The Most Famous Pervert in China

If you are up to date on things, this list from a Tianya Post seems to be surprising:

Which is the most famous university on the Internet for the year 2006?

It is not Peking University. It is not Tsinghua University. It is Yanshan University.

Which is the most famous game on the Internet for the year 2006? It is still World of Warcraft (WoW).

Which is the most famous pervert (=BT) on the Internet for the year 2006? It is not Furong Jiejie. It is not Mu Zimei. It is a person named Zheng Xin (郑新 or 郑星).

Which is predicted to be the most famous sentence on the Internet for the year 2006? "Did you use your skinning knife today? (今天你使用剥皮小刀了吗?)"

All of this is connected to a particular forum post about the person Zheng Xin who is affiliated with Yanshan University. It would have been just a personal affair but for the fact that Zheng Xin is a renowned WoW player under the name Zxxs. In three days, more than a million searches were made about this affair on Baidu. At the MOP game forum, the page views were coming in at 30,000 per hour with 2,000 comments per hour. At WoW game, the server was overloaded with comments that the game slowed to a crawl.

Here is the translation of the original post (Note: the post originally appeared at the MOP game forum, but it has been removed by the author himself due to overwhelming demand and response. The MOP forum master admitted that he has lost control of things. A sanitized version of the post appears at the portal QQ.com, where sanitization means, for example, the act of "swallowing sperm" has been removed).

Let me introduced myself. I used to be the demon warrior "Xianzi Ke'er (仙子可儿)" in WoW District 2's Maiwei Audio-visual server alliance. I joined this game in order to accompany my wife in real life. She played the role of a human preacher with the pretty name "Dim Moon (幽月儿)." Because I am relatively busy at work -- there are probably very few people in this game who work -- I was basically anonymous except to a few friends. After all, I entered this game in order to be with my wife, and fancy equipment does not interest me. I just wanted to be with my wife so that I can continue to take care of her in the virtual world. Dim Moon has left her job for about three years. She was not happy in her original work environment. Since I was moderately successful at work, I agreed that she can remain home. I always thought that it was the duty of the man to provide for the family. I also enjoyed the feeling that I can support the entire family. So I was glad to do so. I thought that Dim Moon liked it too, because she was not a competitive person in real life and I want her to be happy. If the events to be described below did not occur, I think I would have continued to feel this way for my entire life.

The Maifu Alliance's Sentinel Union is a good group. They are united and strong. The students at Yanshan University who founded this group put in a lot of effort, and Dim Moon was one of them. Within the RAID group, she is seldom absent as the preacher. Occasionally, when I see my wife show a happy smile during game play that is seldom seen in her real life, I must honestly say that I am jealous while being happy that she has so many friends in the virtual world. Dim Moon is a preacher who does not worry too much about appearances, because she values friendship as the most important thing. So she gets along with people. She likes RAID, she hates PK and she is too lazy to bother with money. Many friends sell of good stuff, and they always remember to share some of the profits with her. Among those, the Sentinel Union's president Tongxu (铜须) got along with her quite well.

Tongxu became the principal character in this story when I came back one morning from a business trip. On that day, my wife stayed up all night to play. There are two computer systems at home, of which the better one was used by her to play games. That was my birthday present to her two years ago. Because I knew that she wants to use the better equipment, even though my own monitor was so bad that the screen goes hazy as soon as I entered the City in WoW, I seldom interrupted her to borrow her machine. But she was probably very tired, so she said hello to me and then fell asleep on the sofa. I did not bother to start up my machine to check my emails, so I used her machine which was still running. I found out that her QQ was still open. Perhaps this was an act of God because she usually won't let me look at her chatting. With nothing to do, I opened her chat session logs. After checking some chats with Internet friends, I opened 21882391: user Zxxs. Sentinel friends must be familiar with this number, right?

In an instant, I learned how it felt to be struck by lightning.

At the time, I could not see my own face. I only know that my face was perhaps pale all the way down into my heart.

The record showed an unfaithful wife and the one-night-stand conversation sounded like a movie script. It was both familiar and strange. The story occurred so close. The principals are my wife and a man, but the man was not me.

I always thought that I was strong at heart, but at that moment, I did not have the courage to continue to read ... I copied a few sections of the chat history. I woke my wife up by pushing her lightly and I remembered my first words: "Have you gone mad?" My wife's eyes looked temporarily confused and then she dashed madly to the computer. I said, "Your QQ was not shut down ..."

There was no quarreling. It was so quiet that we could hear our heartbeats. I wondered why my heart was still beating. Perhaps it would be better for both of us if it stopped?

Tears flowed down both of our faces. I did not remember anything else, but only that I told her when she babbled: "Stop yelling! Do you want the neighbors to despise you?" That day, I arranged for me to go on a business trip. That day was the third day after our sixth wedding anniversary.

I came back after a few days. When I saw her again, we were both wan and our hearts still ache. Our conversation was frequently interrupted by our tears. I understand that a woman who feels that her life is empty and lacking in excitement might be attracted by the game world, she left home quietly, she answered the call of the game union, she let her body loose after being kissed forcibly after a meeting ... that time, the principals were Dim Moon and you, Tongxu.

After thinking for a long time, I asked myself: Is this woman still the woman that I loved deeply? The woman whom I planned to buy a house immediately and have children? I am not a procrastinator. At that I really could not choose between six years of time and two days of betrayal. So I contacted you, Tongxu.

After a 45 minute conversation, I said three things:

1. Dim Moon is my wife. I felt bad but I still love her. She knelt on the ground to beg for my forgiveness. I don't know what to do.

2. I don't feel that there was any deliberate attempt to coerce or be coerced in this matter. There is no right or wrong. I would do everything that I could to get revenge otherwise. But at this moment, I cannot hate you.

3. Do you ability to take care of a woman with whom you had been intimate? Are you willing to take care of her? You said: "It's over." Fine, I only want you not to enter again, because she is such a vulnerable woman. I don't want to watch how a woman whom I loved for six years destroy herself. I am willing to keep my mouth shut. Even if we separate, I will give an acceptable reason to all the relatives. I would rather be regarded as irresponsible rather than let her get hurt.

The matter is over. I told her: "Get involved in something else, even if it is work. It was my fault to neglect you. Let me court you again!" Although the pain in my heart still gnaws at my nerves, I still ... love her.

Thing seemed to have calmed down and we both changed ourselves. On April 9, I checked out Dim Moon's QQ again -- I was no longer the gentleman from before. I had transformed into a little man: petty, filthy and disgusting.

Here is what I read (21882391 is the QQ number for Zxxs and 风歌夜曲 is the QQ name for Dim Moon):

21882391 09:17:17


风歌夜曲 09:17:38

Hmm, I'm here.

21882391 09:17:59

Thinking about me?

风歌夜曲 09:18:03


21882391 09:18:42


风歌夜曲 09:18:46

What's up?

21882391 09:18:55

What do you put in the ....?

风歌夜曲 09:19:04

I put in the ..... to respond to you.

风歌夜曲 09:19:40

What's up? If you have nothing to say to me, then I'm leaving.

21882391 09:20:11

I asked you if you are thinking about me. You follow me all the way ...

风歌夜曲 09:20:18

I don't know how to reply.

21882391 09:20:52

Hmm. Are the parents watching you over the past couple of days?

风歌夜曲 09:21:06

They are.

风歌夜曲 09:21:29

They watch every second until it is all in his hands. They feel that they have lost face.

21882391 09:22:02

What do you mean? In whose hands?

风歌夜曲 09:22:28

That is, only after I have completely left this family, then they'll feel that they don't have any responsibility.

21882391 09:22:57

Parents are all like that.

When I graduate, I want to go back and open an Internet bar at the university.

I have made a plan. I will teach you later.

风歌夜曲 09:26:55

Plan? What do you need a plan?

21882391 09:27:23

From the decoration to the equipment to the network etc etc

风歌夜曲 09:28:23

This is annoying. Actually, I haven't thought about what I want to do.

But they are treating me like a prisoner right now.

I can't stand it. I want to come out and get some air.

21882391 09:28:55

Go sell pancakes then.

风歌夜曲 09:29:01


风歌夜曲 09:29:18

Don't say that. It is an art. I really don't know.

21882391 09:29:35

I was watching tv the other day. There was a fried bean curd store in Jinan. I want to go home and open one.

风歌夜曲 09:30:06

... there are many small lousy stores on the main street of Jinan.

Please. What do you want to sell fried bean curd?

风歌夜曲 09:30:18

You like to eat it?

21882391 09:30:21

I like to eat it.

风歌夜曲 09:31:02

Damn. I can't. I have eaten it once at someone's insistence.

I felt afterwards that my whole body stinks afterwards.

风歌夜曲 09:31:30

In Qinghuangdao in May.

21882391 09:31:39

Too nice. I love to eat it.

If we go to Jinan, you must take me there to eat it.

风歌夜曲 09:31:48

I don't know which is a good place, because I don't like eating it.

21882391 09:32:06

May? There? What?

风歌夜曲 09:32:10

Nothing. I just want to ask.

21882391 09:32:27

Are you coming over?

风歌夜曲 09:32:51

I can't say. There is an opportunity to go traveling.

I don't know if I can go. I am being watched closely.

21882391 09:33:25

If you are discovered, you will be beaten to death ....

Take care.

风歌夜曲 09:33:36

That is why I said so. Ha ha.

风歌夜曲 09:33:38

Beaten to death.

21882391 09:34:37

Poor child. Oh you can stay home

and be a writer.

风歌夜曲 09:35:19

I am not that sick.

21882391 09:35:43

Don't you like to read books.

You write your own then. You write a book about the two of us.

风歌夜曲 09:36:04

Us? If I wrote it, everybody will be cursing us.

风歌夜曲 09:36:15

You don't care. Everybody will say that it is the woman's fault.

21882391 09:37:20

You are writing a book!!!

You are not writing news.

You know that it is true, but other people don't know.

Other people are just reading a story.

风歌夜曲 09:37:21

He'll be in Europe in a few days.

I think that I can relax for a few days.

He can't call me from overseas every day.

21882391 09:38:18

You don't know that overseas calls are cheaper than domestic ones.

My girlfriend calls from overseas everyday. It is cheaper than calling within the city here.

风歌夜曲 09:38:19

(Sigh) I want to write.

风歌夜曲 09:38:25

.... dizzy.

风歌夜曲 09:38:31

I might as well as be dead.

风歌夜曲 09:39:30

Calling you every day ... why? To keep an eye on you?

21882391 09:39:43

Writing something then.

Of course, you can add something that never happened, or change the ending.

For example, maybe the woman killed herself and the man killed himself too.

风歌夜曲 09:39:50

You go and commit suicide.

风歌夜曲 09:40:02

What for? He and I are both dead? But you are doing nicely?

21882391 09:40:10

Did you call me those days?

Sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes in the morning, all times of day.

风歌夜曲 09:40:32

I didn't keep calling you. I seemed to have called just twice. I didn't see the other times.

21882391 09:40:42

I was talking about the two of us.

You killed yourself. I killed yourself. You boyfriend went crazy.

风歌夜曲 09:40:52

You are pretty good at deductions. Haha.

21882391 09:40:58

Anyway, on the average, two a day.

风歌夜曲 09:41:21


21882391 09:41:33

And then your parents went crazy. His parents went crazy too.

His company went bankrupt on account of him. Wait. I like this ending.

风歌夜曲 09:41:47

You are perverted.

风歌夜曲 09:53:54

Hmm ... at least he would think so.

21882391 09:54:17

Hmm ... how long will he be out?

风歌夜曲 09:54:41

How would I know? I didn't ask.

风歌夜曲 09:55:00

He kept saying that he did not want to go.

He said that he would rather stay and keep me company. Sigh.

21882391 09:55:21

Keep you company ...

That's like torturing you.

风歌夜曲 09:56:06

Therefore, I told him to go. I said that this was a good opportunity.

He can learn something. He can travel around. This is good.

21882391 09:56:40

Maybe one day I'll do what you do.

风歌夜曲 09:57:19

You won't, because you still have to a long time to think and choose.

21882391 10:00:07

Marriage is too horrible.

风歌夜曲 10:11:54

Was Angela fun?


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