Saving Grace 救赎

Saving Grace - Everlast


One time around the block

2 times around the clock

3 times don't cross the little lady

So pretty & oh so bold

got a heart full of gold on a lonely road

she said "I don't even think that God can save me"

(Am I) gaining ground

(Am I) losing face

(Am I) lost & found by Saving Grace

Thankful for the gift My Angel's gave me

Born alone

We die alone

nuttin' but sittin' here by the phone

waitin for the Lord to send my callin'

Street wise from the boulevard

Jesus only knows that she tries to hard

She's only tryin' to keep the sky from fallin'

Any man says it's Heaven & Hell

Prob'ly got somethin' useless to sell

You ask me if I'm saved but what's it to ya?

Blow a quarter

cop another eight

you're runnin' out of hide you're losin' your faith

Throw your hands up & scream halleluiah

halleluiah x4 Amen

One time around the sun

another year older and my work ain't done

it's time for me to write the final chapter

Deal the cards & roll the dice

sex drugs & rock n roll are my only vice

tryin' to figure out just what's here after

halleluiah x6 Amen





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