China’s WeChat may pose a propaganda challenge for Bhutan


BEIJING: Border incursion is not the only Chinese challenge for Bhutan. The other one is the widespread use of WeChat, the China-based instant messaging platform, which poses the risk of being used as a channel to disseminate propaganda, informed sources said. It is already being used for spreading pornography, and there have been cases of its use for financial manipulation, they said.




WeChat accounts have been repeatedly hacked affecting thousands of Bhutanese over the past several months. This fact is reflected in an alert issued by Bhutan’s Ministry of Information after the recent border standoff, as well as reports in state-owned media.



“WeChat is hosted in China and they have totally different sets of cyber law. So we don’t have much control over it,” Pema Dhendup, an officer with the Bhutan Computer Incident Response Team (BtCIRT), was quoted saying by BBS, the state-owned broadcaster on Wednesday.

不丹国有广播公司(BBS),在报道中引述不丹计算机事故应急小组一位叫Pema Dhendup的成员的话,“微信是托管在中国的,而他们有完全不同的网络法。我们控制力度很小。”