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导读:无意看到境外论坛对中国军事发展的发言 建议先看视频,水平有限,简单译注 As long as we control the sea&nbs p;lanes the air it does not matter how strong your army is we can easily cut off your oil out of the indian ocean thats all we have to do. the combined navies of us, jap, ind, a

无意看到境外论坛对中国军事发展的发言 建议先看视频,水平有限,简单译注

As long as we control the sea&nbs

p;lanes the air it does not matter how strong your army is we can easily cut off your oil out of the indian ocean thats all we have to do. the combined navies of us, jap, ind, aus, so kor and tiawan could do this or even only the us could do this buy itself.


you start it,we'll finish it,USA.


all i see are reconstructed,backward engineered f4s,f114,f118,a4s and corsiars'.yes or know.


I agree, China is no longer the backwards nation it is still made out to be. The PLA is a fighting force at least equal to, and most likely superior to, the vaunted U.S. army. Therefore, I hope we never go to war, but instead seek out mutual prosperity.

我同意,中国已经不再是落后国家。 PLA是有战斗力的,至少打平甚至能够取胜被吹嘘的美国军队。 所以,我希望我们不要打仗,要致力于相互繁荣。(算个明白人)

Wow. Impressive stuff. Hell, the entire Chinese military is impressive and I sincerely hope that America never decides that it must spread its imperialist ambitions there, for we would be bested in short order.

哇靠。 发人深省的视频。 地狱,整个中国军事是印象深刻的,并且我恳切地希望美国从未决定把它的帝国主义志向投向那里,不要让我们处于这种境地之下。

Yes, it is. But J-7 are better than MiG-21.

是,它是。 但J-7比MiG21好(总算看到个懂点军备的人物)

Ryukyu(japanese called 'Okinawa') is definitely part of china.china need retake it.Ryukyu's sea has so many natural resource and Ryukyu's position is door to pacific ocean for china. very good to china.also, japan and Ryukyu was vassal of china. their culture is from china, too.

Ryukyu (日本叫‘冲绳岛’)作为中国毋庸置疑的一部分,中国需要再拿下它。Ryukyu周围海域有这么多自然资源,还有Ryukyu的位置是中国面对太平洋的门户。日本和Ryukyu以前是中国的附属国。 他们的文化也来自于中国。(对历史有一定研究)

ok china has one of the best armys but they are not going to attack usa for a long while because china makes all kinds of things and ship it to usa for money if they attack the usa theyr econemy will fall only when they have millions and millions of dollars they will do it but then i hope im already dead.


Chinese got the most crazy ass guns and powerful guns man sheit hella crazy they hi tek man!


maybe the chinese will be gracious enough to allow some americans to live as their slaves ?


we do not want to piss those guys off. cause if we do we're all fucked. Badly


Psshhh they can't touch us. Chinese military wouldn't stand a chance against the full force of the US military. Trust me, we are capable of much more than the bullshit you see in Iraq and Afghanistan.

他们不可能来。 中国军队不会有机会对抗力量十足的美军。 想想在伊拉克和阿富汗看到的局面,相信我们是能够胜任多项任务的。(这丫还信心十足)

Anyway US military has done many evil things in Iraq and Afghansistan!God forgive them please!

无论如何美国军队在伊拉克和阿富汗做了许多邪恶的事! 上帝请原谅他们!(忏悔吧)

you suck yanki... you and your people are brainwashed, dont you know that every country in the world hate you ? the only who supports you is england, because they are your ass lickers...dont you realise about it ? if you didnt destroy cuba until now, you will be dead if you fight chinese.. fuck off americans !!

添你妈美国佬…你脑子被美国洗坏了,你还不知道所有的国家都想干你? 唯一支持的只有英国,因为他们经常添你…你会没有反应你个大J8? 如果你直到现在没有毁坏古巴,你将死的很难看,如果你与中国战斗。 美国人会滚蛋!!(古巴奋青)

we need more aircraft carriers and attack fighters


Long live China. I hate america so much, they have done SO MUCH evil in the world and so many people have been killed. China is now moving forward and we are giving you our support. China as a new and fair superpower. Russia, Iran and India support you. Toghether we will crush the US. Just wait a few more years.

中国万岁。 我日美国,他们在世界上制造罪恶和许多人被杀害了。 中国正在前进发展,我们要提供支持和所需。 中国作为一个新的公正的超级大国。 俄国、伊朗和印度支持你。 我们将一起干死美国。 请等待,不会太长。(中国的友好人士)

Revive Superpower!!!GO CHINA!!!

复兴超级大国!!! 是中国!!!

China was a superpower????????


More strategic bombers, airborne warning aircraft, large transport planes and tanker aircraft. A fourth generation stealth fighter jet would help, too. The PLAAF should take the fight beyong the borders of China.

有更强的战略轰炸机、预警机、大运输机和加油机。 一台第四代秘密行动喷气式歼击机即将问世。 PLA应该采取战斗超越中国的边界。

Also, don't underestimate India, they are quickly developing. China and India are perhaps two of the world's greatest Economic Superpowers. In that, we are brother nations.

还有,不要低估印度,他们也迅速发展。 或许中国和印度是第二世界的最巨大的经济超级大国。 所以,我们是兄弟。(巴基斯坦哥们)

People bashing the Chinese for being communist are very wrong. The Chinese are changing slowly. Sooner or later within the next five to ten years, we will become a democracy. China is evolving into a highly regimented country and a great nation. Not only does it currently hold a high position in world economics, but also a very advanced one. China is the next superpower. No doubt about it.

打击中国人是非常错误的。 中国人在慢慢地改变。 迟早在以后五到十年之内, 中国将会转变成一个民主共和国。 它当前不仅仅在世界经济方面取得一个高位置,而且会成为最先进的一个。 中国是下个超级大国。 对此毋庸置疑。(高瞻远瞩)

The US nuked the japs? It must be the dummist joke ever heared. It's FAKE FAKE FAKE.

美国核爆日本 ? 那是个的谎言。 都是假的伪造品。日日日

ever heard about history you dumb fuckthe US dropped A-bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshimathat's how ww2 ended


for fuck sake know your goddeam history


china the next super power that is if it is not already the super power


Its funny someone here mentioned "Those Chinese can't do anything themselves". Its funny because a lot of people think that the only fighter jets available at F series and Migs.

真可笑,某人这里喊“那些中国人不可能做他们自己的武器”。 SB,因为很多猪认为现在的喷气式战斗机只有F系列和米格。(看来很有必要对他们进行普及教育了)

it dosn't matter who designed those machines in the 1st place, its what they are doing with those machines...funny how a country that claims to be "defensive" in its defence policy have such a large amount of offensive assets, no?


Offense is the Best Defence.


obviously having AA-2 short-range infra-red seekers on mig-21s don't count as "offensive assets", however, a su30 armed with precision strike munitions that could be delivered beyond the opponent's air-defence primeters IS, by all measure, an offensive asset.


long live pakistan china ......we r 2 brother nations?


not the point...the thing iz chinies jets r awesome:D


yes, we think india is junk


Long lives China(Zhongguo)万岁中国


North Korean uses Mig 17s. They were left overs of the Korean War. But they do have a few Mig 29s.

北韩使用Mig 17s。 朝鲜战争留下的。 但他们有几架Mig 29s。

Mig 17 didn't see any actions in the korean war, it was used in the nam

the nk got mig 15/19/21/29 and a few 31s

Mig 17在朝鲜战争中没什么行动,现役 mig 15/19/21/29和几架31s

ok the pirates of the carribean music fit in so bad i actually laughed. not bad video though, i think Isreal is still the best airforce in the world but china is close. those j-10's are awesome!

我认为以色列拥有世界上最佳的空军,但中国已经追上来了。 那些j-10是令人敬畏的!(以色列军米)

LoL yeah we are a small country but it's not so focused on militiary, more on PEOPLE welbeing and welfare you know...


well, that is good. good for your country and people.


LoL those are all Russian jets. Those Chinese can't do anything themselves.

LoL那些都是俄国喷气机。 那些中国人自己做不了任何事情的

Can't you see those Chinese made J-10, FC-1 and FBC-1?


I have to admit that I was alarmed when I watched this video, but then a thought occured to me: All this weaponry looks impressive, and very formidable, but then again it's all "Made in China"! Meaning it's probably just cheap knock-off garbage that will fall apart when the going gets tough. Man, I hope that I am right, or we're dead!!!

当我观看了这录影是我非常震惊, 所有这些武器装备看起来印象深刻和非常强大,再一个,全部是“中国制造”! 这意味着如果战争真的来临,这些武器可能是不值一用就散架的垃圾。请相信我的判断,否则我们都没有活路。

idiot the symbol of china is similar to that of russia..aka the communist red background with star..


Secondly, your words indicate that your are not familiar with the Chinese culture. Well, even you don't know at all! Why? Because you do not know what red means to Chinese people and you do not know how important red is in Chinese culuture.

第二,你的词表明你不熟悉中国文化。 甚而你根本不知道! 为什么? 由于你不知道红色对于中国人民意味着什莫,你是不知道红色在中国文化中是多么重要。

Generally, red means happiness. People use red as the main color in certain occasions to illustrate their happiness and glad. For example, Chinese people use red in Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year. Please search "Chinese New Year" in wikipedia to get more about this point.

通常,红色意味幸福。 人们使用红色作为主要颜色在某些场合说明他们的幸福和高兴。 例如,中国人民在春节,中国新年使用红色。 请在百科全书中搜寻“中国新年”就会得到更多关于这点的知识。(中国文化普及教育)

China is just developing technology to defend themselves. If someone wants to say the tech is obsolete. I think Russia would back China if the US became involved. Because Russia dont necessarily like US at the moment.

中国是保护自己的正义开发的技术。 如果某人想要说技术是过时的。 我认为俄国将支持中国,如果美国变得容忍。 由于俄国现在并不喜欢美国。(想的还挺长远)

nice vid/song, lol taiwan wont do anything(i would think). if taiwan did, i wonder how many hours would it take for mainland to take control? plus weapons are all tested so they work just as good if they have been used to kill people or not.

好的vid或歌曲,台湾不会做什么(我会认为)。 如果台湾,我想知道大陆多少个小时能够控制台湾,它为正武器全部被测试,因此他们运作正好,如果他们用于杀害人。(台巴子)


common nukes wont matter in this time and age, because the one whos using a nuke first will sure get alot of enemies, trust me....


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