KAGAYA !(加贺谷穰)  
生于1968。 日本好的艺术家。 数字化的画的一位有名的世界先驱 --在计算机上完全做整个作品。 自从他在他的童年被天空星迷住, 他一直为天文学工作,把很多天文的插图献出到书,杂志和天文馆。 在宇宙世界的壮丽里有他的永久主题,他在为美术照片和动画电影工作方面也活跃。 当星被拉时,正象他们真的是一样, 虽然如此,图像是奇妙的,鼓舞,依靠他的推销员现实主义和他的天空明确度。 他在亚洲非常受欢迎。 " 佐迪阿克电阻合金,12个希腊神话"是在拼板玩具里的最畅销项目。 他被在"在美国的数字化的艺术比赛" 方面授予第一个地方。 
Born in 1968.
Japanese fine artist.
A reputed world forerunner of Digital Painting --doing whole works thoroughly on computer.
Since he was fascinated by celestial stars in his childhood, he has been working for astronomy, contributing many astronomical illustrations to books, magazines, and planetariums.
Having his eternal motif in the grandeur of the cosmic world, he is also active in working for fine-art pictures and animation-movies.
While stars are drawn just as they really are, nevertheless, images are fantastic and inspiring, by virtue of his Hyper Realism and his Celestial Transparency.
He is most popular in Asia.
"the Zodiac, 12 Greek mythologies" is the best-seller in Jigsaw puzzles.
He was awarded the first place in "Digital Art Contest in the USA".