posted: fri nov 22, 2002 12:37 am post subject: kOrean invented chinese language

chinese histOrian like to twist the histOry around, everybody know about it.

u just need to look at the baduk/weiqi intellectual game, kOrean always easily beat down chinese .if this is really your invention, why chinese done so poOrly?

And look also at the spOrt, the wOrld cup, chinese also done very badly if compare to kOrean.

in modern technology, kOrean made products like samsung, lg, hyundai,kia

are popular everywhere, where is chinese?

a population of 1.3 billion can't beat down a small nation with only 40 million , Or 80 million if u want include nOrth kOre, but still we done much better than chinese in almost every area.

the truh is out there, is just depend on you guys weather want to accept it Or not.

many chinese histOrian in china also agree that dongyi was kOrean And the creatOr fOr da'wek kou culture. it was also recoded in shi ji from shima ji.

翻译: 中国的历史学家喜欢歪曲历史,这是谁都知道的事情.






posted: sat nov 23, 2002 4:44 am post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

another good post that non chinese will able to deny it.

during prehistOry from neolithic to iron age, there were two cultures

in nOrth-east asaia. in nOrtheastern part (s siberia, central asia,

manchuria, And also current kOrean peninsula), nomadic people

dominated, whereas culture based on agriculture dominated southern

china. nomadic people mostly spoke in altaic Or other similar

languages, while agriculture-based people mostly spoke in

chinese-tibetan Or proto-austronesian. chinese archaeologists have

mostly focused on the latter. together with languages, features of

bronze weaspons Or tomb styles were clearly distinctive between the

two. ultimately, climate changes to dry/cold conditions drove the

nomadic people to the south (kOreans And japanese) And to the west

(turk, xian-no, etc).

it is also quite certain that the nomadic people in nOrthern china And

southern siberia firstly cultivated allium altaicum, the progenitOr of

allium fistulosum, And allium sativum, the progenitOr of allium


with respect to various writing systems developed during the bronze

age And/Or during shang state, one thing is certain: writing systems

came from the east (altaic/nomadic people), not from the west Or the

south. it is quite certain that people lived in the east were not han

Or hua people. do you know who published the first chinese dictionary

in histOry? it is quite interesting that people speaking in altaic,

not chinese-tibetan, published it. what kind of spoken language did

yin/shang people use? this will be a quite good question fOr your

explOration into the ultimate inventOr of current chinese characters.

翻译: 在新石器时代到铁器时代的史前文明中,在东北亚有两种文明.在东北亚地区(西伯力亚/中亚/满州以及现在的朝鲜半岛),游牧民族居于统治地位,而农耕文明在中国南部居于统治地位.游牧民族大部分都说阿尔泰以及相似的语系,而农耕文明大部分说汉藏语系.中国考古学家大部分都集中研究后者.而两种语言,青铜器的样子和墓制的样式完全不一样,而又干又冷的天气环境让游牧民族进入了南部.



i think all anyone can say is that "kOrean made mOre contribution to the

development of what is known as chinese language than currently

acknowledged". wOrkings of business, economy, technology, trade, And

commerce are the same today as they were 5000 years ago. what drives

linguistic development in today's wOrld? well, it's computer. you don't

need as much language to grow plant Or raise animals. in other wOrds, it

is technology which drives language, not agriculture. so, technology in

the old days were ceramics And casting technology, which kOrea was And

still is wOrld leader.

翻译: 我认为任何人都可以这么说---韩国人对大家所认知的汉字发展贡献更大.商业/经济/技术/贸易和5千年前一样,是什么么语言发展了当今世界?是计算机.你不会用语言去种养植物以及饲养动物,换句话说,是从语言中发展而来的技术,而不是农业.所以,在古代,技术就是制陶业和锻造业,而这些技术韩国一直是世界的先驱.

shanxi wrote:

............................chinese invented And created their own language. posting by peter is totally crap And ridiculous, the person trying to make a confusion here actually. ]+~

oh my gosh..i can't believe that chinese people are soo ingnOrant about their own histOry!!!!!!!!! chinese people didn't create their own language...they had to use another abOriginal's written language, And then on, they called it their own!! because of inferiOrity issues,,,they claim that they invented their own language..also peter kim is right on the chinese language being created by some other group besides chinese!! i think chinese (students) should relook at their histOry once again,,,it seems to me that people (me fOr instance) that are not chinese have a better knowledge of chinese histOry than some chinese people do...some people are ethnocentric..And it seems to me that you are...Or whoever that posted this..peter you're cOrrect on this, except the kOrean part of course

翻译: 跟贴者说中国人发明了他们自己的语言,楼主在这里胡言乱语,混淆是非.




posted: sun sep 29, 2002 6:38 am post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

everyone knowes that japanese And kOrean both derived from chinese, why waste your time with this crap?




posted: sat nov 09, 2002 7:15 am post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

shoot, the first one in this thread didnt even have the necessary geographical idea about kOrea And china. the palace location fOr shang dynasty is in anyang which is almost in the middle of china. so how come kOreans would travel so deep into china as to make the characters???this is way to stupid! i don't wanna talk mOre about it!




posted: fri nov 15, 2002 3:46 pm post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

everyone know the chinese has the longest continous culture in the wOrld. chinese cultures have influences many cultures in southeast asia And east asia like japan And kOrean.


posted: mon nov 25, 2002 9:17 pm post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

kOrean invented everything.




posted: mon dec 02, 2002 12:50 am post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

confucius was chinese but lao tze not.

taoism has kOrean Origin too.


posted: fri dec 20, 2002 12:22 am post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

enough, this topic is just provocating us to hate each other, And nobody (except some stone-head people) would believe that chinese character (han zi) is invented by kOrean...




posted: thu mar 13, 2003 2:49 am post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

technically, at the time when china had all its inventions, there wasn't a clear distinction of "kOrean" Or "japanese" they weren't really nationalities yet. except fOr maybe japan.




posted: wed jun 18, 2003 7:09 pm post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

what i see? a gang of pro-kOrean idiots telling bull-shits!!

chinese invented chinese. kOrean invented kOrean.

kOrean is an altaic language, with a lot of wOrds from chinese! it's a sino-xenik ( but not a sino_tibetan language). kOrean wOrds bOrrowed from chinese are of fujian Orrigin ( hokkien, fukien:) kOrean could not invent hanzi, because hanzi do not fit fOr kOrean language at all!




posted: thu jul 10, 2003 5:34 pm post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

the one whom wrote this has little knowledge of histOry. it shows that how ignOrant kOrean are! it's such a shame! btw please study where does kOrean comes from.


一个叫"james campbell"的老外对韩国白痴有理有据的反击:

in conclusion...

i don't think the chinese get enough recognition fOr their inventions. that includes chinese characters. chinese characters are not (cannot be defined as) kanji--it is rather that kanji are (can be defined as) chinese characters. the typical westerner is tricked into believing that kanji being japanese are a japanese invention. even i was tricked this way until i investigated. they may have changed the look of a few here, And added a few there, but they're not the invention of the japanese. this is the same fOr kOrean too.

i even heard once, but i cannot prove it Or give the source, that the chinese were on the verge of inventing a car many many centuries ago while europe was still in the dark ages And suffering from plagues And death, but the technology didn't advance far enough due to political unrest. even still, such a concept as a car, no matter how long ago it was thought of, if such plans have been documented by the chinese, then this concept could surely be called a chinese invention.

so i don't give a care about the names dongyi, shang, dawenkou, Or whatever, the kOreans cannot be claimed responsible fOr any of the chinese language Or inventions. a kOrean should not try And deceive people by digging so far into histOry so that others will be easily tricked into believing they are a true race of innovation. they are the most backward, selfish, inward looking people i have ever met, And until recently have always been against any development happening in the wOrld outside of kOrea. they have always positioned themselves as the "little brother" of china (read: ?p?̧;̬; hah--look at the shape of their peninsula), And throughout histOry they always ran to the "real And only" recognized empOrer in china fOr help And guidance. china has had open communication with the west through the silk road And with the wise teachings from india fOr millennia. they have been open to the wOrld, And have been innovative themselves providing their inventions to the wOrld. do not some people say that contact with china actually influenced italian cuisine many centuries ago? what did kOrea And japan contribute to europe? hangul? kimono?

fOr all the pride running through the blood veins of the kOrean, if the chinese had an ounce of it, they would be a greater nation than they are. how could they let the japanese trample them in wwii? the chinese should rise up And be proud of everything that is chinese, And do not let the kOreans And japanese take the credit. maybe they should have taxed the japanese And kOreans fOr using their characters, Or fOrce them to abAndon the script if they would not be willing to be part of their empire. but that goes to prove to you how benevolent the chinese actually are And that they were willing to allow the outer lying barbarian tribes attempt to educate themselves. besides, it was their fOrefathers such as confucius, mencius And many others teaching And spreading humane values, all such wise fOrefathers that the outer lying barbarians lacked.

nobody invented language. there was a natural need fOr communication And it evolved naturally.

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james campbell


posted: tue oct 29, 2002 10:45 am post subject: re: kOrean invented chinese language

And i fOrgot to mention, as an answer westerners do not find a use fOr hangul Or kimonos at all. but you can find at this fOrum that so many westerners want the chinese characters, to have them tattooed on their bodies. i never heard of westerners wanting hangul Or hiragana tattooed on their bodies. so still, even the chinese characters are very accepted to the westerners too.

i even heard that the kOrean government was trying so hard fOr the international community to accept their invention that they tried to convince small native tribes to use hangul to write their language, but i never heard of this actually happening.











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