苹果如何失去对印度的控制 [美国媒体] 苹果如何失去对印度的控制 [美国媒体] How Apple is losing its grip on India 2018-11-09 风闻天下








苹果如何失去对印度的控制 [美国媒体]

Software engineer Samee Alam was ready to take the big leap and buy an iPhone in this week's Diwali festival sales, but at the last minute he opted for cheaper Chinese competitor OnePlus instead.


Alam, 27, spends hours on his phone watching shows, surfing and shopping, making him the perfect target for Apple Inc as it strives to raise sales among India's 1.3 billion consumers.


"I have never used an iPhone and I was keen on getting my hands on one but it didn't make sense," says Alam, who works for one of the raft of firms to have invested in the southern city of Bengaluru, often called India's Silicon Valley.


"I look for storage, camera and processor in phones and cheaper alternatives like OnePlus are more value for the money. The new iPhones cost almost 100,000 rupees - I can get three good phones for that price or even a decent gaming laptop."


Solid Mac sales and the high unit price of iPhones meant Apple's total revenue of $2 billion in India last year was still double that of OnePlus, which only sells mobile phones. But Counterpoint's data says that gap will also shrink.


Apple declined to comment further.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has sought to drive electronics producers into manufacturing locally by steadily moving tariffs up the supply chain from simple phone cases to sophisticated chipsets and boards.


Along with local firms like Lava, global smartphone giants including Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Oppo and Xiaomi Corp have responded aggressively, investing millions of dollars in plants around Bengaluru and Delhi tech hub Noida.


Apple is the only major player which does not manufacture phones in the country and it only assembles two low-cost older models through Wistron Corp in Bengaluru.


Industry experts say as a result the company still imports about 70-80 percent of its phones. That results in high import duties, which in turn make the phones expensive.


Sales staff at several stores in Bengaluru and nearby Chennai pointed to the launch this year of the latest OnePlus phone as a major problem for the U.S. phonemaker. At 37,999 rupees, the Chinese company's 6T is half the price of the XR.





IndVoter18 hours ago

Apple's sales growth via raising prices is not sustainable just like consumer spending based on credit.


Joseph13 hours ago

I've been a fan of Apple for decades, way before the iPhone, and have only owned Macs. I prefer the old Apple with their superior computers. The bigger Apple gets the closer they are getting to the edge of the cliff. I can't tell you how often people tell me that Apple is too big to fail, lol. One thing I've learned over the years is that no company is too big to fail and unfortunately this company is over-pricing it's products thinking they are untouchable. Personally I'll be surprised if Apple is still in business in 20 years unless they reorient to being more customer friendly and stop raising prices like this.


independent16 hours ago

whattttttt? $1000/- for a phone?? must be insane. Deposit Rs 70K in a bank u get Rs 7000 in interest and every three years you can buy a new phone Apple phone is nothing special agree its simple to use than Android but the price does not justify it


Peter14 hours ago

too expensive.. I feel even for the US. Its great but somehow the cost is too much. I was very disappointed with their way beyond premium pricing.


Greg16 hours ago

iphone will never make it in India....lots of low cost, good alternatives there....like Pocophone


AJ15 hours ago

If there’s one thing Apple knows nothing about, it’s their audience


snoww X18 hours ago

if there was no monthly plan in US same would happen to apple in the US.iphones are good at nothing.

camera of ip max isnt good and doesnt get upgraded when new phone comes out . unlike pixel i have p2xl and it got upgraded and will be upgraded next yr

.-siri sucks bad.

-battery life is so lackluster

-no VR

-no AI to make calls for u.


-IP Max的摄像头不好,新手机一出来就不会升级了。与pixel不同,我有p2xl,它得到了升级,明年将升级。

- Siri烂透了。




Shyerrylittle14 hours ago

What the heck apple is doing in India aka Rapistan, the home of 800 million toieltless hindoos!!!!