A Significant Step

Sptember 29,2003, we succeed.
It is a common day in the long river of time, but it will be a special day
for the war sufferers and a memorable day for all Chinese people and the
human justice.

We re-state our point of view that we Chinese as a peace-love poeple have
no intention to seek any other nations to be our enemies, but we
will fight down anyone who regards Chinese people as his foe forever. The
government of Japan should be aware that she must answer for any criminal
activities and falsities she has commited or is going to commite. And we
will take any pains to seek justice. We are ready to devote ourselves to
defending our dignity!

The war has passed. Both Chinese and Japanese people suffered from it. It
is a disaster of human beings. It is a devil of peace. Today, most
nations over the world are doing their best to avoid such inhumman
disturbance to perform again. But unfortunately, we saw some dis-harmonic
occurrences happed frequently.

Let all virtous Chinese and Japanese join their hands to tell those persons

who defy or refuse to admit their crimes and try to make troubles
between the two peoples that your contemptible behaviors will never bring
you a good ending. Those persons should know that your bad conducts will
never scare Chinese people. On the contrary, the Chinese people will hold
together tighter and make their country more powerful!

To the Japanese government, I want to say that you should envisage the
history and the realities. You should know that the Chinese people is a
non-invasive people and also it is an unbowed people. If you keep conniving

at the activities of those bad-willed persons, you can get no benefits but
destroy the relationship between the two peoples. Maybe you'll bring your
people a new nightmare another time and lose their supports. To cooperate
with the Chinese government and well handle the war-remains is a right way
for you to face the history and maintain the relationship between China and

Japan. Otherwise, you will be committing new crimes. That's why you lost
this lawsuit in this court this time.

As a common Chinese, I'm happy to hear that we has succeeded. I'd like to
pay my personal respects to the Chinese and the Japanese lawyers and all
the people who have taken part in the lawsuit. Also I want to show my
sympathy to those war-remains sufferers. And I remeber a saying which says:

"Freedom is never voluntarily given, it must be demanded." Now, I want to
say that in some cases, justice is not voluntarily given either, it must be

demanded,too. And I think, if justice yield, unjustice will dominate.

Let us join our hands and continue our fight together, not only for the
Chinese war sufferers, as well as for those virtuous Japanese; not only for

the human justice, as well as for the world peace.

At last, I want to say that no matter what final result this lawsuit will
get in the follwing days, this step will be of great significance.


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