A: Hi, Luke, what have you been doing? I haven’t seen you for a long times.

B: Hello, MC, I’ve been getting ready for a job interview. I’m so excited bout the job.

A: Seems good news. Some of my friends have got the jobs. But I don’t really like to do.

B: Oh, really? Could you give some reasons for your appointment?

A: Don’t’ you think the part-time job will take up your much time?

B: Maybe, but I am earn the money from the job.

A: Yes, you certainly can get the money you need. But now you’re a freshman in the university. Why don’t you spend the time studying?

B: Yes, because of the much time in my first year of university life, I really want to do some practices, not reading books, it’s so boring, man, you know it.

A: But if you go to the job, you will really waste a lot of your precious time. From the job, you only can get the money, not other good things. And going on like this, when you are in the 3 years, you will find you have not enough time to study. Because when you are in your first year, you don’t study much knowledge.

B: Maybe you are right.

A: Also I think the jobs not fit with us. The jobs are very difficult; maybe some of us can’t do the well. Then not every job is the people’s favorites. They do the job just for money, not for the interests.

B: Yes, I’m going to know the really things I want. Let’s me think about it.

A: OK. Come on, don’t think that +let’s go and have a drink.