so much. I study Chinese and I'd like to live in China for some years. I comdemn these Tibetan TERRORISTS who are killing Han people. I hate terrorists, my country has suffered terrorism too. Blame those murderers!!! Big support!! I'm so sad because 99% of people in my homeland are totally brainwashed against China. If you love your country you have to do a big effort to show the truth to the whole mankind. Notice that in most Western TV channels all images about separatist violence are CENSORED, people don't know anything about this. The TV tell us that all killed demonstrators are Tibetans killed by the Chinese army. They sometimes say that mobs are doing bad things, but they pay so little attention to that fact that most people miss it. What everybody is keeping in mind is that Dalai rioters are peaceful people being oppressed by Chinese army. They also say that Tibet was invaded by Mao Zedong, as if it hadn't been a part of China ever before.They tell so many lies, you can't imagine. All the time! This is an international complot against China. In my opinion our governors are educating the masses to hate China, there isn't any other reason as far as I can imagine. They want all Westerns to believe that China is an evil empire, a giant version of North Korea. Deal with this, the West hates China. I'm sorry to say this, but that's the truth. Most people used to think that China is an amazing country with its old culture, etc. We are missing all that. Now we are being educated to think that China is only bad things. We NEVER, NEVER, NEVER watch good news from China. Only bad things, totally biased. Deal with it, and get used to this hate asap, because we can't stop it. I really think that the West is a threat for China, you better get used to that. The dream of the Western governments is seeing China totally destroyed, seeing Chinese economy fucked so that your country stay poor forever and the West can go on eating all the resources in earth. The West doesn't want to share wealth with 1300M Chinese, that's why our governments want to fuck China. PS: Please write in English. Chinese people know the truth already, no need to explain. Now you have to tell the truth to the rest of mankind, but nobody will learn anything if you write in your language.


您好,我是一个身在西班牙的西方人。我是一个中国迷,我非常爱你们美丽的国家,我学中文,我想在中国生活几年。 我谴责这些杀害汉族人的藏族恐怖分子。我恨恐怖分子,我的国家已遭受过恐怖主义。谴责那些杀人犯!支持!我很悲伤,因为,在我的家乡百分之九十九的人在针对中国方面是完全被洗脑的。如果你爱你的国家,你们必须付出很大的努力去向全人类说明真相。请注意,人们不知道在大部分西方电视图像所存在的问题。电视告诉我们,杀害藏族示威者都是中国军队。他们有时说暴民正在做坏事,但他们极少关注这一事实,大多数人都被误导了。大家记住的是,达赖是和平的人,所谓暴徒是被中国军队压迫的反抗。他们还说,西藏是被毛泽东入侵的,在此之前,西藏并不是中国的一部分。你难以想象媒体中有这么多的谎言,无时不刻!这是一个国际上共同对付中国的一个阴谋。我认为,我们的政府在教育民众仇视中国,但我想象不出是什么原因。他们希望所有西方人认为中国是一个邪恶帝国,是一个巨人版的朝鲜。因此,西方国家不喜欢中国。我很抱歉这样说,但这就是事实。大多数人本来认为中国是一个有着悠久历史文化的了不起的国家,这一认知正逐渐消失。现在,我们正在被教导成中国只有坏事。我们从来,从来,从来没有看到过来自中国的好消息。只有坏的东西,完全失之偏颇。对此,只能逐渐习惯这种仇恨式教导,因为我们不能阻止它。我真的觉得西方对于中国来说是一个威胁,你们最好能习惯这一点。西方国家政府的梦想是看到中国被完全毁灭,看到中国经济崩溃,你们的国家永远保持贫困,这样西方就可以继续占有所有地球上的资源。西方国家并不希望与13亿中国人分享财富,这也就是为什么我们的政府要敌视中国。


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