YW 534 Armored Personnel Carrier - $140,000 each

Chinese-produced. Older model now being sold to Thailand. Speed 65 mph; 1x25 mm cannon, and one machine gun.

(YW 534 武装运兵车)


100 APC YW 534 for

$14 million (100辆:1400万美元;单价:14万美元)

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PLA Artillery, etc.

Upgrade Mountain Brigade Artillery etc.

Upgrade guns on tanks; new towed howitzers, cannons, guns, multiple-rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles. New transport including fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

(Pictured: Type 85 (D-30) 122 mm Towed Howitzer, with range of 4070m-18,000+ m, rate of fire 6-8rounds per min.; approx. $400,000 each. (85型 122毫米牵引火炮,单价:40万美元)


1 Brigade Upgrade

for $20 million (一旅: 2000万美元)

Upgrade Plains Brigade artillery, etc.

Rocket-Launchers and Red Arrow Anti-tank missiles mounted on armored vehicles, new guns on tanks, new towed and self-propelled howitzers, cannons, guns, multiple rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles.

(Pictured: WM-80 8x273mm Self Propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher, wheeled. Crew of 5, with max road speed of 70 km/h, effective range of rocket is 34 to 80 km, with max speed of 1140 m/s, and accuracy of 1-2%. Reloading time: 5-8 minutes.)

Unit: (8管 WM273毫米自行火箭)

1 Brigade Upgrade

for $34 million (一旅:3400万美元)

Upgrade Artillery for 1 of 8 Group Armies

Towed and self-Propelled Howitzers, Multiple Rocket-Launchers, Surface-to-Air missiles (SAMs), Anti-Aircraft guns (tracked; wheeled); Towed cannon

Pictured: PLZ34 Self-Propelled Howitzer




One Group Army Upgrade for

$250 million (一集团军装备:2亿5000万美元)

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Rapid Response Unit (RRU) or "FIST"